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Modern Setup Host: How to Fix High CPU and High Disk Usage Problems

You may have often experienced the unusual slow processing of your computer system. At times, you also check the task manager to identify the apps or programs that are slowing your computer’s primary working and find out that a windows process, namely modern host setup, utilizes a maximum of the computer resources such as disk & CPU. Let’s explore the host setup in more detail.

What is a modern setup host?

modern setup host

A modern setup host is an executable component of your computer’s windows. Its extension in setup host.exe can even guess this. This windows process runs in your computer system’s background whenever your system installs some kind of significant updates. You can quickly locate it on your computer as it resides in a folder $WINDOWS. ~BT of local disk C. It also supports the process of windows update or an upgrade to the Windows 10 version.

This auto-installed setup host process helps update all levels and runs as a background .exe app. During some major updates, this modern setup host utilizes maximum resources and keeps the system busy, leading to slow processing of the system in terms of high CPU and high disk usage problems.

This article intends to explain the best possible fixes to resolves high CPU and high disk usage problems. The fixies to any issues are often interlinked somehow with the cause of the computer system’s issues. We will initially go through the primary aspects that may lead to such high CPU & disk usage issues.

Primary aspects causing high CPU & disk usage issues 

Research shows that the main aspects that can cause these issues may include updating a more extensive program or app, malicious activity, or any other running resource that can slow down the modern setup host process. When you try to install the updates larger in size, this can involve CPU usage & disk to their maximum level. Sometimes, many other programs or processes other than modern setup host may be running in the background and can cause the problem in the proper functioning of the setup host.exe process.

There may also be any malware running in your system, and it poses a setup host process. This kind of malicious activity also results in such errors and slows downs the processes in your computer system consequently. Suppose this is the reason in your case. In that case, this problem can be resolved just by scanning all the files & programs of your system to identify and remove the virus or malware your computer may contain.

How to fix high CPU and high disk usage problems 

We have analyzed all the expected causes of these issues. We have concluded our findings in the form of best & proven fixes based on our analysis. You can go through the step-by-step procedures we have explained to help you fix high CPU and high disk usage problems.

Disable background apps or processes

The running background apps also utilize the disk as they reside in memory and slow down the system’s working. You can follow the steps explained below to disable the background apps in your computer system.

  • Click on the windows icon and navigate to windows settings. 
  • Select the privacy option available in the Windows settings menu.
  • Click on the “background apps” option available in the left panel menu right below the “app permission” tab.
  • Here you can see the option to turn off all the background apps.
  • If you don’t want to turn off all the background apps, then you can turn off the custom background apps by accessing the option “choose which apps can run in the background.”

Disable notifications

Each time you start your computer, it shows many notifications which depict the processes started automatically in your computer. You can easily disable such notifications by practicing the stated method.

  • Open the windows settings interface on your computer system.
  • Select the option “System” available in the Windows settings menu.
  • Click on the notifications & actions option available in the left panel menu.
  • Here you will see an option to control all kinds of notifications. Turn it off below the “notifications” tab.
  • You can also choose additional programs or apps to stop them from sending notifications by accessing the option “get notifications from these senders.”

Disable auto windows update

As it is explained that these occurred issues are linked with the update process of windows, so you can simply put the windows auto-update process to its disabled state.

  • Navigate to windows settings on your computer.
  • Click on the “Update & security” option from the windows setting’s menu.
  • Select the Windows update option from the left side panel menu.
  • Click on the “Advanced options” available in the “windows update” interface.
  • Here you can select a custom time below the tab “Choose when updates are installed” to disable the process of auto windows update.

Troubleshoot your computer system

The troubleshooting process automatically detects & resolves the issues associated with windows update. The following steps will help you to troubleshoot your PC manually.

  • Open the windows settings interface on your system.
  • Select the update & security option from the windows setting’s menu.
  • Select the troubleshoot option available in the left panel menu.
  • Click on the “windows update” option available below the “get up and running” tab.
  • Click on the button “Run the troubleshooter” available below “windows update.”

Cleanout temporary files from the system

 When you install any update or upgrade your windows version to windows 10, some corrupted files also get auto-saved temporarily in your computer system. You can remove these files by following steps quite quickly.

  • Navigate to the local disk C, in which your installed windows reside.
  • Select the Windows folder from disk C.
  • Open the subfolder SoftwareDistribution in the Windows folder.
  • Click on the downloads subfolder and delete all the files it contains.
  • Restart your computer for proper implementation of these changes.

This PC > Local disk C > Windows > SoftwareDistribution > download

Modern Setup Host Error – Video Guide

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