How To Use A Food Processor

Are you still struggling to get the most out of your food processor? Find out how with these ten fantastic suggestions.

Working through difficult chores in the kitchen, such as grating, pureeing, or slicing may be a real-time-saver when using a food processor. We are well-versed in using, testing, and trying out this type of machine, as we have done so over the years in our kitchen. This means we can tell you how to get the most out of this specific kitchen appliance. Food processor advice is essential and uncomplicated, just like the device itself.

Getting outstanding outcomes does not require you to resort to elaborate twists or employ special techniques. Still, if you plan to utilize any method, we’ve included a list of the approaches we use regularly. Let’s hope the following guide helps you jump right in and produce anything from gourmet-worthy entrées to effortless sweets right out of the gate with your food processor.

It is essential to keep in mind that food processor models are somewhat different from one another; therefore, while we have tried to make the below useful for the most popular types, there may be some discrepancies with your particular model. Be careful to read your manufacturer’s instructions to clarify anything you are unsure of.

How to use a food processor: A complete step by step guide

Step 1: Plug in your food processor

You have to plug it into the electrical socket to start your food processor up. Plug your cable in, connect it to a clean and dry socket, and plugin. Regardless of your cable’s make, you’ll need to unravel it before plugging it in completely.

Plug-in your food processor

Step 2: Attach the jug of the processor to the base tightly

After there, you’ll want to connect your jug to the base. Most models cover the primary device and click into place with a handle twist to the left of the middle of the mechanism. That’s entirely the point if you’re utilizing the extensive base. You’ll know you’ve reached this stage when you’re ready to place the smaller sub-serving bowl over the larger stand.

Step 3: Select your attachments/blade

The attachment you pick will be influenced by the outcomes you’re going for. The knife blade is the main blade used for all chopping tasks. It’s effortless to put it in. There’s a clip that fastens it to the central mechanism. However, it might take a little bit of wriggling and turning to secure it.

You should attach the grating and slicing discs to the disc support because these commonly used choices will allow you to make slices and grate your food. After putting the metal disc on the primary motor shaft, spin it in the other direction to lock it into place. You may also add a dough hook or a whisk. Check with your manufacturer’s manual for anything we have not mentioned.

Select your attachments

Step 4: Set the lid tightly in place

You have to secure the attachment before moving on to the next step, putting the lid on. To avoid any messes, add all ingredients to the bowl before you attach the cover to the mixer’s bowl. To set the lid, position it to the left of the handle and twist it clockwise. To ensure your finished product turns out perfectly, add materials in the bowl, but leave the top off so you can use the tool.

Step 5: Turn on the switch

To get your device running, push the button marked “power.” On models with a pulse button, utilize it rather than having the motor run constantly to make a pulse function. If it doesn’t work, click the button several times until you get the texture you want.

Step 6: Add your favorite ingredients to the bowl

Now is the moment to prepare your ingredients if you use a sliced disc. Bear in a note that certain more giant goods may be reduced to funnel fit. Use the funnel cover when the motor is running to move your ingredient through the grill or slice discs – this also helps safeguard your hand from any potential mishaps by pressing it through the funnel and disc.

Add your favorite ingredients in the bowl

Step 7: Now wait and watch the magic

Simply leave your machine alone for a few seconds to handle pureeing. If you’re attaching a bowl to your appliance, you can watch as the contents are gradually transferred into the bowl as you use the funnel to bring all the processed components together.

Step 8: Clean your food processor attachments

The trick to keeping your food processor well-maintained is to wash it immediately. Otherwise, the components can quickly get corroded. Take apart any attachments and thoroughly clean the parts in warm soapy water. Scrape any leftovers from the bowl, funnel, and lid/cover.

Wash everything with warm soapy water. Do this a second time, using a soft towel. Dry it out naturally, or use a dish towel to speed up the process.

Step 9: Stack it all up

Make sure your food processor is wholly assembled before putting it away to be ready to use.

Stack it all up


Using a food processor is no big deal. All you need to do is read the manual and, of course, use your brains.

We hope this complete step-by-step guide on using a food processor will make it easier and simple for you. If you read this guide correctly, using a food processor will not be a challenging task for you.

Thank you for reading. Hope this article will be of great help to you.

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