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How To Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio Issues

Livestreaming via screen sharing is a pretty popular trend and a significant need of computer users nowadays. In many cases, the users or online gamers may need to share their screens and audios with other players to have a better streaming & gaming experience.

Given the gamers’ live streaming requisites, Discord introduced a trendy utility of screen sharing in the recent past. It enhanced the live streaming experience by integrating audio features in screen sharing.

Many users have been encountering a provocative situation while sharing their screens with other co-workers or gamers; the audio feature in Discord screen-sharing often stops working. Screensharing in Discord is of no use if its associated audio feature is out of whack.

What causes the “Discord stream no audio” error?

Discord stream no audio

Discord not sharing audio is always a tiring & aggravating situation. A thorough problem analysis illustrates that the Discord users can encounter variant error prompting cases; here, you can figure out the most likely events that might instigate the “Discord stream no sound” glitch.

Corrupted audio drivers

The audio-based communicational feature of Discord makes it evident that, like any other related apps, it also uses the audio drivers installed on your computer system. Hence these audio drivers may be corrupted, or even a minor fault can disable the audio-based functionality in Discord.

Administrative access

Screensharing is a significant function the Discord app plays on the system, and for this, it may often require additional privileges too. Sometimes you may need to grant such additional privileges to your Discord app manually.


As it was initially introduced in a beta version to test its functional effectiveness. So, in few rare cases, it may be in its initial phase, and this sort of most minor stability can cause the “Discord Screen Share no audio” error too.

Stream incompatibility

Being a newly introduced feature, Discord is not perfectly aligned with the streaming needs. If you are trying to stream a video via the Discord screen sharing feature, then this can lead to a failed state due to the Discord stream no audio issue.

Discord voice no route error

You might be familiar with the Discord no route error already; this Discord voice no route problem can also be the primary cause of the “discord stream no sound” issue, but this is not a thing that cannot be fixed. You may need to alter or reset the Discord audio settings to deal with this case.

Application-oriented issues

You might be running many apps simultaneously, and there is a possibility that some of these may not be compatible with the Discord application and thus can cause the “discord stream no audio” problem.

Antivirus issue

Like the few other apps incompatibility, the antivirus app installed on your system may also undergo an incompatibility issue with the Discord application. In some risky states, it can even cause damage to the audio feature of Discord.

If live-streaming is your primary need, then it is pretty imperative to rehabilitate this dysfunctional audio feature. You must be interested in learning how to share audio on Discord if this audio feature is not functioning. Head over to the below-listed overhauling ways to get over this frustrating “Discord screen share no audio” problem.

How to Share Audio on Discord?

All of the explained fixes are enlisted in an order based on the complexity level. If the initial ones don’t resolve your issue, proceed to the next options without getting desperate. Before implementing any of the given fixes, make sure that the audio system on your PC is functioning correctly; you can test the audio system status by using any other application such as YouTube.

Restart the computer system

If you can’t hear sound on Discord while sharing a screen with another co-worker, then the quickest tactic you can opt for is to reboot your computer system. This may seem pretty typical way, but it proves to be quite effective in various situations.

Because sometimes the other running apps in your PC may cause any sort of conflict with the Discord app due to parallel working and restarting the computer system can resolve such conflicts in the least period.

Access the Discord server status

Checking the server status is one of the primary measures you can take whenever you encounter any issue with a particular computer application because the applications may stop functioning accurately if their server is in don state.

In the respective case, too, you need to check the status of the Discord application primarily. You can also reach out to the Discord server status information from variant online forums & Discord social media channels. If you find the server status in the downstate, the would-be most likely for the maintenance purposely.

You don’t need to fix the app if the problem is actually on the server-side, as it will get resolved automatically after a specific period.

Run Discord in administrative mode

Additional access to system resources often assists the programs in working more effectively. You can easily elevate the resource-accessing level of your Discord app by running it in the administrative mode. To do so:

  • Launch the file explorer by pressing the Windows + E key.
  • In fie explorer, access the directory (program files folder in local disk C by default) where your Discord app is located.
  • In the respective folder, navigate to the Discord app’s executable file.
  • Right-click on Discord’s exe file to access its properties.
  • In properties windows, select the compatibility tab.
  • Checkmark the option “Run this program as an administrator” incompatibility settings.
  • Click on the apply button to proceed on with the changes.
  • Rerun the Discord application and test the screen sharing functioning again.

Reset audio settings in Discord

To address the “discord not sharing audio” problem that occurred as a result of Discord no voice route or improper settings, you would need to reset the voice settings on your Discord application. Such reversion to the default state will possibly eliminate all the issues associated with the app’s voice feature.

