Activate Twitch Tv

How To Activate Twitch Tv

You can come across numerous online streaming platforms on the internet; even several claims to offer free streaming services implicitly. It doesn’t make a difference at all which platform you choose as you often get similar stuff across all.

Yet twitch tv is a platform that makes a big difference in online streaming, especially if we consider the gaming niche.

For all the gaming enthusiasts across the globe, twitch tv is a highly irresistible choice. Basically, twitch tv has been one of the most popular videos live streaming platforms for over a decade as it was launched in June 2011; since then, it has been catering endless streaming choices to its worldwide users with utmost flexibility.

Doubtlessly, twitch tv is an excellent spot of video game live streaming with unchallengeable popularity, and it broadcasts esports tournaments being held at any geo-location; even it has enabled its users to stream their real-life events and creative content also that proves to be a significant source of building a vast community over twitch platform.

If you are a twitch tv viewer, you can either watch on-demand or live videos even without the need of being registered with If you look over to twitch from a broader perspective, you will find it a great source of learning too.

The video games streaming tutors the twitch viewers on how to play a specific game so it can be perceived as tutorial learning content too. In addition to gaming tutorials, you can also get access to streamed programming projects to get expertise in the software development niche.

Although twitch is a free streaming site, you can stream & watch a lot of streaming stuff on the cuff. All the same, certain limitations are imposed on twitch usage if you have not gotten yourself registered on it.

Using the free or paid version of app is another debate as, currently, we are concentrated on the twitch.activate process only. To unlatch the extended extravagant twitch features, you would need to activate your account on in the first instance.

Therefore, most likely, you won’t be aware of how to activate a twitch account, but that is not a point to worry over as this guide would be a fantastic helpmate in exploring the factors & tactics associated with the twitch/activate process. Basically, you need to create an account on prior to executing the the process.

How to create a twitch account?

The twitch account creation is not a big deal; you can either use a web browser or download the free twitch app on your mobile device for more convenience. The twitch account creation process via a mobile device involves similar steps, whether it is running the iOS or Android operating system. The possible ways are given below to instantly create the twitch account via a twitch tv mobile application.

In the case of Android devices:

  • Launch the Play Store of your Android phone.
  • In Play Store, search “Twitch” in the top search bar and tap on the official twitch app.
  • Then tap on the “Install” button to initialize the downloading of the twitch app on your device.
  • After the successful installation, launch the twitch app and select the “Sign-up” option.
  • Here, you need to enter the required information such as username, password & date of birth and confirm your password by retyping it in the relative field.
  • Now enter your email address or contact no. to get a verification message by twitch,
  • Then click on the “Sign up” button to finish up the registration process.

In the case of iOS running device

  • Open up the App Store of your iOS running device. (iPad or iPhone)
  • In the search bar of the App Store, search for the twitch app.
  • Identify the right app against your particular search.
  • Then tap on the download icon to initiate its downloading process.
  • After the successful installation, complete the sign-up process in a similar way as explained earlier.

If you don’t want to install the twitch app on your device, you can create your twitch account via accessing the web browser of your mobile phone or laptop. For this, you’ll have to follow the below-stated steps.

  • Launch the Chrome browser on your respective device.
  • Go to the link to access the twitch sign-up page directly.
  • Fill out the sign-up form precisely by entering all the required details in respective fields.
  • Then simply click on the “Sign-up” button.

Now your twitch account has been created successfully, and it is all set to be used on the respective device, either a mobile phone or laptop. Although the same created twitch account can be used across variant devices however for this, you would have to go through a twitch. tv activate the process.

How to activate twitch using the link?

Activating a twitch tv account using  is totally free of cost; you would not have to pay even a single penny for it.

Suppose you are intended to use your twitch account on a streaming device like Roku, Amazon firestick, Chromecast, Android Tv, etc.; in that case, you will be required to use a twitch activate code in order to verify that device for the twitch login session.

Actually, upon a successful installation of the twitch tv app on smart tv, you would get prompted to an activation code on your Tv screen; you can simply note down that code on your side. Afterward, you need to enter that code by accessing the link on the browser of another device; this will activate the twitch account on your smart tv.

