Can’t Hear Anyone on Discord

How to Fix Can’t Hear Anyone on Discord

The discord software you are already familiar with is well known to everyone for its salient communication features via the internet. It eases the process of audio & video calling feasibly as compared to other VoIP apps available in the internet market. People prefer to use Discord for its easy-to-use interface & efficient performance in audio & video calling.

The problems may occur even in the most efficient software also. So, some discord users also face an issue while communicating via Discord. Discord no sound is the primary example of this. This happens when you can’t hear people on Discord. Definitely, there might be some kind of technical reason behind it, either software-oriented or hardware-oriented.

Possible fixes to discord audio not working

Many people have posted online platforms that they can’t hear anyone on discord and inquire about the best possible solution to this issue. Are you also facing a “discord can’t hear anyone” problem? No worries! Sometimes the solution may lie in a simple & basic setting too. So, it is better to initiate with basic steps to resolve this “discord can’t hear” error. We have researched & integrated the basic to complex solutions based on the reasons behind the problem.

Refresh Discord

Sometimes simply refreshing the particular app can resolve the associated issue instantly. You can apply a similar tactic to fix this “discord can’t hear” problem. Simply close your discord software and then start it again. This restarting method is a way to refresh the app.

Restart PC

If restarting or refreshing the discord app doesn’t work in your case, you still have an option to refresh the system thoroughly. To refresh your system or computer, you need to shut down your computer first and then start it again. This restart procedure will automatically refresh all the apps installed on the computer. So, this can work in most cases.

Audio test

This problem may occur due to an extremely minor reason also, such as audio volume settings on your computer. You can test audio by starting any other app which also uses the sound feature.

Sound input & output settings

When your system has multiple or more than one options for input & output processes, this can also lead to Discord no sound issue. In such cases, you may need to select the particular devices to fix this problem on Discord. To change your sounds input & output setting, follow these steps in a similar order.

  • Click on the windows icon from your computer to open windows settings.
  • Click on “System” in the available options to access system settings.
  • Select the “sound” option from the left panel menu.
  • Change the sound input & output settings.
  • Click on the dropdown menu below the “choose your output device” tab, and select the most appropriate output option, if you have more than one output option available there.
  • Click on the dropdown menu below the “choose your input device” tab, and select the particular input device you want to use if you have more than one input option available.

Hardware compatibility

There might be a compatibility problem of Discord’s audio subsystem with particular hardware, which may lead to a situation of can’t hear people on Discord. You can resolve this kind of issue by optimizing Discord’s audio subsystem settings from Discord’s interface. Follow the steps explained below to perform the hardware compatibility settings in your Discord.

  • Start the Discord software and open its dashboard.
  • Select the “users’ settings” option available in Discord’s dashboard menu.
  • Select the “audio & video” option from the settings menu.
  • Select the option “use legacy audio subsystem”.
  • Click on “okay” for the confirmation to change the audio subsystem.

Change server region from Discord 

This situation is not very common but may occur rarely that the server region is creating the problem of “can’t hear people on Discord.” But it is better to fix it by changing the server region of Discord, once. You can easily change the server region from your Discord interface by the following procedure.

  • Start your Discord software.
  • Click on the “overview” from Discord’s interface.
  • Click on the “server overview” option.
server overview
  • Change the server region from available server region options and save the changes. 

Bug fixing

Any bug present in Discord software may lead to this issue also. To resolve this issue, you may first need to fix the bug in Discord. If the bug is in the version of Discord you are using, then you can update the Discord to its latest available version. Otherwise, you can fix all other kinds of bugs by using any repairing tool.

Reinstall Discord

Sometimes the problem “can’t hear people on discord” can also occur if there lies any bug in the Discord app or it contains any corrupted file. To deal with this situation, it is the best practice to uninstall the existing Discord app from your device and reinstall it. To reinstall the Discord, you can simply navigate to Discord’s official website and can download the latest version of Discord on your system.

  • Or just open this link and click on the download button.
  • The downloading will start soon, and it will get installed on your system automatically.

Web-version with extended choices

There may also a possibility that the problem is with the version of Discord software you are using. As we all know that the software in their web versions comes with extended choices & features comparatively. If you are using the app version of Discord software, then this may also be the cause of discord no sound issue. It is suggested to use the web version of Discord to avoid such kind problems.

Fix Can’t Hear Anyone on Discord – Video Guide


Can’t hear anyone on Discord? This is a critical issue off-course as communication is the main function of Discord. We have simplified the fixes to this Discord no sound problem in their complexity order. You can start with the simpler ones like restarting the Discord or computer etc.

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