5 Best Subsmovies Alternatives

Subsmovies is the name of a top movie streaming website that has ruled the online entertainment world over the years. Doubtlessly all entertainment-based sites on the web own a few downsides, too, along with exciting features, but Subsmovies came with an extremely low number of drawbacks comparatively. When we highlight its positive sides, it would be a long discussion then. Availing the freely available stuff is the primary demand of all users. Given this demanding expect some movies offer an extensive collection of the latest and old Hollywood movies without charging any penny. The broadest movie genre hosted by Subsmovies is animation movies, war movies, drama movies, documentary movies, comedy movies, family movies, horror movies crime movies, mystery movies, scientific movies, adventure movies thriller movies mystery movies, action movies, and many others.

To facilitate its users, some movies host movies with subtitles to overcome the particular language conflicts to stop the user generally tend to download their favorite content rather than watching online; this is the point where some movies have gained a considerable number of visitors to its site as it also authorizes the users to download the films in addition to online streaming and watching. Submovies new domain has earned the highest popularity in some specific countries, especially the United Kingdom, United States, France, India, Germany, and many others. It hosts all movies in HD quality and doesn’t require even any registration process.

What happened to some movies?

Recently it got accused by movie owners of posting copyrighted content, and it was claimed many times. Because of this fact, Subsmovies was banned by the high court of the United Kingdom at it was also a UK-based site. So, it gets banned and down in most of the countries. To access a similar kind of stuff, the Subsmovies users of an inquiry for the best fit alternative online streaming site to Subs movies. Given this concern here, we have generated a list of the top 5 alternatives to Subsmovies.

Top Alternatives of Subsmovies

You may have already seen the Putlocker among top movie streaming sites, but we haven’t included it in over curated list. As Putlocker does not exist anymore, a few months back, it was taken down permanently by its authorities due to specific reasons.

1. Streamio

Salient features:

  • Free platform
  • Optional registration 
  • Movies bookmarking
  • Fast streaming

Streamio is a top-rated media Centre that owns many similarities with Putlocker. It has been consistently advancing among online streaming sites due to its unique features. Doubtlessly it works at the fastest speed; unlike other websites, it provides the functionality of pausing the movie. You can pause the movie at any moment and then resume it from the same spot. It also offers an option to bookmark the films. However, you would need to create a user account to stream your content of any genre. After a successful login session, you can open up the massive collection of TV shows, all kinds of Hollywood movies, web channels, live TV, and sports; you can also listen to the podcast. Being open-source software, Streamio is relatively safe to use.

To access the limitless libraries of streaming content, you would need to install the Stremio app on your device, and then an installation of addons will be required on it. It supports cross-platform compatibility. You can download Streamio on any device, either desktop or mobile.

Cons: You may experience many popup ads during online streaming because it is a free platform.

2. MoviesJoy

Salient features:

  • Free to use
  • No registration 
  • Free premium features
  • Ads free streaming

MoviesJoy offers the best online streaming experience and proves to be the best alternative to Subsmovies. It owns an easy-to-navigate and minimal user interface. MoviesJoy is free to use and encompasses both Hollywood and regional indies content.

You can watch and download all kinds of movies, and the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows quite feasibly as it comes with variant search options by filtering the required content. No registration is required to use MoviesJoy, and you can experience all premium features free of cost. It daily updates its content and provides subtitles also. You can access MoviesJoy on any device due to its cross-platform compatibility. 

One of the best features of MoviesJoy is that it permits its users to set the required video quality manually; the user can opt for either HD format videos or a lower quality format depending on the quality of their internet connection. This way, you can experience lag-free online streaming. Ads or advertisement popups are always considered the most annoying thing associated with all kinds of free platforms. Therefore, MoviesJoy enables its users to enjoy the streaming without interruption; it doesn’t display any annoying ads.

So, we can say that MoviesJoy is one of the best and top-rated streaming platforms.

3. BMovies

Salient features:

  • No registration
  • Offline downloading
  • IMDB rating
  • Free to use

BMovies is another reliable platform that hosts thousands of western & Hollywood movies, Scientific fiction, and crime films without charging any cost; it is entirely free to use. Its well-organized and straightforward user interface makes it more appealing to users. Users can search out the specific movie or show by searching its title on the Homepage’s search bar.

In general, Users often avoid the hassles of creating user accounts or get themselves registered before using any website. This trouble can be resolved at BMovies, as it does not require any registration process for its usage. It is quite feasible in terms of use, as you simply need to install BMovies mobile application on your phone if you don’t want to go for its web version.

The most significant feature is IMDB ratings; the users can identify the popularity of the given movies & shows to directly choose the best movie based on its IMDB rating. The good thing about BMovies is that it also allows its users to download the movies like MoviesJoy & Subsmovie platforms.

Cons: The downside associated with BMovies is that you would have to bear the annoying advertisement & popups during online streaming.

4. Pluto TV

Salient features:

  • Free platform 
  • Optional registration

Pluto TV is the most reliable & authentic media streaming site. Since 2013 the time of its inception, Pluto TV has been serving its users with verified content licensed by its distributors. It is basically an American-based, ads.-supported website that can be accessed directly either via Pluto.Tv link or on supported applications.

Pluto hosts 100+ channels and 1000+ movies for free streaming. Though it is a free platform, users experience many annoying advertisements similar to TV advertisements that can’t be skipped.

The registration is optional in Pluto, but in some cases, you may need to register yourself for extended features such as setting up an Android device as a remote to control streaming at Pluto.Tv. It mainly offers its services, including on-demand video & on-demand TV, in specific states such as the United States, Europe & Latin America. Yet Pluto is available in the English language only, but it serves perfectly as a best iSubsmovies’ alternative.

Cons: It does not support the offline downloading of TV shows & movies and displays too many advertisements.

5. Lookmovie

Salient features:

  • Free to use
  • No registration
  • Regular updates
  • offline downloading

Lookmovie also comes in the category of best alternatives to Subsmovie as it indexes 10000+ movies, Tv shows & numerous web series. Actually, it doesn’t upload any content directly but indexes the content hosted by other third-party sites.

Lookmovie supports the free offline downloading of its indexed content free of cost as it is totally a free platform. It is probably the only streaming site that updates its content after every hour. The appealing & attractive Homepage of Lookmovie includes many significant tabs on it such as trending, categories, genre & latest, in addition to the main search tab where you can search for your desired show & movies with their titles. On each users’ search, it also displays the brief description and rating of a particular film or TV show to wisely decide to stream & download only top-rated content. Generally, Lookmovie provides the content in high-definition quality ranging from 360P to 1080P.

Though it is free to access without any registration requirement, it can’t be accessed worldwide as it is banned in many countries for indexing pirated & illegal content. Lookmovie offers a unique feature of labeling each video with a particular quality level, such as LQ & HQ.

Con: You will encounter many interrupts while streaming on Lookmovie because of too many ads & popups.


Subsmovies, in the world of online streaming sites, has always been the best spot for watching all kind of Hollywood free of cost. Because it covers almost all the salient features that a leading streaming site should have, but it got banned by United Kingdom law authorities for hosting illegal content. In view of this cause, the Subsmovies nz users are consistently finding out the top streaming sites that can be considered as the best alternative to Subsmovies. An excellent alternate option must meet the features criteria demanded by iSubmovies users. The salient features that a user may require are a free platform with the fastest streaming & downloading speed and a site that is free of registration hassles.

We organized all users’ needs in this regard and have driven out a comprehensive list of the most appropriate spots such as BMovies, Lookmovie, Streamio, MoviesJoy & Pluto Tv.

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