6 Best DesiRulez Alternatives

6 Best DesiRulez Alternatives

If you’re a big fan of streaming, you’ve probably heard of desirulez, specializing in Indian entertainment. Desirulez, on the other hand, is a desi free entertainment forum that provides free streaming of movies, TV series, sports, and other leisure-time stuff. Desirulez also provides the most recent songs to their music fans; this content can be downloaded utilizing Internet Download Manager IDM.

Desirulez is a 100% free streaming source, which means you’re at risk!!! Because free websites like desirulez, putlocker, 123movies, and losmovies are not safe in many countries, including India, the UK, Canada, and the USA, owing to copyright concerns, why not make our viewing moments secure and anonymous by utilizing a VPN on these platforms?  

Free streaming services host copyrighted information without the permission of content owners. Hence this is a crime. Various such websites, in this regard, are subjected to some form of geo-restriction at some point.

The DesiRulez streaming service is similarly geo-restricted in jurisdictions with severe cyber security legislation due to a similar reason. As a result, such a circumstance necessitates the search for alternate websites.

DesiRulez Alternatives

While looking for the most acceptable alternative to DesiRulez, you may come across many streaming websites, but not all of them will meet your expectations. In this regard, we hope that the information provided and a brief review of all of the streaming services may help you save time when choosing the best DesiRulez alternative.

1. MoviesPapa


MoviesPapa is a well-known torrent website to get unlicensed copies of the most recent and famous movies. The content on the website is free to use. This piracy website, like others, provides content that isn’t protected by a copyright license. One of the most popular pirated movie portals, MoviesPapa, provides customers with a diverse selection of films in various languages, including Hindi, English, Telugu, Punjabi, Malayalam, and Tamil. 

Films in Assamese, Bhojpuri, Kannada, and Bengali, among other regional languages, are available on the website. The website has a great collection of films, and the content it offers to users makes it one of the most famous movie download sites.

2. Bolly2Tolly


Because of the enormous demand for Indian material, certain internet streaming services are dedicated to offering just Indian content; Bolly2tolly, an Indian site, is one of those platforms, although it is not solely available to Indian citizens.

Dubbed material has mostly eliminated language barrier difficulties; similarly, you can view Bolly2tolly HD content without worrying about language because subtitles are always available in addition to dubbed content.

Despite Bolly2tolly’s many positive qualities, you are constantly at risk of specific security concerns since it causes too many redirections, which might destroy your device.

3. RainierTamayo


RainierTamayo is another worth considering to DesiRulez rival websites. Because it also offers a well-organized and extensive library of top-rated and high-definition video material, as well as the option of enabling subtitles over your preferred content.

RainierTamayo also allows users to download material to their storage. You can use it from anywhere in the globe without meeting any restrictions. Despite this, given the security element, customers in a few locations may need to utilize a VPN service because it provides unlicensed content as a free torrenting website.

If you prefer not to view the material on the web, you may also download RainierTamayo’s app to your smartphone; however, you may see a few popup adverts when streaming or downloading the content in both ways.

4. Einthusan


It is true that most free streaming websites unlawfully hold unauthorized content with significant privacy risks, and you utilize such services at your own risk. If you’re concerned about security, Einthusan is the best alternative because it allows users to access licensed material in its vast library.

Einthusan is primarily a South Asian website, which is why it supports eight Indian languages by name: Punjabi, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali, Telugu, and Kannada. Its user-friendly interface is straightforward and has a powerful search engine that makes the searching and navigating process considerably more manageable.

You can use any device to access the Einthusan. To utilize this, you must first register, and you will also have to compromise on the speed factor.

5. LosMovies


Most streamers are already familiar with Los Movies, well-known in the streaming world for providing both free and advanced services to its users. Users seldom choose a website that requires them to register beforehand. Therefore Los Movies is entirely free of registration difficulties.

Although it may face geo-restrictions in many parts of the world since it is only available in a few places, such as Australia, the United States, and a few others, you can still get your hands on the most sought-after features of Los Movies in both online and application versions.

Los movies offer its users the ability to stream and view HD and newly released movies in various languages. Users may also watch content in custom resolutions ranging from 360P to 1080P, as it promises to update its content every hour.

6. Letmewatchthis


Letmewatcht is a popular online platform for watching movies and TV shows that allows for offline downloading. Because viewers cannot be restricted to a single device, its cross-platform flexibility and mobile-friendliness make it a good choice for streaming stuff online.

The best part is that the content quality will not be influenced by the devices you use; you will always watch HD video on any device.

Popup advertising is frequent on free streaming websites. Therefore Letmewatchthis, as a free streaming and torrenting platform, shows an excessive number of popup adverts that can’t be prevented even with an ad blocker but won’t disturb the watching experience.


People look for and access free streaming websites worldwide because they like to spend their leisure time online streaming and viewing video material. Several websites on the internet provide free access to endless information.

DesiRulez is a free streaming website with an extensive library of video content, particularly Bollywood movies in HD quality. Because it is a free platform, it may be subject to geo-restrictions in some states. If you want to use DesiRulez from a restricted area, you won’t be able to do so.

However, this issue may be solved by using a fantastic alternate site. It’s challenging to pick the finest alternative website from many options, so we’ve highlighted a few of the most fabulous streaming websites that can serve as excellent alternatives to DesiRulez throughout this debate, including Los Movies, Einthusan, Letmewatchthis, Moviespapa, Bolly2tolly, and others.

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