As you can see, the twitch tv activate process is quite simple, but it varies with the streaming devices you use. So, here we will explain the twitch activation steps required for each device in detail.

How to Activate The Twitch tv on Amazon firestick?

Amazon firestick

Amazon firestick is a great pick to meet your streaming needs on a bigger screen as it holds a vast range of streaming choices; if you own an Amazon firestick, you can handily access a massive collection of leading streaming platforms like Twitch, Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Pandora and lots of other.

However, to access twitch content, you would be required to activate your twitch account first. For this, you will need to:

  • Connect the Amazon firestick with your Smart Tv using a stable & reliable internet connection, in the first place.
  • Then launch the Application Store of your Amazon firestick. (A list of all of the supported & downloadable applications will be available there)
  • Here you can search the “Twitch app” in Application Store and then download it.
  • Now, launch the downloaded twitch app on your Smart Tv and login to your twitch account if you are already registered on twitch.
  • Here you will get prompted to a 6-digit code that is actually the required twitch activation code, so note it down.
  • Then, launch a web browser on any other device. (The other device can be either a laptop or any mobile phone)
  • In the opened web browser, access the link for twitch activation purposes and enter the required details to sign in to your twitch account.
  • In the proceeding window, you would have to enter that copied 6- digit twitch activation code.
  • Now, your Twitch account has been successfully activated on Amazon firestick.

How to activate on Roku Stick?

Roku Stick

Roku is another streaming device just like Amazon firestick, but obviously, there would be slight differences among these two, such as you may find Roku’s interface relatively complex. Many twitch users had a great experience with the Roku stick, but Roku has stopped supporting the twitch app’s latest version in the recent past. So, if you have the twitch app installed on Roku stick in an older version, then you might necessarily be required to activate the twitch app in order to access its content.

Therefore, the given steps will be demonstrating on how to activate twitch on Roku.

  • Initially, you would need to establish a connection between your Roku stick & smart Tv; make sure both are connected to the same internet connection.
  • Launch the already installed twitch app on your smart tv, and soon you’ll see an activation code on the display screen; just remember that code for later use.
  • Now, launch the browser on another device having the same internet connection. (Mobile phone or laptop)
  • Access the official site in a browser’s tab and login to your twitch account.
  • Open another tab in the web browser and access the link for twitch activation on Roku.
  • Here, just enter the code you viewed earlier on the Smart Tv display screen.
  • This will instantly activate the twitch app on your Roku stick.

How to activate twitch on PlayStation?


Having a PlayStation at your place is what you need the most as a gaming enthusiast, and with a PlayStation 4, you can enjoy the twitch content in its entirety as it offers live video previews and on-screen chats, and much more. But to enjoy all these features on your PS4 console, you will require to activate your twitch account on PS4 first. So, for this:

  • Initially connect your PlayStation 4 console with a smart tv via a stable internet connection.
  • Then launch the “PlayStation Store” on your PS4 console.
  • Then search for the twitch tv at the top of the PlayStation Store screen.
  • Select the right app and click on the “Download’ option.
  • Open the app after it gets installed successfully.
  • Log in to your twitch account using your username & password.
  • Here you will get to see the twitch activate code, so you need to copy it.
  • Now open the web browser on your laptop or mobile phone and login into your twitch account by entering the credentials.
  • Meanwhile, open another tab in the same browser and visit the link
  • Here locate an activation field and promptly enter the 6-digit activation code.

Now, the twitch tv is all set to be used on your respective device.

How to activate twitch tv on Xbox?


Xbox stands higher among the most popular gaming consoles; it supports many streaming apps like Hulu, YouTube Tv, Spotify, Netflix, etc. It is also fully compatible with the streaming app. Therefore, you can activate your twitch account on the Xbox console on the fly without undergoing any complex steps. So, to activate the on your Xbox console, what you would need to do is:

  • Connect your Xbox console with either a smart tv or monitor.
  • Then launch the “Xbox Store “and here search for the twitch or twitch tv app.
  • Proceed to Download the twitch app on your Xbox drive.
  • Now launch the installed twitch app.
  • Here you will get an activation code after signing in to your twitch account.
  • Then you need to use any other device, either a laptop or mobile phone and open a web browser in it.
  • Access the official twitch website in a tab of the browser and log in to your account.
  • Open another tab simultaneously to open the link
  • Here you would have to enter that 6-digit twitch activation code to activate the twitch account on your Xbox console.

