What Does NGL Stand For?

What Does NGL Stand For?

NGL stands for “not gonna lie.” It’s most often used at the start of a phrase to convey honesty or sincerity. NGLs tone, like TBH’s, can shift depending on the situation. It can be used to offend someone, express an honest view, or describe your emotions.

In most cases, NGL is merely used to express your viewpoint. “NGL, I despise hot dogs,” you may remark, or “NGL, metal straws are too difficult to clean.” But, much like the term “not gonna lie” in real life, you may use NGL as a road for harshness, charm, or criticism.

The History of NGL

“Not gonna lie,” or “I’m not going to lie,” is a phrase that has been around for over a century. Although it’s often tossed around as an empty slang word, it always denotes honesty or vulnerability. In other words, individuals frequently remark “not gonna lie” before or after expressing thoughts that aren’t particularly profound, damning, or vulnerable.

“Not gonna lie” appears to have mutated into NGL sometime in 2009 or 2010. Around the same time, the abbreviation was initially added to the Urban Dictionary, and the word began to gain traction on Google Trends.

NGL is trending at its highest level on Google Trends, indicating that more people are searching for the term online than ever before. NGL appears to be gaining traction on social media platforms such as Reddit and Twitter, owing to Apollos Hester’s recent “they had us in the first half, not gonna lie” joke.

Should NGL be written in upper or lower case?

TBH? It makes no difference. This feature distinguishes online slang from the standard abbreviations used in education and commercial transactions. The meaning of Internet jargon remains the same whether written in upper or lower case. So don’t get too caught up in whether to write NGL or ngl. Your message will be delivered in any case.

How to Appropriately Use NGL in Text Messages and on Social Networking Websites

Assume you need to say something or make a remark on a friend’s photo or post, and you want to explain precisely what you mean. The usage of NGL would be suitable in this case. For example, it would be appropriate for you to write ‘NGL, but you do look a bit too fat best buddy’ in a remark beneath that photo.

Example – 1

Larry: Take a look at the photo I posted on Instagram. Isn’t it true that I appear dapper?

Robert: I’ll see what I can do. I haven’t looked at Instagram in a long time.

(Robert scrolls through Instagram) Robert: NGL…

‘Larry,’ I say (Sending the proud smiley with sunglasses)

Robert: But you have a dreadful appearance!

Larry: You’re the worst best buddy someone could ever have!

Robert: That’s hilarious!

Example – 2

On Facebook, Garry posts a photo of himself and his grandma having ice cream. Under the picture, his buddies leave comments.

Liz: Your grandmother is the cutest!

Kelly: NGL, she’s the most adorable old lady I’ve ever seen!

Tina: NGL, but Garry, this is the most lovely photo I’ve seen all day.

Example – 3

Example 3

Fari: Do you think I should wear pink or black for my outfit? In black, I think I look better.

Tina: Is it okay if I say no and no?

Fari: Excuse me, but what do you mean?

Tina: No problem, but none of these colors is acceptable for today’s occasion.

Why don’t you try something white?

Fari: I’m short on whites.

Tina: Please come over to my house. I’ve got the ideal white gown for you.

Fari: You’re the greatest!

Tina: NGL once more.

Example – 4

You participate in a Facebook discussion group. And the topic for today’s debate on that forum is water waste. Suppose something someone said made no sense to you or appeared unrelated to the comment chain. In that case, you can message them and say, “NGL, but what you said did not make sense to me.” also, you may write ‘NGL, but I was just about to say the same thing’ if you agree with someone and they stated something related to what you were about to say. Water must be conserved, and if we do not act now, we will run out of water in the coming years.’

Example – 5


“I just went to the new mall near my neighborhood and NGL, but it’s overrated.”

If you’re thinking about going, here’s what you should know. Do not go. Who, for example, would spend $20 on a mall ticket? People need to modify their looting of innocent people as a business strategy. I’m not going back. “It was a waste of time and money on my part.”

Example – 6

D: Who’s going to get me something to eat tonight?

H: I’d want to eat as well.

T: Is there no one here?

Y: NGL, but I was about to say something similar!

D: That’s hilarious!

H: But you should still buy me food! – –


H: Is she going to get us some food?

I: NGL, but if I were fortunate financially, I would.

D: I’m not sure why I even sent a message here!

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