13 Best SevenTorrents Alternatives

13 Best SevenTorrents Alternatives

Whether you are restricted to your home or you have willingly opted to stay in, streaming or downloading movies or tv shows to watch is a great way to pass the time and keep yourself entertained.

 Unfortunately, not all of us can afford premium streaming services or rentals, so instead, we have at our disposal a few free alternatives that provide us with a never-ending supply of content without costing any money. 

If you are fond of downloading stuff, you have most likely heard of or tried torrenting. In the world of torrent platforms, SevenTorrents is one of the best choices, with an enormous database of files and a fantastic user interface. It used to be before it disappeared and is no longer accessible for most users worldwide.

Unfortunately, the original SevenTorrents website had to close down, and in its place, proxy mirror sites have popped up, which offer a similar experience, but they lack the reliability. 

So does that mean users of SevenTorrents should abandon hope and stop torrenting? Thankfully, no! Because there are a handful of great alternative torrent sites to use if you can’t open SevenTorrents.

Sudden shutdowns often plague torrenting websites that offer free torrent downloads, and there is nothing anyone can do about it because of the legality of their services. Legal takedowns and Government enforced geographical restrictions are two of the main reasons your favorite torrenting site disappeared overnight.

Multiple ways come as a relief through which you can still use your favorite torrent sites after they are no longer accessible in your area. Whether you choose to go to a mirror site or try out an alternative, we suggest that you use a trustworthy VPN service to ensure safety and anonymity.

About SevenTorrents

For a long time, SevenTorrents was among the best movie streaming and torrenting services on the internet, with many fantastic features to offer, including downloading an unlimited number of content for free! 

The service provided by SevenTorrents transformed the streaming and home entertainment service because it gave easy access to anyone around the world to get easy access to films and tv shows on demand. Torrenting fans favored SevenTorrents because it was safe and reliable; additionally, it had high-quality content and minimal ads.


SevenTorrents ruled over the Torrenting scene for over a decade and then unexpectedly announced its retirement, leaving fans confused and distraught. 

Before the original SevenTorrents website disappeared, it enjoyed a high number of daily visitors. According to reports, by the time of its closure, SevenTorrents had served over 40 million unique visitors, but in 2018 it all came to a halt.

Sources told that the website had to be closed down due to severe legal concerns, including copyright battles, restrictions, domain bans, and more.  

WatchSoMuch – A New Beginning

Although SevenTorrent bid farewell to its users in 2018, it wasn’t completely gone. Reportedly the original user database was moved over to a new domain, WatchSoMuch, which gave fans of the original SevenTorrents some relief. Understandably, the disappearance of their favorite torrenting site left many users upset. 

We are happy to report that WatchSoMuch is basically SevenTorrents with a new name and a few minor changes. If you are searching for a SevenTorrents alternative, WatchSoMuch might be the best option. The new website features an improved search function, is more innovative, and provides more accurate results.

The reception of WatchSoMuch has been highly positive, and it has seen consistent growth in traffic. We predict that Watch So Much will soon become one of the best torrenting sites.

13 Best SevenTorrents Alternatives

Following are the top 13 Active SevenTorrents Alternatives that provide a safe, easy, and enjoyable torrent downloading and sharing experience:

  1. Pirate Bay
  2. 1337X 
  3. RARBG
  4. Limetorrents
  5. Zooqle
  6. ExtraTorrent
  7. YifyTorrents
  8. IsoHunt
  9. SkyTorrents 
  10. YTS.AM
  11. SeedPeer
  12. Nyaa.si
  13. Mininova 

1. Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is among the pioneers of the most prominent torrent players of the Torrenting world and enjoys a place of distinction within the community. Thousands of users worldwide go to Pirate Bay daily to download torrents from the enormous database. 

It may come as a surprise for torrenting fans to learn that Pirate Bay’s database is consistently growing to this day. In fact, more than 75,000 new torrent files are added every month, so it is safe to say the Pirate Bay platform has something for everyone.

Pirate Bay also has a handful of unique features that you won’t find elsewhere, yet the site’s interface is remarkably simple and user-friendly. Even beginners have an easy time looking up content and downloading torrents here. 

Besides the easy search tool, which is extremely powerful and has plenty of filters, a neat content organization system is divided into categories and subcategories. 

Going through the entire expansive library to find what you are looking for is extremely tedious, so we suggest using the search bar instead. If you live in an area where Pirate Bay is inaccessible, try using a VPN instead.

2. 1337X 


We have witnessed many Torrenting sites come and go throughout the years, but 1337X has managed to stay up and thrive, which is a massive win for the site and its users. 1337X has been in the scene for over a decade and has successfully avoided takedowns and blocking, while others could not.

One reason why 1337X might still be up against could be that it has been able to stay under the radar due to its smaller size and less popularity, while more significant sites like the Pirate Bay and Seven Torrents faced scrutiny. 

While the more notable sites struggled, 1337X got the opportunity to serve more users and grow. In recent years, 1337X has quickly climbed the rungs of success to become one of the most reliable torrenting sites that provided services to over 67 million monthly visitors and a robust P2P community.

