10 games like GTA you need to play while you wait for GTA 6

10 games like GTA you need to play while you wait for GTA 6

There was one game on many gamers’ wish lists when Microsoft and Sony unveiled their Xbox Series X|S and PS5 consoles: a new Grand Theft Auto game. Sadly, players lamented the announcement of yet another GTA 5 port across the board. Over seven years have passed since GTA 5 was first made available on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It’s almost impossible to believe at this point.

Even though there will undoubtedly come a day when people see a new Grand Theft Auto promoted on Twitter, it may still be several months before the game is launched. Here are several fantastic GTA-inspired games to play in the interim, so enjoy, till that joyful day arrives.

10. Bully


The GTA series’ gameplay principles were adapted for a troubled boarding school in Rockstar’s cult hit Bully. Bully contains fewer allusions to life beyond the school and its nearby town than the GTA games, rendering it more ageless and less dated than those games. The GTA games heavily draw inspiration from the popular culture of the day.

Itching powder, stink bombs, and other iconic childhood products are accessible in the game, which is a delight to play, thanks to one of the most endearing and memorable characters in a Rockstar game.

9. Saints Row 4

Any game in this series may have been included, but Saints. Row 4 is very dear to my heart. The absurdity and silliness of this open-world action-adventure game are never held back. This game gives you the feeling of authority, whether you’re battling an extraterrestrial invasion or becoming the president of the United States.

Giving you all the tools at the start may initially work, but as nothing in this game dares to push you, it quickly grows boring.

Saints Row 4 won’t let you down if you want to have fun shooting, destroying, and generally blasting off random objects and people. You’ll enjoy what Saints Row 4 offers if you’re not anticipating the somber tone of GTA games.

8. Red Dead Redemption 2

There wasn’t a new Grand Theft Auto game for the Xbox One or PlayStation 4, but there was a Red Dead Redemption sequel. The 2018 prequel offered a big area to explore, action-packed gameplay, and a tonne of side activities—everything you’d want from an open-world Rockstar game.

The fantastic weather effects and wildlife A.I., in particular, gave the game a level of authenticity not seen in a Rockstar game. The fact that Rockstar spent many hours polishing these elements suggests that they will also be in the upcoming GTA game because it would be wasteful not to reuse them.

7. Sleeping Dogs

One of the most underappreciated open-world games to date, Sleeping Dogs, was created by United Front Games and published by Square Enix. It was dismissed as a GTA clone because it was similar to games like GTA. It’s fair to say that this game merited a happier ending.

You’ll struggle to find any additional problems with this game. However, driving occasionally might feel arcade-like, and some sections can feel too confined.

The streets of Hong Kong are teeming with individuals eager to be beaten up and dance to the beat of your fists, giving you lots of opportunities to bash people with your hands. Spending a few minutes walking in any direction without coming across something intriguing is hard. You will feel overburdened by the world’s intricate details and abundance of things to accomplish.

A strong plot is a protective shell for all the bloodshed and mayhem. They have successfully achieved the ideal mix between providing the gamers with a strong linear tale and limiting them just enough. You’ll probably spend roughly 15-20 hours playing this game, even if you’re rushing through the missions and giving the side quests little thought. Although the main questline is somewhat drawn out, it is engaging and keeps you interested all through. The narrative will hold your interest.

Give Sleeping Dogs a try if you’re seeking a GTA substitute.

6. L.A. Noire

The next game on our list is L.A. Noire, also created by the same company as GTA. L.A. Noire unexpectedly positions players on the side of the police for a Rockstar game. Players are responsible for investigating crimes in Los Angeles while acting as a detective. As a result, the game is more concerned with systematic police work than with action.

In 2017, the game received a new version that included revised face animations that significantly enhanced the game’s many interrogation sections. The perplexing ambiguity about the Truth, Lie, and Doubt options was also eliminated with the re-release and replaced with Good Cop, Bad Cop, and Accuse.

5. Yakuza 0

Yakuza 0, the sixth installment in the Yakuza franchise, offers many bizarre activities, from singing karaoke to beating up goons in the streets. You may disregard anything else and focus on the primary quest line.

I advise you to play this game slowly and partake in all the side quests. When you initially start playing a game like this for the first time, it could sound silly, but after you become hooked on the side activities, you might lose sight of what you were doing for hours.

Since the Yakuza series forbids you from going on a killing spree, you won’t frequently come into contact with pedestrians, in contrast to games like GTA and Saints Row. It encourages you to act bizarrely and violently, but only against people who merit it. You are not free to use your incredible combinations on whoever you like. You can bash thugs and inebriate all you want. They are in great numbers.

Combat fundamentals are simple. You can efficiently complete the game on simple difficulties if you’re a casual player. There is a lot more to learn if you want to delve further. Even after playing for over 50–60 hours, the arcade-like combat style is fun and challenging to get sick of.

4. Just Cause 4

Just Cause 4

In addition to having the number 4 in their titles, Just Cause four and its predecessor feature enjoyable, outrageous action. Players can complete tasks or freely explore the game’s enormous playpen-like landscape thanks to the game’s abundance of thrilling tools, like the wingsuit and grappling hook. Some of the most inventive and mayhem-causing weaponry in video games, such as the lightning gun, wind gun, and super-sniper, are included with the goods.

Extreme weather conditions, such as massive, deadly tornadoes, were added in Just Cause 4 to spice up the action of its predecessor.

3. Lego City Undercover

There are more kid-friendly GTA alternatives than The Simpsons: Hit and Run. One is Lego City Undercover, which takes GTA’s open-world gameplay and gives it the Danish block treatment.

The game does have many gameplay concepts that Lego Star Wars: The Video Game first introduced and later installments developed upon, but overall, because of its focus on free-roaming and lack of a movie tie-in to follow, it plays significantly differently from the other contemporary Lego games.

2. The Simpsons: Hit and Run

 The Simpsons: Hit and Run

The Simpsons: Hit and Run is frequently called GTA for kids. The open-world driving action from Grand Theft Auto was adapted by Radical Entertainment and placed in the well-known Springfield.

The missions in the game aren’t as varied as those in GTA because most involve driving from point A to point B within a set amount of time. However, many trinkets are tucked away in each game’s beautifully crafted stages, making for hours of extra fun gaming.

1. Mafia II

Although players in the second Mafia game are on the other side of the law from those in Rockstar’s detective game L.A. Noire, both games are set in the same era. Players take on the role of Vito Scaletta in Mafia II, who is, as the title indicates, involved with Mafia criminal gangs. Like GTA, the gameplay concentrates on shooting guns and driving cars. It includes a wanted system that shows how the police react to the player’s illegal behavior.

A sequel to the game was released in 2016; however, judging by its 3.8 user score and 62 P.C., Metascore did not win over fans or reviewers.

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