How to Play Skyrim In a Local Split-screen Co-op With a Friend

This article mainly revolves around Skyrim gameplay and clearly explains the facts & ways to play Skyrim in a local split-screen co-op with a friend or partner. Skyrim is an adventurous role-playing video game full of fantasy & entertainment, like the GTA gameplay somehow. It comes with numerous mods to add extended functionalities in utilities to the pre-existing edition of the game. Probably most of its users won’t be aware of many related & essential aspects. So initially, we go through the basic concepts associated with its playing environment. 

The users often get confused with inter-related terms. Let’s start with what is meant by a local split-screen co-op environment? As the name itself implies, it depicts a game that is played locally with other players. The term co-op refers to cooperative gameplay in which multiple players play together to achieve some common target even by sitting in the same place. Skyrim is basically a single-player game, but to experience a multiplayer environment, you can use its multiplayer mods, and “Skyrim together” is one of the best examples of multiplayer mods.

How to play Skyrim in a local split-screen cooperative environment

Collectively you would need three main things to do that. Firstly, a pre-installed Skyrim special edition, a custom harbor launcher, and a combination of two Skyrim mods, namely Skyrim together mod & nucleus mod, to enable multiplayer option and split-screen, respectively. Teamplay is always more exciting than single-player modes. Generally, Skyrim allows you to add up to 8 persons in a single game, but the scenario we discuss will enable you to add even 32 players to play the same game on the same computer system.

To play Skyrim more efficiently, it’s a pro tip to properly select your character first before starting the game and then consistently stick to your character role throughout the gaming session. The friends you add to your Skyrim gaming session will help you to achieve your particular gaming goal. In this multiplayer gaming environment, each player can interact with a different aspect of the character to achieve that common goal. The fact that will be discussed in the following passage is compact enough to explain how you can play Skyrim in a local split-screen cooperative environment.

The split-screen is the only efficient way that allows the players to interact with different gaming interfaces on the same screen of the same computer system. Actually, the split-screen divides the display screen virtually to display two various aspects of the specific game. If you are also a Skyrim player, then the whole discussion of this article is going to help you a lot. 

Skyrim together mod

From the above discussion, you can conclude that Skyrim together acts as an extended functionality in the Skyrim gameplay to add multiple users in the same game as a team. You may be in search of how to install Skyrim together? Your search for this query ends here as here we will explain an easier way to download & install it. One thing to be noted, that this Skyrim together can be used solely, though you need to have a Skyrim special edition to be installed on your PC.

How to install Skyrim together mod?

To install the Skyrim together mode, you would need a custom launching interface first, such as Harbour launcher compatible with cross platforms. Here, we have explained the primary requisitions to play Skyrim in a local split-screen cooperative environment quite concisely. You can follow the subsequent installation sequence on your computer system.

Install harbor launcher

So, initially download the updated version of the harbor launcher from the website github.com. The launcher will get downloaded automatically in the root folder (in local disk C, where other essential windows files reside). You can then install it by accessing the downloaded harbor executable file from the custom downloads folder on your PC, or you can simply run it as an administrator by right-clicking on its .exe file in the Downloads folder.

Skyrim together downloads

On successfully installing the harbor launcher, proceed to open the harbor interface and click on the “game version” option and select the Skyrim special edition. In the next window, you will get a chance to install it. Just click on that to download harbor Skyrim together.

Install nucleus mod

After completing all these processes, you’ll need to install a nucleus mod along with Skyrim together harbor, and that will serve as a split-screen to conveniently play Skyrim with a friend. Upon successfully installing the nucleus mod on your PC, click on download game scripts and search for Skyrim game, then click on search game option to discover it and run the Skyrim .exe file via nucleus. This process will then run two interfaces of the same gaming session at the same time.


We have covered all the primary & related aspects of Skyrim gameplay in the above discussion. Skyrim is an action role-playing video game generally in single-player mode. If you intend to play it with your friends more like a team, you need to add the extra functionality of multiplayer mode in your pre-existing edition of Skyrim. Thus, to add multiplayer in your game, you need to install 2 particular mods, such as Skyrim together & nucleus mode, in addition to the Skyrim special edition.

One thing to be noted, that both of these modes must be installed via a custom harbor launcher. So, you can download & install the custom harbor launcher on your computer system before installing multiplayer mods. Then, after the successful installation of all these, you simply run your Skyrim game in a multiplayer environment via the nucleus mod interface.

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