In terms of performance, 1337X is strong across the board, with a user-friendly website interface and a growing database that is regularly updated with new content. We appreciate the ‘Top 100’ lists for each category, which features some gems. We hope 1337x continues to provide its services and reach its true potential as the best torrenting site.



RARBG is another powerful platform gaining popularity in recent times after the top players were taken down. Today, RARBG has grown into a well-known, sizable torrenting platform that offers both streaming and torrent downloads in the same place for free. It has also built a community of loyal worldwide users. 

While RARBG’s extensive database of free-to-download files might be full of great content, it is no match for the largest libraries of sites like Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents. It will take RARBG’S team a few more years to bring the site to the same level as the big players. However, we are confident that this site can become one of the best available torrenting sites of the future. 

The RARBG database is full of free movies and shows that you can stream or download, plus torrent files of music, software, ebooks, and games that the Torrenting community has accumulated. Rest assured, the files available on RARBG are primarily of high quality and safety, which means you can torrent without any worries, but we advise using a VPN to be on the safe side.

4. Limetorrents


Torrenting sites are abundant, but Limetorrents is among the most reliable platforms, continuously evolving and growing for the better. There is plenty that favors this platform, especially considering the stiff competition in the torrenting world already.

Firstly, their database is multiplying, and you can find tons of movies, games, software, TV shows, music, eBooks, and more. Secondly, the website’s look is highly appealing with a modern, fresh look, which is something many other torrenting sites lack. Thirdly, the downloading speeds are impressively fast, plus there are plenty of user-friendly features.

Unfortunately, the health of some torrents isn’t excellent, which renders them useless for users. Like many of its peers, recently, LimeTorrent has been having issues with sudden takedowns.

5. Zooqle


Let’s face it, many of the top torrenting sites are cursed with reliability issues and are prone to vanishing from the internet. So, if you are trying to avoid this problem, we suggest that you check out a website that isn’t in the spotlight, such as Zooqle. 

While it may not be as popular as many other torrent downloading platforms, Zooqle has a lot to offer, especially if torrent downloaders are interested in free tv series and movie torrents.

Google has many promising features that make it a good substitute for SevenTorrents. Don’t be put off by the lack of its massive following because it has an expansive database of healthy movie and tv show torrents and fantastic download speed. 

Finally, there are not a lot of ads, and the look and feel of the website are excellent, thanks to the user-friendly interface.

6. ExtraTorrent


ExtraTorrents is another top recommended alternative to 7Torrents. The biggest reason behind its worldwide popularity is its collection of original free torrents and reliable torrent search engines. 

ExtraTorrents has a massive collection of torrents, including movies, TV series, games, documentaries, anime, and other torrents for free. We love that ExtraTorrents has a powerful advanced search engine that is easy to use, and it leads you to your desired torrents within seconds, even if you don’t remember the exact title of it. The efficient search engine of ExtraTorrents makes torrenting quick and enjoyable. 

The only con of ExtraTorrents is the abundant availability of adult content, so parents have to keep a close eye on their under 18 children’s torrent activities. 

7. YifyTorrents


If you are a true movie torrent fan and want a SevenTorrents alternative with a similar torrent collection and an excellent torrenting experience, then look no further because YifyTorrents is your best bet. It is famous for its massive movie torrents collection. 

YifyTorrents has an expansive collection of the latest, blockbuster, all-time popular, and classic movies from all genres, including romance, comedy, adventure, thriller, sci-fi, horror, and more. Nearly all movies are available in HD, FHD, and 3D video quality. To top that, you will even find movies in 2K and 4K resolution. 

 If you want to find a high-quality torrent of a newly released movie, YifyTorrents is the best torrent site to find and download for free. It wouldn’t be unfair to say that YifyTorrents is hands-down the best torrent site for movie lovers.

8. IsoHunt


IsoHunt is a widely trusted, certified P2P torrenting system by BitTorrent, so you can share and download torrents from IsoHunt without any worries. IsoHunt is worldwide famous for its collection of millions of torrents, including TV shows, movies, music, games, eBooks, software, apps, and other torrents.

If you want the best platform to showcase your talent to millions of users across the globe, IsoHunt provides the perfect platform. You can upload and share your torrent files without any restrictions. The upload system is fast and easy, which is why IsoHunt has the biggest torrent community that is multiplying with every passing day. 

IsoHunt also has a smart, beginner-friendly interface for an easy, quick, and hassle-free torrent every time. All in all, IsoHunt provides a top-class torrent range, a highly reliable torrent downloading and sharing experience, and an easy-to-use interface, so we highly recommend IsoHunt.

9. SkyTorrents 


If you want to find the best SevenTorrents alternative with one of the most extensive ranges of verified torrent files and a highly efficient torrent search engine, then we highly recommend SkyTorrents. 

SkyTorrents’ team invests a lot of time and effort to ensure that SkyTorrents always have easy access to a vast range of verified torrents. SkyTorrents ensure safe and secure torrenting, so you will never end up on false links and downloading malicious content. 

