Bitdefender Internet Security Vs Total Security

Bitdefender Internet Security Vs Total Security

You face different kinds of dilemmas while deciding on which antivirus to install in order to protect your computer and the data stored within from as much damage as possible. Once you have decided on a malware, the question that further arises is: which version to choose from? Followed by: Will it protect my personal information (passwords)? Protection for gamer? Will it slow my system down? This article will clear all your confusions.

It is no secret that Bitdefender has been recognized as the best antivirus software, whether it is for the basic features or advanced protection. Each version of Bitdefender is designed to cater to specific needs of users. But, they can easily be quite confusing – and it’s alright. Let us discuss these features in detail – the pros, cons, and the ultimate decider.

Bitdefender Internet Security

If you have searched for the different versions, you are already aware that Internet Security provides its users with the basic internet control options, as suggested by the name. If you spend most of your time surfing the web and not much else, Bitdefender Internet Security brings you some of the best pros that antivirus software can provide, along with some cons.

Bitdefender Total Security Pros

  • Multiple Devices (PC, Mac, and Android)
  • Speeds Up Device
  • Anti-Loss (Theft)
  • System Optimizer
  • Password Manager
  • File Shredder
  • Remote-Lock
  • Disc Clean Up

Bitdefender Total Security Cons

  • Slow Support Response
  • No Offline Installer
  • No Advanced Features for Firewall

Installation and Affect on System

It is one of the most important deciding factors while installing antivirus software: will it slow your system down? In order to install either one of the versions, you will be required to have a Bitdefender account. The installation process of both the versions is quite similar, and standard; since the Bitdefender interface is designed to be user-friendly, the process of installation to configuration is easy-to-follow.

Even though Internet Security does not have a slowing affect on the system, it lacks features to improve or support the functionality of the device, which ends up causing an effect. Whereas Total Security presents the system with an added benefit of speeding up the device and improving the way it functions.

Similarities between Internet Security and Total Security

Despite being different versions, Internet Security and Total Security feature the most reliable protection against similar malicious sources, that make Bitdefender an all-rounder type of malware protection software.

  • Premium ransomware protection is one of the most reassuring features that both the versions of Bitdefender provide – it instantly locks the affected files to protect damage.
  • Social Network Protection ensures that personal information and passwords stay safe; both the versions feature it.
  • Advanced webcam protection blocks harmful sources from controlling your webcam without permission.
  • Safe Files option gives users the option to lock away sensitive files that they need to protect first.
Intelligent AntivirusYesYes
Advanced Threat DefenseYesYes
Multi-Layer Ransomware ProtectionYesYes
Free Online SupportYesYes
Safe BrowsingYesYes
Wi-Fi Security AdvisorYesYes
Online Banking ProtectionYesYes
Password ManagerYesYes
Search AdvisorYesYes
Anti-Phishing & Anti-FraudYesYes
Vulnerability ScanYesYes
File ShredderYesYes
Webcam ProtectionYesYes
Safe FilesYesYes
Parental AdvisorYesYes
File EncryptionYesYes
Speed Up Your DevicesNoYes
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Differences Between Internet Security and Total Security

  • Internet Security is only compatible with PC systems, whereas Total Security is compatible with MAC, Linux, PC, as well as Android systems.
Internet SecurityTotal Security
Intelligent Cross-Platform AntivirusNoYes
Safe FilesNoYes
Parental AdvisorNoYes
Backup ProtectionNoYes
Adware BlockerNoYes
Secure Online ShoppingNoYes
Ultra-Fast Automatic ProtectionNoYes
Visit BitdefenderVisit Bitdefender
On-Demand & On-Install App ScanNoYes
Full Speed & Low Battery ImpactNoYes
Web SecurityNoYes
Privacy AdvisorNoYes
Bitdefender Anti-TheftNoYes
Account PrivacyNoYes
App LockNoYes
Parental AdvisorNoYes
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Bitdefender iOS Protection
Account PrivacyNoYes
Parental AdvisorNoYes
Visit BitdefenderVisit Bitdefender

Final Thoughts

If your device usage is based entirely on surfing the internet, Bitdefender Internet Security might prove to be a good first step for you, but it will not provide you any protection from offline malware, and in case of theft you will not be able to recover the data or media that you have lost. If you are in search for medium protection from possible internet viruses, Internet Security will prove to be a more than compatible antivirus program for you.

Bitdefender Total Security, on the other hand, covers your device’s offline and online protection needs, while also enhancing the speed of your device. Whether you are a Mac user, or require protection for your smartphone, this version of Bitdefender can benefit you in multiple ways. The most important feature that tips our choice more towards Total Security is its Anti-Theft feature – it kicks the biggest fear of users to the curb.

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