Fix: iPhone EarPhones Playing One Side Only

Fix iPhone EarPhones Playing One Side Only

It can be unpleasant to have headphones that only play in one ear, notably if you play music or watch movies daily. This problem will affect your efficiency if you rely on your earbuds and preferred rhythms to shut out noise while working.

It’s simple to purchase or buy a fresh pair. However, you might not be ready to give up your pricey headset. Or maybe you don’t like the notion of tossing out stuff that may still be useful.

If just one of your earphones functions, try the ideas and simple repairs below. Due to these techniques, you can have a functional pair of headphones in only a few minutes. You don’t have to wait for your items to be shipped, leave your house to go out and purchase one, or make do with only one functional earpiece.

Phone or PC Settings

When headphones only function on one side, many people think their earphones are defective, as with other audio issues such as static headphones. As a result, people begin hunting for a new one or searching for alternative headphones at home.

But, before you throw away your earbuds or try a repair, ensure the problem isn’t with your audio source.

Exclude the chance you only hear from one headset because of your audio settings or a temporary equipment problem that can be readily rectified. Follow the steps below to determine whether the issue is caused by your phone, laptop, or PC.

Try using a different set of Earphones

Try using a different set of Earphones

The first step is to obtain and attach a set of fully functional earphones to your device. If they’re functioning correctly, you know the issue is with your headset. Use the instructions below to repair wired and Bluetooth headphones in this situation. However, you should examine your device’s audio settings if the working headset also begins to play just in one ear.

Before diving into the fix, ensure you test your earphones on multiple devices.

  • Check that they function by plugging them into your iPad, computer, or any other device with a 3.5mm connector. (You can connect your iPad or another device with a lightning port if you have headphones with a lightning connector.) OR you may attach them to your computer with a lightning-to-3.5mm dongle.)
  • Bend the earphones wire on both sides (the connection end and the end of the earphone) now.
  • If they operate perfectly when you’re bending, the earbuds’ hardware is probably functional, and you can remedy your problem with the approach described below.

Restart the device

Restart the device

Restarting your device is another easy repair you might want to consider. This is particularly useful if the problem appears shortly after installing a software update.

Check whether you can hear via both earphones after restarting your phone or PC. However, if the headset is still only playing on one side, examine the audio settings on your device.

Check the settings

Based on your sound configuration, headsets may only play on one side. Check your audio settings and make sure the mono option is disabled.

Additionally, ensure that the sound volumes on both earbuds are matched. You can verify this by heading to the Sounds icon on your computer, Levels, and Balance. The voice volumes on both sides of your headset must be similar.

Clean the Headphone Jack

Clean the Headphone Jack

People carry their phones with them wherever they go, from their beds to the wilderness of nature. Lint and debris can accumulate in the headphone jack over time, causing the audio output to be compromised. The connection between your headphone port and the jack will become slack.

Try cleaning your phone or PC’s headphone jack if your headset only plays in one ear when connected to your device but works well on other devices. Use the sharp point of a brush toothpick to release the dirt gently, and then sweep it out using the brushing side of the toothpick.

Software Problem Fix

Try the following steps to rule out a software issue.

  • Go to Settings on your iDevice (the one giving you trouble).
  • Select Accessibility from the General menu.
  • Go to Phone Noise Cancellation and scroll down.
  • You’ll see a slider just below this area. It balances the left and proper audio channels’ volume levels. Verify that it is centered.

Wrapping It Up

If nothing else works, it appears that your iDevice’s headphone (or lightning) port is broken. The next step is to schedule an appointment with an Apple store’s Genius Bar. They will investigate the issue and offer alternative fixes.

I hope that this post assisted you in resolving, or at the very least identifying, the issue with your Apple earphones. So, what was the source of your earphone problem, and were you able to resolve it? Make sure to leave a remark in the comments below.

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