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5 Best Fastest VPN Services

Does a VPN slow down the internet speed? No, it’s not always the case.

Does a VPN increase your internet speed? No, it doesn’t.

In the era of 5G internet, would you like to sit in front of the screen and wait for the video to buffer?

I guess no one would; keeping the privacy and security concerns away, slow internet can never be anyone’s cup of tea.

There’s a common misconception that a VPN slows down your internet speed to an extent, it’s true but only for some VPN providers; the best ones will never live by with such misconceptions.

Higher the level of security, slower the speed of your internet will be.

To be the best judge for this preconceived notion, we have analyzed and tested more than a dozen of VPN providers. Our thorough investigation left us with these top 5 fastest VPN providers; rest can be the best but can’t bet in the speed war.

Top 5 Fastest VPN Services of 2021

Not all VPNs are fastest like many VPN providers’ claims to be, as their speeds are not up to the standard. After running several tests for security and checking the speed of each VPN on different servers, here’re the ones who have made it to the list of top 5.

Let’s have a look!

VPNsRatingPriceShop Now
ExpressVPN5/5$6.67/mVisit Website
NordVPN5/5$4.92/mVisit Website
Cyberghost4.9/5$3.95/mVisit Website
VyprVPN4.8/5$8.33/mVisit Website
IPVanish 4.5/5$3.20/mVisit Website

Top 5 Speedy VPNs – A Bird-eye view

Later in this article, we will explain the entire process of testing VPN providers and selecting the top VPNs for faster speed and better security. But first, get to know all our top 5 VPN providers.

Let’s begin:

1. Simply the fastest – ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN provides 3000+ servers at an exceptional speed. We have done a speed test to calculate and rank the VPN with a default PPTP protocol. We faced a minor speed bumps but the unique feature of ‘Smart Location’ made the connection bridged as by default it connects to the fastest available server which doesn’t affect security at all.

Keeping the fast speed aside, ExpressVPN offers a big list of features that cater to your privacy needs, including device compatibility, a 30-days refund policy, the 24/7 customer support and many others – to ensure your concerns are being met.

Our speed test result for ExpressVPN were as follows:

  • Ping: 27ms
  • US Server Downloading Speed: 79.78Mbps
  • US Server Uploading Speed: 40.69Mbps
  • Leaks: No leaks
  • Torrenting: Allowed
  • Netflix: Works with Netflix
  • Logging Policy: Strict No Log policy

2. The 2nd Super-Fast VPN Service – Cyberghost


CyberGhost has achieved a reputation of being an advanced VPN provider having new apps for Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick. We were amazed while testing the pro version of CyberGhost as the results were blazing fast.

CyberGhost has dedicated servers for Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer. During our test, we felt that it surely is one of the fast VPNs for streaming.

Our speed test result of CyberGhost VPN:

  • Ping: 30ms
  • US Server Downloading Speed: 72.65Mbps
  • US Server Uploading Speed: 33.43Mbps
  • Leaks: No leak found
  • Torrenting: Allowed
  • Netflix: Works with Netflix
  • Logging Policy: Strict no logging

Cyberghost comes out as the fastest android VPN in our scrutiny. If you are an Android user, this VPN is best for you.

3. The second runner-up of the show – VyprVPN


VyprVPN is an excellent choice among many VPN-seeking netizens. Throughout our test, we didn’t face any issues and was quite impressed with its performance. VyprVPN has one of the largest server numbers that offer smart quality value ratio.

VyprVPN also offers a bunch of protocols that include; OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP and Chameleon Protocols that are essential to ensure online security.

Results of our speed test of VyprVPN:

  • Ping: 56ms
  • US Server Downloading Speed: 64.95Mbps
  • US Server Uploading Speed: 21.74Mbps
  • Leaks: No leaks
  • Torrenting: Allowed
  • Netflix: Works with Netflix
  • Logging Policy: Does not log policy

We recommend using VyprVPN as the fastest VPN for downloading torrent files.

4. Most Reliable yet speedier – NordVPN


NordVPN can never be skipped out of any best high speed VPN list. Nord has dedicated servers for Netflix, and it is best for torrenting as well. With NordVPN you can connect up to six simultaneous connections.

