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5 Features the Best eCommerce Platform Should Have

In the fast-pacing era, where everything is revolutionizing to internet-based technology, commerce has also evolved to Ecommerce closer to customers’ approach. Over the past few years, it has emerged as the fastest-growing business. A dominant section of the commerce business community has increased its brand presence by entering the digital world.

Ecommerce is the need of all level businesses, from a newly launched brand to a chain of brands, so it is very essential to increase their presence to local & global customers. Having a deep understanding of the business before entering a new domain is as important as doing a business. The individuals new to this niche must also be familiar with the eCommerce requirements before launching their E-stores.

The online web has introduced plenty of eCommerce platforms to its users, such as WordPress WooCommerce, magneto, Shopify, etc. Each edge demands a different set of requirements from its users. However, few common standards must be fulfilled to be successful on any eCommerce platform.

We have done detailed research and integrated the most important and best eCommerce features to help out all the new & existing eCommerce users. It is the perfect time to explore new edges of revenues. Take your start with bold steps by adopting all the features enlisted below. Here, we have highlighted the 5 highly essential features the best eCommerce platforms should have!

1. Mobile compatibility responsive layout

Mobile compatibility responsive layout

Research shows more than 60% of monthly searches come from mobile devices as of 2021. Developing a responsive website is highly crucial if you want to get a sound edge in eCommerce, as a maximum of the targeted audience is more frequently mobile users.

Website responsiveness means that a good eCommerce website must be compatible with various devices. Either the customers use a computer or any other mobile device, they should experience the same website view.

All eCommerce users must integrate their online stores with API (Application programming interface) to enhance their users’ experience with the platform. Application programming interface enables the eCommerce website to interact with multiple systems and become more compatible with a mobile view in terms of layout & content.

Implementing bootstrap in an e-commerce site code also makes it more mobile responsive. There are several other ways to improve a website’s responsiveness feature. In WordPress WooCommerce, you can add such plugins for making your e-commerce website more responsive.

2. Dropshipping


Managing & updating content to eCommerce stores is itself a time-taking task. After receiving any order online, the extremely crucial step is to process & drop ship the ordered product on time. It is not feasible at all to manually process each order and to deliver it to the customer.

Even for the growing business, it is not possible to ship products manually. This problem also grows with the growth of the business. Given this problem, eCommerce platforms allow their users to integrate a drop-shipping method with their online stores.

If we take the example of WooCommerce, it presents many drop-shipping plugins to users. eCommerce platforms allow you to involve a reliable third party in your eCommerce business to supply your products at destinations. You can manually add your suppliers’ names also, such as AliExpress, call Courier, etc. This drop shipping feature also enables you to import bulk products to your store via CVS files.

3. Payment gateway variations

Payment gateway variations

Payment gateways play a crucial role in the completion of the transactional processes and are considered a core feature of eCommerce. It enables you to receive prepaid payments from customers on order time. It is an efficient practice to add variant payment gateways to facilitates the customers.

Good payment gateways must be capable of receiving, and process local & international payments. You can have many options to use as payment gateways such as Skrill, PayPal, Payoneer, 2 checkouts, etc. The 2 checkout is one of the efficient payment gateways you can use here, quite conveniently. The 2 checkouts act as an interface to receive payments via both local & global transactions.

4. Promotion and discount coupons

Promotion and discount coupons

An increase in potential customers & sales is considered as the ultimate target of all businesses and also the key factors to grow your business successfully. Brand promotion is highly effective in this way and directly proportional to the brand’s maximum reach to the targeted audience.

Just launching an online store on any eCommerce platform is not enough at all to run a business successfully. The major part of any business’s success lies in its proper promotion. Planning and implementing a professional promotional strategy is mandatory to reach out to the maximum customers.

Discount coupons also play a role in the pivot to grab customers’ attention and bring more traffic to your website. It is the strategy that most successful businesses adapt to achieve their revenue goals. Discount coupons attract the customers to explore the online store and perform purchases by availing such discounts.

The Effective strategies of brand promotions & discount coupons, if implemented in a parallel manner, can increase your sales figure evidently, and ultimately the profit rate.

5. Security


Security is extremely important in business affairs. In the online marketplace, it is even more important to ensure security to build an authentic and reliable relationship with customers. In the eCommerce, it is crucial to implement efficient security mechanisms to ensure complete secure processing and secure transactions.

You should not compromise on the security of customer’s provided confidential data. To ensure high-end security, you should install an SSL (secure socket layer) certificate to your eCommerce store. It controls the authentication process strictly and encrypts all kinds of confidential data to ensure secure transactions throughout the processes. You can add this SSL certificate to your store from the “security” option in Hosting settings.


We hope this informational content would help you a lot if you are going to launch your eCommerce store. You must integrate your eCommerce store with above stated all eCommerce features to be successful in your field.

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