Another significant benefit of SkyTorrents that sets it apart from other SevenTorrents alternatives is the minimal ad disturbance. Unlike most other torrent sites, you can enjoy free torrent downloading without closing thousands of ads on each step. 

The only con of SkyTorrents is outdated and difficult to use interface. We hope that SkyTorrents will soon improvise the interface and make it more beginner-friendly.

10. YTS.AM


YTS.AM has rapidly gained popularity worldwide during the last two years. YTS.AM has reached new levels of success because of its regular flow of high-quality torrents and a secure torrent downloading experience. 

YTS.AM continues to impress its fans with its ever-expanding range of free torrents, especially HD, FHD, and 4K video quality movie and TV show torrents. Torrent fans recommend YTS.AM for its healthy, reliable, and active torrent quality. 

The website interface is similar to SevenTorrents in terms of usability and easy torrent accessibility. Whether you are new to torrenting or an avid torrenter, you will easily be able to find and download your desired torrents within no time. 

YTS.AM’s team regularly updates the website to improve torrent search and download experience. YTS.AM deserves a spot on the top 13 SevenTorrents alternatives list, and we highly recommend it. 

11. SeedPeer


If you want easy and safe access to millions of torrents, then SeedPeer will surely impress you. SeedPeer is worldwide known and recommended for its fantastic 3-million torrent library with new torrents updates every day. 

SeedPeer’s torrent library includes classic, latest, trending, and all-time popular movies, TV shows, anime, documentaries, eBooks, apps, games, and more. SeedPeer has abundant subtitles and dubbing in popular languages, especially Spanish.

We love the website interface of SeedPeer; its well-designed website and neatly organized content make torrenting a hassle-free, enjoyable task. The efficient search bar adds to the torrent experience with its quick and accurate results, so you always reach torrent files without any troubles. 

The only con of SeedPeer is that it has been through a few short-term downtime episodes, so that you can expect another one in the future (we hope not).

12. Mininova


Mininova is another widely recommended BitTorrent torrent search engine trusted by millions of torrent fans across the globe. Mininova provides you easy access to millions of torrents, including movies, TV series episodes, games, anime, software, eBooks, music, and more. Finding HD, FHD, 2K, and even 4K video quality is never an issue on Mininova. 

The website is perfect for beginners because of its easy and simple user interface that allows you to search, locate, and download torrent files within no time. 

Mininova is one of the most popular and trusted BitTorrent torrent search engines that allows you to access millions of torrent files within a few seconds only. 

Mininova is also popularly known as the best website for beginners because of its highly user-friendly interface. We love that Mininova has an abundance of valid torrents and only encourages sharers to share valid torrent files. 

Another reason behind Mininova’s widespread popularity is the abundance of new and refreshing content by emerging artists. So, if you want the best torrent website to showcase your talent to millions, then Mininova is your best bet. 

13. Nyaa.si


The biggest reason behind its widespread popularity is the fantastic range of anime content. You will easily find anime content on Nyaa.si unavailable on any other torrent website. 

Although Nyaa.si isn’t the original Nyaa Torrent site (which was taken down in 2017), Nyaa.si is the most popular and trusted Nyaa’s mirror site. Nyaa.si has a huge fan following worldwide, making it the most-watched and recommended anime site of current times. 

Nyaa.si has a massive selection of old and new East Asian Japanese, Chinese, and Korean anime torrents, and most of the content is available with English dubbing and subtitles. If you want to find new and unique content by anime fans and artists, Nyaa.si is the best platform to discover and showcase new anime content for free.

Finding anime movies and complete series seasons with full-length episodes is a huge challenge! Nyaa.si simplifies the search providing quick, convenient, and safe access to millions of anime torrents. All the torrent files on Nyaa.si are available for free download, so if you are an anime fan, you can enjoy unlimited torrenting for free with Nyaa.si.


Are SevenTorrents Alternatives Free And Secure?

All of the SevenTorrents alternatives on our list offer unlimited torrent downloading for free. Although most of these sites claim to be safe and secure; however, we highly recommend you to use a trustable VPN, antivirus, and ad-blocker software to ensure complete online anonymity and security. 

Are there any SevenTorrents Mirror Site?

There are several SevenTorrents mirror sites; however, they usually do not provide the same torrenting experience as the original SevenTorrents website. Following are some of the top SevenTorrents mirror sites; we hope that at least one or more will work in your country. 

  • http://seventorrents-win.proxydude.red/
  • http://seventorrents-win.proxydude.xyz/
  • https://seventorrents.unblocker.cc/
  • https://seventorrents.esbypass.download
  • http://seventorrents4.blue/
  • https://seventorrents.unblocked.pub/
  • https://seventorrents.unblocked.team/


These were our top favorite SevenTorrents alternatives. These alternatives provide a similar content range and ease of use as SevenTorrents. 

You can download unlimited torrents for free from our 7Torrents alternatives. However, we recommend using a reliable VPN, antivirus, and ad-blocker software to make the process safer. 

We hope that you will enjoy torrenting with these 13 best SevenTorrents alternatives. Did your favorite torrent website make it to this list? Please share it with Knowtechmag in the comments section.

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