We did not find any jumps during the test; everything was smooth. NordVPN is home to more than 5000 servers globally, and it still maintains the high speed for its users.

Our speed test result of NordVPN were:

  • Ping: 39ms
  • US Server Downloading Speed: 74.87Mbps
  • Us Server Uploading Speed: 39.56Mbps
  • Leaks: No leaks
  • Torrenting: Allowed
  • Netflix: Unblocks Netflix
  • Logging Policy: Strict Zero log policy

5. Vanish every footprint from the internet – IPVanish


The team has 12 years of experience in the security industry that falls under the very few who owns its own network of servers. This ensures all user activities falling under the in-house team of IPVanish professionals. With the current server count worldwide, IPVanish performed well in our speed test.

IPVanish has a feature that by default connects you to the nearest server. It also offers a simple yet futuristic feature that lets you monitor your download speed in real time. With all the standard top encryption protocols combined with the mediocre price, IPVanish raises as a VPN that does not slow down your internet.

Our speed test result of IPVanish VPN were:

  • Ping: 40ms
  • US Server Downloading Speed: 65.23Mbps
  • US Server Uploading Speed: 26.31Mbps
  • Leaks: No leaks observed
  • Torrenting: Unlimited P2P bandwidth
  • Netflix: Works with Netflix
  • Logging Policy: Strict no log policy

We have provided with all the information your required to select a VPN with astounding speed to fulfill your browsing needs.

Let’s end this discussion with a brief definition of a fast VPN – you can question our context but not our reviewing expertise.

What is the Fastest VPN?

An ideal fast VPN should be a perfect combination of speed and security, maintaining a high level of security without compromising speed. Plus, it gives the user a good value of money by providing them with added features like, multiple logins, kill switch, prevention against DDoS Attacks, gaming-friendly, torrent supported, and much more.

An ideal speedy VPN should:

  1. Exist in a country outside the 14 eyes
  2. Not suppose to keep logs of any kind
  3. Offers anonymous payment options like BitCoin

Got all of these features in a VPN? It means you have landed to the right VPN.

Now, let’s move on to the most interesting part of this article – our journey to find the fastest VPN provider.

Our Scrutiny Process to select Fastest VPN?

We have a team of experts serving the VPN industry from last couple of years. They have designed a critical scrutiny process that differs from purpose to purpose. Since, this article is about the fastest VPN providers, we have added features that resonate with speed, security and feasibility. Let’s start the scrutiny process:

First, we picked 20 well known VPNs from the industry based on their claims and the reviews provided by best review websites. In the list we have:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. VyprVPN
  4. Tunnel Bear
  5. PureVPN
  6. HideMyAss
  7. Cyberghost
  8. IPVanish
  9. iBVPN
  10. VPN
  11. GooseVPN
  12. StrongVPN
  13. Ivacy VPN
  14. Private Internet Access VPN
  15. Cactus VPN
  16. Tiger VPN
  17. Trustzone VPN
  18. Safer VPN
  19. Proton VPN
  20. VPN Unlimited

What will ‘WE’ do?

We have divided the process into different steps. In each step, we will test the VPN providers and those who cannot make the cut will be eliminated from the race of being super fast VPN.

Following will be the features included in the process:

  1. Speed
  2. Number of servers
  3. Security
  4. Price
  5. Streaming & Torrenting Friendly
  6. Logging Policy
  7. Money Back Guarantee
  8. Geo-location

Step # 1: VPN Speed Test Comparison

What is a high speed VPN service without fast speed? So, we put all 20 VPN providers under test by connecting with different servers they offered to check the speed. Some VPN providers are consistent in speed for all the servers, some failed in the beginning. The lucky ones moving on to the next steps are as follows:

  • ExpressVPN
  • VyprVPN
  • IPVanish
  • Cyberghost
  • NordVPN
  • me VPN
  • Safer VPN
  • Private Internet Access VPN
  • VPN Unlimited
  • Tunnel Bear
  • Trustzone VPN
  • iBVPN

Rest all other VPNs were either bad on some servers or all of them. The speed offered by the ones eliminated were not as per the industry standard. It’s high time for all those to work on stabilizing the speed on all servers.

Step # 2: How many servers and location in the VPN Network?

