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How to Access Steam Screenshot Folder

Steam is one of the best & free games distributing online platforms. It is the perfect choice for playing, buying, creating, publishing, and discussing with the vast gaming community over the games & encountered problems. It holds the most significant active gaming community worldwide by supporting 28+ variant languages and enabling live chat & games broadcasting.

Steam was basically developed for PC games, and its access was limited to PCs only. But recently, it has extended its access to IOS & Android devices. Steams client enables its users to play thousands of games online and download on PC for offline playing. Being a Steam user, you can even capture your gaming moments with just one click, as the Steam app comes with a built-in screenshot feature.

Why take Steam screenshots?

Often, the steam users may need to capture screenshots of any Steam’s screen; it can be either the screenshot of your gaming achievement or live gameplay, which you may want to share with your friends or save as a memory.

Contrarily you may also need to take the screenshot if you encounter any problem in your Steam account’s working or Steam’s gameplay so that you can share it with Steam’s support team or Steam’s gaming community to get any troubleshooting recommendations over that. 

So, on each kind of need, you can take the screenshot of Steam’s screen in variant ways quite easily, either you can use the standard shortcut Function key F12 to take a screenshot, or you can go for Steam’s built-in feature to take the screenshot, the choice is all yours.

How to find Steam screenshots

How to find Steam screenshots

The challenge you may experience in the whole process is to locate the screenshot location where it gets saved automatically or by default. As we have found many users reporting this issue by posting quires on the web like “where are ffxiv screenshots saved,” “ff14 screenshot location”, “ffxiv screenshot folder,” etc. 

In this regard, we have explained step-by-step procedures to discover the captured screenshots for particular Steam games. It is to be noted that each screenshot you take of any game will reside in its own specified folder named after that specific game’s name or ID.

Ways to access Steam’s screenshot folder

Where are Steam screenshots stored? Straightforwardly, you can access Steam’s screenshot folder in three variant ways depending on your feasibility. Here we have explained all three methods in detail.

Access Steam’s screenshots via Steam’s client

Locating the Steam’s screenshot folder is relatively easy; all you need is a strong internet connection and an installed Steam app on your PC. The below-stated steps will assist you in navigating through your Steam client.

  • At first, launch the Steam app installed on your PC to navigate to its home screen menu.
  • Click on the “View” option from the home screen menu.
  • Select the “screenshots” option from the dropdown menu list of “View.”
  • A collection of taken screenshots will be displayed; navigate to your required image.
  • Select the particular screenshot and click on the option “Show in Disk” available in the footer menu.
  • Then you will be able to go through the root folder of that screenshot in your PC, where it locates.

Steam client > View > Screenshots> Show in Disk 

Show in Disk

Access Steam’s screenshot folder online

Sometimes you may want to access the screenshots in a state of being away from your PC, then Steam’s cloud storage is the only option you can go for. Usually, Steam comes with cloud storage of 1GB to enable its users to store gaming data in an online library and share these gaming things with friends.

  • Launch the Steam client by logging in to your Steam user account.
  • On its home screen, select the “View” option by clicking on it.
  • In View’s dropdown menu, click on the option “screenshots.”
  • From the prompted collection of screenshots, navigate your required one.
  • Select the particular screenshot and click on the option “View online library” available next to the “Show in Disk” option in the bottom menu.

Steam client > View > Screenshots> View online library 

Access Steam’s screenshots manually via file system

In case if you are out of internet connection or you don’t have the installed Steam app on your PC at the moment, you can still access your pre-captured Steam screenshots by navigating through the computer’s file system. To do so, firstly, you will be required to launch Steam’s installation directory, where it is installed. By default, the Steam app gets installed in the C Drive, though you can also change its location later.

  • Open the Steam app’s installation directory. (expectedly the C drive).
  • Open the “program files (x86)” folder in the C drive.
  • Navigate to the “Steam” folder and launch it.
  • Open the subfolder “userdata” in “Steam”.
  • Launch the required “user folder” in “Userdata.” (If you have multiple or more than one Steam user accounts, then you can search for a particular user folder by its user ID).
  • In your particular user folder, launch the subfolder “760”.
  • Open another subfolder, “remote” in “760”.
  • Navigate to the specific game folder in the “remote” folder and open it. (In case if you have multiple Steam games, 
  • Launch the “Screenshots” folder from your specific game’s folder.
  • Here you can easily access your required screenshots.

Program files (x86)> Steam> userdata> user folder> 760 folder> remote> game folder> screenshots 

Note: The default root folder location of the Steam app varies with the operating system. The explained procedure depicts the Steam app location for Windows 8 & 10 operating systems. SO, the Linux & Mac OS users may go for the following:

Linux: -/.local /share / Steam 

Mac: users / {username (of mac user account)} /library /Application Support / Steam 

How to change the Steam screenshot folder?

For your convenience, Steam also enables you to change the screenshot’s location manually. You can easily change the screenshot folder location as per your choice by following way.

  • Launch your Steam app. 
  • Click on “View” and select the “settings” option from the dropdown menu.
  • Select the “In-Game” option.
  • Click on the Steam “Screenshot” button available below the “screen shortcut keys” option.
  • Navigate to the desired folder name from a list of folders in an external location and “select” it.
  • Click on “apply.”

How To Access Steam Screenshot Folder – Video Guide


The Steam app enables its user to take instant screenshots, but those screenshots get saved automatically on any default location; many users are unaware of that. After founding many related queries by Steam users such as “where, does ffxiv save screenshots” or “where do ffxiv screenshots go” or” ffxiv screenshot location,” we have put together the 3 most appropriate ways to access the Steam screenshot folder. The 2 options to access Steam screenshots are either via online library or Steam client and are available as long as you have a strong internet connection. Suppose you don’t have an internet connection. In that case, you can go for the third option to access the screenshot via the computer’s file system. So, you can select the appropriate one as per your feasibility.

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