After this twitch activation process, you can smoothly stream your favorite twitch content using your Xbox console.

How to activate twitch tv on Google Chromecast?

Google Chromecast

Although Chromecast is also a streaming device like Amazon firestick & Roku but it comes with certain variations. Basically, Chromecast mirrors the screen of your phone, tablets & PC to your Tv screens, and in this way, you can stream & watch your favorite mobile/PC content on a Tv screen.

So, if you intend to stream twitch tv on your TV, then you can quickly fulfill your need using the Chromecast device. For this:

  • Install the twitch app on your mobile device from the App Store or the Play Store in the first place.
  • Establish the connection between both devices either via an internet connection or HDMI.
  • Now launch the installed twitch app on your mobile device.
  • Here, locate the Cast icon at the top of the screen and tap on it to select the Chromecast from the list of available devices.

This is how you can stream the twitch content on your Tv screen using a Chromecast, but this time you won’t need any particular twitch activation process because the twitch content will get streamed from your mobile device directly.

How to activate on Android tv?

Android tv

Android Tv is basically a sort of Smart Tv, but unlike a Smart Tv, it runs on the Android operating system and has many functions integrated into it. It seems pretty fascinating that you can easily enjoy the digital stuff of a mobile phone on a Tv screen with this Android Tv. By the same token, you can also fully enjoy the twitch content on your Android Tv with a prior activation, even without the need of having a separate streaming device. Regarding this, you will need to:

  • Launch the “Play Store” of your Android Tv.
  • Search out the twitch tv app by using the search function of the Play Store.
  • Download the official twitch tv app on your Android Tv.
  • Upon installation, you can promptly sign in to your twitch account by using the login credentials.
  • Then an activation code will get displayed on the screen.
  • Now, you would have to use another device with a logged-in twitch account; it can be either your PC or mobile phone.
  • Launch the web browser on your Mobile/PC and access the link in a tab.
  • In the prompted twitch activation page, enter the activation code you got on your Android Tv screen.

Now you would be able to use your twitch account on the Android Tv, and you can stream your favorite twitch content in full swing.

How to activate twitch on Apple tv?

Apple tv

Apple Tv is capable enough to meet all your streaming & gaming needs on a bigger screen by quickly installing the twitch tv app on it. You can experience totally hassle-free streaming with Apple Tv; like Android Tv, you won’t even need any specific streaming device for your Apple Tv. The below-stated steps clearly demonstrate how it will work to launch the twitch app on your tv screen.

  • Initially, you need to turn on your Apple Tv and pair it with your Smart Tv using the same internet connection.
  • Then navigate to the “App Store” of Apple Tv using your remote and open it.
  • In the App Store, use the search function to search for the twitch tv app.
  • Select the official twitch tv app from appeared results and tap on it to initiate the installation process.
  • Launch the installed twitch app and sign in to your twitch account; here, you will also get your twitch activate code.
  • Then open your PC or mobile web browser and visit the link to open the twitch activation page.
  • In the shown activation field, enter the activation code you’ve seen on your Tv screen.

Note: A strong & stable internet connection is mandatory to activate the twitch account on either device and make sure to connect all respective devices to the same internet network.


Twitch is a famous & most reliable video game streaming platform that is being successfully operated by twitch company- a subsidiary of Inc. is honored to hold around 140 million monthly active users worldwide; it enables this massive number of users to broadcast their gaming content and view the content streamed by others. This is how the twitch users get a chance to connect & interact with other users. can be accessed across various devices; twitch users especially tend to stream the twitch content on streaming sticks & consoles to have a more fascinating streaming experience. So, given this trend, in this detailed discussion, we have put forward the ways how you can activate your twitch account on any device using https twitch tv activate link.

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