More number of VPN servers deployed at globally diversified regions ensure less crowded servers and stable connectivity. This can be understood easily by taking example of 2 VPN providers, Product A and Product B.

Product A offers 2 servers in the USA, 2 in Canada and 1 in the UK which means there are total 3 locations and 5 servers.

Product B offers 12 servers in the USA, 5 in Canada and 3 in the UK which means three locations and total 20 servers.

If both VPN providers have same number of users then what will happen?

Obviously, Product A users will suffer with crowded servers which ultimately reduce the bandwidth, increase the ping and slower down the speed of the internet. Additionally, if the purpose of a user is to watch any US channel, they will have limited options to connect to.

But the scenario will be entirely opposite for Product B users. Not only they have more options to connect with, they will also enjoy better bandwidth, reduced ping and speedier internet connection .

The VPN providers who made it to the next steps are as follows:

  • ExpressVPN
  • VyprVPN
  • IPVanish
  • Cyberghost
  • NordVPN
  • me VPN
  • Safer VPN
  • Private Internet Access VPN
  • VPN Unlimited
  • Tunnel Bear

Step # 3: Security is the soul of the VPN service

Security is the soul of a VPN. But the higher level of security may cause slower internet speed. Since VPNs use stronger encryption, protocols and complex algorithms, thus it takes data longer to travel through a VPN and longer to decrypt when it arrives at its destination.

Secure VPNs are often thought of as slow VPNs, this is because they use ultra-high secure protocols to encrypt data. PPTP, for instance, is the oldest protocol but is fastest as compared to new upcoming VPN protocols; however, it is still notorious about its security vulnerabilities.

Additionally, 128-bit AES encryption has minimum strength; thus it is slightly faster than its uncrackable version 256-bit AES which is more common than its predecessor.

It depends greatly on VPN protocols and the level of encryption that how much your internet speed will be compromised. Secondly, your hardware plays a critical role in determining how much the speed will be throttled after tweaking your VPN protocols and encryption setting.

An ideal VPN provider for fastest speed always use a combination of protocols and encryption that keep user unhindered while browsing or streaming. The best protocol to use for this purpose is OpenVPN.

Based on the selection of protocol and the availability of ‘Auto-Connect’ feature in all the apps, here’s a list of the provider who made it to the cut.

  • ExpressVPN
  • VyprVPN
  • IPVanish
  • Cyberghost
  • NordVPN
  • me VPN
  • Safer VPN
  • Private Internet Access VPN
  • VPN Unlimited

Step # 4: The value for your Money

Price is the main factor to measure the worth of a VPN provider. If they overcharge users for a mediocre service with no extra benefits and outstanding features, then there’s no use.

After comparing the monthly, yearly and discounted optional packages, here’re the winners of this step of the process:

  • ExpressVPN
  • VyprVPN
  • IPVanish
  • Cyberghost
  • NordVPN
  • me VPN
  • Safer VPN
  • Private Internet Access VPN

Step # 5: Streaming & Torrenting Friendly

When a user seeks for a fastest VPN connection, the main motive is either to stream movies, TV shows or downloading files via P2P technology – well, most of the times.

Again the question is:

Which is the best VPN for streaming movies, TV shows and sports?

Does VPN slow down Torrenting?

The answer is “ExpressVPN”. And, no ExpressVPN does not slow down your torrenting speed. It may not increase your streaming speed, but it surely doesn’t compromise it too. We have tested this service several times for different streaming channels like Netflix USA, HBO Go, Hulu and Canadian Crackle.

ExpressVPN has a dedicated streaming servers which in our opinion is one of the fastest VPN services for streaming.

Other VPN that pass the threshold of our best streaming VPNs are:

  • VyprVPN
  • IPVanish
  • Cyberghost
  • NordVPN
  • me VPN
  • Safer VPN

Step # 6: Logging Policy should be crystal clear

If a VPN keeps log then its better you don’t use one. Most VPN providers claims in CAPITAL LETTER that we have no log policy, but in reality, they keep activity logs.

After thoroughly going through the privacy policies of all VPN providers, following are the VPN providers furthering in our scrutiny process.

