Lumen Review

Lumen Review

Lumen is a mobile app that brings light and happiness into your life by helping you take small daily actions to lift your spirit. It’s also the Latin word for “light” and the scientific unit of measure for illumination. In other words, Lumen is double the meaning in one tiny app. To use Lumen, you take small actions every day that help improves your mood. Each step gives you a glimpse at a different moment in time.

These glimpses are called lumens, which you can think of as rose-colored glasses that capture your thoughts and feelings during each moment. Once you complete an action, you receive a notification with a set of lumens that describe how you feel after doing it.

How to use Lumen

Lumen is designed for you to take action each day. We recommend completing two activities each day. If you find yourself with a little more time one day, you can add a third. And if you have much more time, you can complete more than three. The important thing is that you take action regularly. When you open Lumen daily, you’ll see a feed of mini-feeds of your lumens.

You can tap on any lumen to view it as an image and read what you wrote. You can also like or dislike each lumen to curate your feed based on how you feel that day. Full-Screen Lumens: Lumen includes full-screen lumens that don’t appear in your feed. These lumens are designed to be meditative and inspirational. You can read them right away or save them for later.


Lumen is designed as a tool for you to take small actions every day to improve your mood. Over time, these actions lead to a more positive outlook and more fulfilling life. Lumen provides you with various options for taking these actions so you can select the ones that work best for your life. There are four categories of actions:

Gratitude: Finding something to be grateful for is one of the most powerful ways to change your life for the better. It’s been scientifically proven to increase happiness, improve health, and strengthen relationships. And gratitude is also a powerful antidote for stress and anxiety, two emotions that tend to bog us down when they’re out of control. 

Mindfulness: Practicing mindfulness is a proven way to reduce stress, improve focus, and enhance overall wellbeing. It’s also a great way to cultivate a habit of happiness and gratitude, since mindfulness is all about appreciating the present moment.

Creativity: We tend to think of creative activities as hobbies for children’s art classes or for people who have lots of free time. But research has shown that creativity is a serious mood booster and stress-reducer. Creative work can be as simple as doodling, painting, or writing a poem—or even just doing a bit of online window shopping. 

Community: Our lives are often so busy and full of distractions that it’s hard to take time to appreciate the people around us. In addition to helping us feel happier, building and strengthening relationships has also been proven to reduce stress and improve overall health.

Why you should use Lumen

All too often, we forget to take time to focus on our mental health. We work hard and then work some more. We try to keep up with our friends, family, and loved ones. But the everyday stresses of life can reduce our ability to enjoy these relationships and become a source of happiness in our own lives. That’s why taking time for yourself and focusing on improving your mental health is essential. It’s not something that can be fixed overnight, but Lumen can help you make daily progress. We recommend using Lumen for at least two weeks—and even longer if you feel it’s helping you. The lumen can be a helpful way to make positive progress every day by taking small actions to lift your spirit.

Tips for using Lumen

Take your time: It’s easy to rush right in to Lumen and knock out 10 or 15 lumens in one sitting. But to really get the most out of it, we recommend taking your time and reading each lumen. Try to really feel the emotions behind each one. 

Keep track of your lumens: You can do this in the app or on paper. It’s a great way to see how your mood has changed over time. You can also see what lumens you tend to get most often. 

Find a quiet space: Lumen is designed to help you focus on the present moment. We recommend completing your lumens in a quiet space where you can really focus on your thoughts and feelings.

Final Words

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t love your daily routine. It’s more the stuff that happens in between the routine that brings happiness. You can’t control what happens at work, but you can control how you react to it. That’s why Lumen can be such a powerful app. It can help you take small actions every day that help improve your mood and change your outlook on life.

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