The Audio Service is not running

How To Fix “The Audio Service is not running” Error

The audio service is not running Windows 10 issue is known to everyone. It happens when we start any service, which can use audio service, or even if we directly play audio, it won’t be audible. If then you click on the audio icon displayed in the bottom right corner, that will trigger an error message “the audio service is not running” on your computer screen. However, it would be audible if you use headphones or any other external media devices.

This is not a very technical issue but a common one. The research shows that it is more common to windows 7 version. Anyone can experience this issue; the reason may be different in everyone’s case.

Fixes to the issue Audio service is not running

In the window, 10 the audio service is not running can be resolved in seconds. You just have to follow the instructions we have stated. We have tried to integrate the best & quick solutions to fix the audio service not running issue in one place. You can try out all of this one by one; it is suggested to initiate by simpler one so that if the issue gets resolved at the start, it would save you extra time.

Audio volume adjustment 

Try to change the volume level either up or down. This seems a very simple tactic, but we have found this tactic proved to be highly working if many computer users experience the same audio service issue.

Scanning of the audio driver

The reason may also be associated with the working of audio drivers. There may be any corrupted file resisting the service to fetch the data required to play audio. This can also impact the audio service critically. To get out of this situation, you would need to uninstall the audio driver firstly and then reinstall it. The following steps explain the procedure to uninstall & reinstall the audio drivers again.

  • Open the device manager via the control panel or simply click on the windows icon.
  • Type “device manager” in the search tab displayed on the desktop interface.
  • Select the “sound, video and game controllers’ option available in the list.
  • Uninstall the particular driver already installed on your computer.
  • Then right-click on the “sound, video and game controllers’ option and select “scan for hardware changes.”

Authorization settings

In some situations, more than one person uses the same computer device with different login sessions. There is the possibility that any particular service is available only during a particular login session. This kind of setting can restrict the other users from accessing that particular service. The same case may happen with this audio service also. 

Maybe the problem of “audio service is not running” currently you are facing is because of this login session restriction. In this case, you can resolve the issue by changing the log-on information. To change your log-on information for audio service, you would need to follow the procedure we have stated below step by step.

  • To open the “services” menu, search it in the search tab displayed on your desktop interface.
  • Select the “Windows Audio” option from the available list of services.
  • Click right on it and choose the “properties” option from the menu.
  • Select the “local system account” option available under the log-on tab.
  • Click on apply to implement the changes.
  • Then click on Ok to save the applied changes.

Restart audio service

Most of the time, such errors occur when you badly attempt to interact with certain services. Such bad attempts might stop the particular service too. To overcome the result of a bad attempt, restarting or refreshing the services manually can work. To restart or refresh the audio service, you can simply follow these quick steps. Hopefully, you will get resolved by this.

  • Click on the “Windows icon” from the desktop and enter “services” in the search tab. 
  • You can also open the “services” interface from “windows administrative tools.”
  • Navigate to the “windows audio” option and click on the “restart” option available on the left panel.
  • This step will refresh or restart the audio service on your device.
  • You can also refresh or restart it individually by right-clicking on the “Windows Audio” option.

Audio troubleshooting 

If you don’t want to mess with finding out the causes behind the issue of audio service, you can go with a shortcut also. To detect & resolve the errors associated with audio services, automatically, troubleshooting works well. It is also a good solution when you are even unfamiliar with the problem cause. Follow the steps stated below to troubleshoot the audio service manually. 

  • Open Windows settings by a shortcut key Windows + I.
  • Click on the “updates & security” settings from the Windows setting menu.
  • Navigate to the “troubleshoot” option from the left panel menu.
  • Here, click on the “playing audio” option available under the “Get up & running” tab.
  • Click on the “Run the troubleshooter” button to initiate the troubleshooting process.
  • The troubleshooting process will automatically detect the errors and will fix them instantly.

Windows update

If nothings work in your case, then you would have to update your Windows version. With an updated version of windows, all services also get updated, and in an upgraded version, every software & service works super fine. To fix the “audio service is not running,” updating your Windows version would probably the best solution you can opt for. 

This solution is time taking but highly effective in terms of overall performance improvements. You can update your computer’s Windows either online, or you can use a CD containing a Windows installer package as per your need.


The audio service is not running is an extremely common problem related to the audibility of computers. We have explained the problem in detail for a better understanding of users and covered its causes & tested solutions to simplify the fixing strategies.

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