  • ExpressVPN
  • VyprVPN
  • IPVanish
  • Cyberghost
  • NordVPN
  • Safer VPN

Step # 7: Money Back Guarantee

If a VPN is not offering a free trial, they at least should offer a money-back guarantee so that if a VPN doesn’t work as per the user’s expectation they can easily ask for a refund.

VPN that fails to offer either, has been excluded from the list of our top VPNs for speed.

The winners are as follows:

  • ExpressVPN
  • VyprVPN
  • IPVanish
  • Cyberghost
  • NordVPN

Step # 8: Where is VPN service located?

Now, we will analyze which VPN is located within the 14 Eyes countries and which are not; how about ranking them according to the given parameters?

Have a look!

5th Ranking – IPVanish [USA]

4th Ranking – NordVPN [Panama]

3rd Ranking – VyprVPN [Switzerland]

2nd Best and Fastest VPN – Cyberghost [Romania]

Fastest VPN in the World – ExpressVPN [British Virgin Islands]

You can select any VPN from the list of our 5 most recommended and you will get a perfect combination of security and speed.

How can we forget gamers? Let me be in their shoes!

Fastest VPN and Gaming – What’s the Connection?

As a gamer, you should know the internet speed is a lifeline for a faster and better gaming experience. You require ultra-fast speed to support your instant and real-time gaming movements in games such as PUBG and Minecraft.  It occurs when your ping spikes exponentially and you are trying to connect to a long-distance server on a VPN.

You need the fastest VPN app to guarantee your gaming experience does not lag or suffer disconnections. Gaming and VPN speed works parallel to each other as the gaming solely depends on the VPN speed.

To save your gaming moments, here are the answers of some of the commonly-asked queries; I hope you’ll be answered shortly.

How Fast VPN Server Supports Gaming?

Fastest VPNs guarantee that your gaming experience does not lag and makes sure that you stay safe from DDoS attacks.

Can VPN increase pings?

Here are some added tips to improve your gaming experience and lower your ping:

  • Choose a VPN server near your own location
  • Choose a VPN server close to the gaming server

What’s the Difference between Peak and Average Speed?

Akamai Internet speed report says that an average peak connection speed is 44.6Mbps; however the global average internet speed is 7.2Mbps, that’s one-sixth of the peak average. What message does it have for VPN providers?

We all share the internet one way or the other, and we never get the advertised speed from our ISP. Network congestion plays a huge role in determining the upload and download speed of the connection both on and off the VPN. This congestion is twice as likely to take a toll, especially when it is connected to a VPN.

When you use a VPN, you add another bottleneck for to the route of the internet. This affects the internet speed further as it adds up to network congestion.

If you are wondering which country VPN is the fastest and safest to use, then here’s your answer:

Which country VPN is fastest?

The most free and internet friendly country to host a VPN country is either Romania or Panama. They have least internet restrictions and do not force the companies to record users’ data.

Before wrapping up, let me give you a bonus tip; you can thank me later on.

How to boost a VPN Speed?

Why is my VPN so slow? How can I increase my VPN speed? If you are not satisfied with the speed of your VPN and you want to boost it further, try these simple tips:

May these help you!

  1. Select the nearest VPN server to reduce the lag time. The farther the VPN server location, the worst the speed will be,
  2. Try to select OpenVPN; it offers both security and speed at the same time.
  3. If your TCP ports are open, you should select the Port 55 using OpenVPN.
  4. Try using Split Tunneling feature to keep your internet speed uncompromised at all times by diverting certain internet traffic through VPN and your streaming traffic without using a VPN tunnel.
  5. If you are using Tor over VPN, or Double VPN feature, it may slow down your speed.

Concluding Comments from the Writer

Our fastest VPN test relied solely on VPN speed comparisions, but this blog is enough to tell that only relying on speed is a suicide attempt.

Alongside speed there a number of factors that should be considered before choosing a VPN. You should check if the VPN provider has a good history of providing security services to its users. Moreover, does it enhance user-experience with overall feasibility or with its features?

Considering all the factors, we count ExpressVPN as a fastest VPN provider that offers ultra-fast speed on the majority of its servers, complimenting best features leaving no room for doubts and errors.

What’s your fastest VPN? Feel free to share in the comment box below.

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