  • Access the Discord settings by clicking on the gear icon.
  • Select the voice & video option located in the left panel settings menu.
  • Click on the option “Reset voice settings.”
  • Click on the Okay button to proceed on.
  • Rerun the Discord screen sharing feature to check if the problem still persists there.

Clear out Discord roaming or cache data

You may be familiar with browsers’ cache files; likewise, the Discord app also stores cache files. Such cache files or inappropriate account settings can put you in a problematic situation of “discord not sharing audio.” To get over this sort of situation:

  • At first, close your Discord application. 
  • Press Windows keys and type %appdata% to access the Discord root directory directly.
  • Click on the %appdata% folder displayed in the results.
  • In the %appdata% folder, right-click on the subfolder “Discord” and select the delete option.
  • Then rerun the discord app.

Switching to the Discord legacy audio subsystem

It’s pretty evident to all the Discord users that the app consistently improves its experience with regular updates. If you are using an updated Discord version, then your hardware might be incompatible with the latest update of the Discord audio subsystem.

To deal with this event, it would be better to switch back to the older or legacy audio subsystem that was previously compatible with the hardware.

  • Launch your Discord app and access its settings.
  • Click on the “Audio & Video” option from the left panel menu.
  • Select the option “legacy” from the dropdown menu below the “AUDIO SUBSYSTEM” tab.
  • Then click on the “Okay” button to save the changes.

Add your program or activity to Discord

Generally, the Discord app automatically detects the exact activity you perform on it. Sometimes due to concurrently performing activities, you may encounter the Discord stream no audio error. Still, if you add your respective activity in the discord app manually, you can quickly get over this problem.

  • Launch the settings of your Discord app by clicking on the gear icon.
  • In the left panel menu of settings, select the option “Games.”
  • Below the game activity tab, add your activity manually by clicking on the “Add it!” option.
  • Make sure to turn on the toggle button located next to the Discord overlay tab.

Disable antivirus software temporarily

In general, antivirus doesn’t interrupt the operational effectiveness of other installed applications. However, it is still possible to prompt the respective audio error in discord screen sharing due to any corrupted file or for some other reason.

To bypass this sort of resistance by antivirus application, you can temporarily disable it to check whether this was the actual cause of the problem or not. If the discord audio problem gets fixed after this temporary disabling of antivirus, then you would need to install an alternate antivirus app that doesn’t generate such an issue.

Update audio drivers

As stated earlier that the audio drivers might also be involved in this audio failure issue of Discord screen-sharing because the default audio drivers may be outdated or in a faulty state, and this problem can only be addressed by updating these audio drivers.

  • Open the Run app by pressing Windows + R keys.
  • Type the command devmgmt.msc in the Run dialogue box and press enter.
  • Click on the “audio inputs and outputs” option to expand it.
  • Right-click on the option “sound and hardware” and click on “update driver.”
  • After a successful update, restart your PC.

Note: You can also simply delete the drivers and restart your PC as the default audio drivers will automatically get installed in an updated version on restarting the system.

Update Discord

An outdated Discord app can cause many other issues, too, in addition to “discord stream no sound.” It is always crucial to keep your Discord app updated to avoid numerous problems like the respective one. If you are experiencing a problem hearing sound in your Discord app, you may even try to fix it by updating the Discord app.

  • Launch the Run app by pressing the Windows + R keys.
  • In the Run dialogue box, type the command %localappdata% and click on enter to proceed on.
  • Select the Discord app and double-click on its update.exe file.
  • Discord app may take some time to update and relaunch the app after successfully completing the update process.

Reinstall the Discord application

Suppose you have tried out all the solutions mentioned earlier, and nothing was effective enough to address the “discord not sharing audio” problem. In that case, the last option you can go for is to reinstall the Discord application from scratch.

To reinstall the Discord app, primarily you’d need to uninstall the existing Discord app from your system.

  • Access the control panel on your computer system by searching it in the search bar.
  • In the control panel window, select the option “category” located next to “view by.”
  • Click on the option “uninstall a program” below the “Programs” tab.
  • Navigate to the Discord app in the list of installed applications.
  • Right-click on Discord and click on the option “Uninstall.”
  • Then download the discord app again from its official website.
  • Locate the downloaded Discord file and install by on your system.
  • Relaunch your Discord app after its successful installation.


Discord screen share no audio problem seems pretty common & tiring, especially if you are unaware of its actual cause and can’t fix it by any quick means. As we have explained in the above discussion, it can occur due to variant events or reasons.

The stated comprehensive approaches evidently demonstrate how to share audio on Discord if there is any critical error in the audio feature. You can initiate its fixing process by few simple tactics such as restarting the PC and relaunching the Discord app solely with no other running app in the background.

If the issue still persists there, you can move on to the advanced fixes ways such as updating the audio drivers & Discord app, and many more.

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