troubleshoot error 94

How to troubleshoot Hulu error 94

Hulu provides one of the best video streaming services, and if you are a Hulu subscriber, you must have faced Hulu error 94 on and off. If you encounter this problem repeatedly, then there is no need to worry because I am here to explain how to troubleshoot Hulu error 94.

Some people haven’t faced this issue lately, so if you’re one of them, then still, this piece of Hulu manual will be of great help, as you never know when error 94 knocks on your Hulu door.

Well, this error occurs when you start streaming video or when you start the Hulu app or website. Error 94 indicates that there’s an issue with the internet connection that you are using for the device to stream Hulu videos.

Let’s see in detail what is error 94 in Hulu? 

Before moving on to solutions, get to know what this error is all about. 

Here are some of the reasons behind error 94. 

  • Corrupt cache – Sometimes the error 94 occurs because of the fault in the launch configuration cached by the streaming devices. Because of this, the configuration might get corrupt and show Hulu error 94 on the screen. For this, you have to clean the cache to experience a smoother experience on Hulu. 
  • Unstable Internet connection – This is prevalent in the cause of this error; sometimes, the error occurs because of the slow internet speed. To enjoy video streaming on the internet, you must have a high internet speed. A proper uploading and downloading speed of the internet will help you to get rid of this error. 
  • Outdated application – If you have an old version of the Hulu application, you might see the error 94 on your screens. Because of an outdated version, you might see difficulties in streaming videos. You have to have the latest version of the Hulu application to get rid of this error. 
  • VPN – If you are using a VPN to hide your IP location from the servers, it is highly recommended to disable the VPN, as it causes compatibility between ISP and servers, due to which error 94 may occur. 

How to fix this error 94?

Below are some solutions if you are facing error 94 on Hulu. 

Solution 1: Deactivating the device 

To get rid of error 94, you have to deactivate the device from your Hulu account. And after a couple of minutes of deactivation, you have to reactivate your device again; by doing this, the occurrence of error 94 will be stopped. 

Here’s how to deactivate it. 

  • Visit the official Hulu website. 
  • Now, click on the login option, using your username and password. 
  • Click on the ‘Login’ button to log in to your Hulu account. 
  • Now click on the block icon on the screen and select the ‘Account’ option on the list. 
  • Go to the ‘Your Account’ section, then click on the ‘Manage Devices.’ 
  • Now click on the Remove to continue the deactivation process. 
  • Then reactivate your account when you receive the code on your email or phone number during the login process. 

Solution 2: Updating Application 

You have to update your Hulu app so that you can get rid of this error. There are different processes for different devices. 

On Android devices, you can go on the play store and touch the Menu option, then touch on my Games and apps there, you will find the Hulu application, and if there is an update in the application, you will also find the option of update. 

On Windows, click on the Microsoft Store in the taskbar; when it opens on your screen, click on the three dots on the right side of the screen and select the downloads and updates option. 

These are the two solutions to eliminate this error 94, so give them a try if you’re also facing Hulu error 94 – no more binging hassles! 

Troubleshoot Hulu error 94 – Video Guide

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