How to Make a Public Profile on Snapchat

How to Make a Public Profile on Snapchat

While everyone can establish a Snapchat Public Profile, a few minor restrictions may prevent someone from doing so. Snapchat users who choose a Public Profile gain additional visibility and the ability to reach out to more people. 

Users with Public Profiles can add more features to their Profile, such as a bio and description, in addition to allowing other users to subscribe to their Snapchat account.

Public Snapchat profiles aren’t new, but their availability has shifted over time. Previously, the function was solely available to celebrities and artists, but in late 2020, Snapchat made it possible for anybody to build their Public Profile using the app. 

A dedicated Creator Account is still available on Snapchat, but eligibility is considerably more challenging than a standard Public Profile.

Any account, in general, should be allowed to establish a Public profile. If the Create Public Profile option does not display on someone’s profile page, the account is most likely not qualified right now. 

The duration of the account and the lack of an existing relationship with another Snapchat user are two prominent causes for this. Before a Snapchat account can be turned into a public account, it must be at least three months old. 

Snapchat requires at least one bi-directional buddy per account in terms of friends. Put another way, the account must have friended another user, and that person must have returned the friend request.

Some more basic limitations may limit access to Snapchat’s Public Profile feature. For example, the function is presently unavailable in all countries and is only available to people over 18. 

Furthermore, failing to adhere to the Community Guidelines may result in an account’s ineligibility for a Snapchat Public Profile. Creating a Public Profile on Snapchat is as simple as creating any other profile on the app as long as users follow these guidelines.

Public Profile

Public Profile

The majority of profiles are available by default, and all you have to do is see or change them. After conversing with friends or in groups, friendship and group profiles are generated. 

However, to build a Public Profile, several prerequisites must be met. Fans can start subscribing to your Snapchat account after you achieve Public Profile. You can also keep your subscribers’ and friends’ stories separate. To create a Public Profile for yourself, make sure your account is old enough and then follow the steps below:

  • By tapping on the Snapchat symbol on your phone, you can access the Snapchat app. Tap on your Profile Picture on the camera screen now.
  • Scroll down after clicking the Settings button. Tap the See me in Quick Add option under the Who Can box. Toggle it on by tapping the toggle option.

Note: If the Quick Add option includes a tick option, select it.

  • Other settings such as Contact Me, Send Me Notifications, View My Story, and Use My Cameos Selfie to Everyone must also be set.

Note: You can also disable Ghost Mode in See My Location if feasible, assisting in some circumstances.

  • Return to the Snapchat profile section. After that, hit the three dots symbol for Add to My Story or Add to Snap Map, and then select Create Public Profile.
  • Continue with the Public Profile messaging until you reach the Create button.
  • Under the highlighted area, you now have a Public Profile. After tapping on it, you can use the Edit Profile button to edit it further.
  • You can also use the Preview button to see how it will seem to other people.  

If the Public Account option is still not visible, it is unavailable in your country. The only way to acquire the choice is to utilise a VPN. That is, however, merely a workaround and not an approved means of obtaining the Public Profile.



Stories allow you to permanently display collections of your favourite Public Snaps, images, and videos on your Public Profile.

  • Under the “Public Profiles” section, tap on your Profile.
  • To save a story to your Profile, tap “Save a Story to your Profile.”
  • To add Snaps or photographs from your Camera Roll, touch “Select” and then “Add.”
  • After you’ve reviewed your story, hit “Next.”
  • Create a title and a cover for your Story, then touch “Finish” to publish it to your Public Profile!



Upload a Lens to your Profile using Lens Studio to add it to your Profile. Once the Lens is active, it will be instantly added to your Public Profile’s “Lenses” tab.



You can choose whether or not your subscriber count is displayed on your Public Profile.

To adjust the visibility of your subscription count, go to:

  • Go to your profile page.
  • Tap “Edit Profile” in your Public Profile Settings.
  • To manage your Public Profile, go to the bottom of the page.
  • Turn on or off “Show Subscriber Count.”

Hope this article has been a great help in making a public profile on Snapchat. 

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