5 Best Einthusan Alternatives

Einthusan.tv is a well-known entertainment website in terms of casting a vast collection of numerous Indian movies covering 9 regional languages of India such as Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Telugu & Punjabi. In the past few years, it grabbed the attention of millions of web viewers due to its unique Einthusan content and emerged with immense popularity, particularly among the people addicted to Indian movies. Einthusan enables its users to access an extensive media library including movie clips, music videos, audio albums, along with full-length feature films.

The efficient features, user-friendly interface & huge collection of media are the core of its popularity. It allows its users to stream any kind of movie in HD view quite smoothly without downtime. You can also use the Einthusan Android or IOS app for a more efficient experience or simply play the einthusan movies on gaming consoles such as Xbox One or PlayStation 4 for a big-screen view.

Though the Eithusan offers all its services free of cost, you can watch any movie without any charges, but the free version frequently displays various ads on the screen. So, Enthusan also offers its premium version to give an ad-free experience to its users. It is highly affordable in its premium version also as it only costs $25, and this is a lifetime subscription; you need to pay it once in a life.

This article mainly covers the 5 best alternatives of Einthusan, but the question may arise why you need to find an alternative of smoothly working entertainment website? Actually, many Enthusan users have reported an error that they can’t access the einthusan website anymore might be because its access is denied in their areas.

Why Einthusan get banned?

Because the Einthusan was accused of casting illegal content in the form of einthusan Hindi & einthusan Tamil movies, that’s why it got banned in many states. To facilitate the Indian movie viewers to find the best einthusan alternative, we researched it in detail and integrated few top-rated entertainment platforms alternative to Einthusan.

5 Best Alternatives of Einthusan

  1. Hotstar
  2. SonyLIV
  3. YuppTV
  4. YouTube
  5. YuppFlix

1. Hotstar


When it comes to the best alternatives of Einthusan, Hotstar is one of the perfect examples of that. Hotstar is also an efficient entertainment platform similar to Einthusan. Its content is not limited to movies only as it also allows its users to access sports content, news, TV programs in addition to a vast collection of movies, just with a single click. Hotstar also offers both free & paid versions like many other platforms, but in its paid version, the subscription charges are not one-time; in fact, you’d need to select an appropriate monthly or annual package. It permits its users to enjoy the premium version features also, on a free trial of one month but requires a proper login session to authorize the users.

2. SonyLIV


SonyLIV is an India-based entertainment platform on which it allows its users to stream numerous superhit Bollywood & regional movies, web series, Live TV channels, and live sports free of cost. Though there is also a premium version of SonyLIV, to access the content, which is not accessible in its free version, with an ad-free streaming experience.

It can end your quest for any kind of Tamil & Hindi movies if you are located in India. SonyLIV is only accessible in the state of India, and you won’t be able to access it outside India due to geo-restrictions, even in the paid version.

3. YuppTV


YuppTV is a South Asian content streaming & entertainment platform, and it also provides access to various live TV channels. YuppTV is accessible almost in every country, but it owns specific content libraries for various states. It comes with compatibility with many devices such as android phones, IOS, Smart devices, tablets, etc. The access to few TV channels is confined to a paid membership, and you can easily subscribe to any premium package of YuppTV, depending on your need.

4. YouTube


YouTube is the topmost entertainment platform in terms of its popularity around the globe. All internet users are closely familiar with YouTube due to its ease of availability on any device. It is considered the most efficient entertainment media because of its extended features & user-friendly interface. So, what would a better Einthusan alternative than YouTube? Even in its free version, you can watch millions of free full-length Indian and all other movies. You can use its best features without upgrading to the premium version. No doubt, the premium version comes with many additional features like other paid platforms. The YouTube account with a premium subscription can be used on up to 4 devices at a time by using the same login credentials. It also facilitates the users to download any kind of movie on their device storage.

5. YuppFlix


YuppFlix is a customized service launched by the YuppTV platform to stream only movies in different Indian regional languages similar to the Einthusan platform, and this is accessible in more than 50 states. YupFlix enables its users to watch any kind of movie of any length in high-definition quality with a very convenient user interface. You can easily install the YuppFlix app either on an android phone or android TV for an enhanced experience. So, the YuppFlix can be considered as one of the best alternatives to Einthusan because of its efficient & custom Indian movies streaming feature.


Einthusan is a very popular & leading entertainment platform for streaming high-quality movies in Indian regional languages. Now, it has been got blocked, especially in the Indian state, as the result of an accusation to stream pirated content. Its users have reported many times about the issue that they can’t access Einthusan anymore. So, in this article, we have created a list of the best alternatives to the Einthusan platform. Hotstar, SonyLIV, YuppTV, YouTube, and YuppFlix are great choices for people addicted to Einthusan Hindi movies.

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