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10 Best Torrent Sites

There a vast collection of promising torrent sites in the market but not all work at the same scale of reliability and le and offers a safe User experience.

There are many crucial aspects interlinked with torrent websites that must be fulfilled within the best Torrent sites. Such elements prove to be very useful in figuring out the most efficient Torrent website.

Insights with Torrenting aspects

The few most essential aspects in identifying the perfect and best torrent websites are listed below.

Accessibility: A best torrenting site must be in access of everyone. Worldwide accessing without involving any kind of limitation is crucial in the online market.

Reliability: Reliability is the prime factor in torrenting files online. The site offering a safe & secure downloading experience is considered more reliable.

Authority: The establishment year of a website depicts its authority in the market. If more time has passed since the release of any site, then more authority is of that site.

Content variations: Few Torrent websites are explicitly designed in a single domain and are confined to host the torrenting content of a limited genre. However, this selection of Torrent website based on this aspect is dependent on users’ needs. The user may opt for the most appropriate website that is closer to his needs. The site is exposed to too many popup ads; then practice is to disable such annoying ads. By using a free ad. Blocking software.

Instant downloading support: An excellent torrenting site must support the instant downloading feature to facilitate its users’ ease of downloading.

Downloading speed:

Downloading speeds matter the most in tormenting as everyone tends to prioritize a torrenting site with the highest downloading speed. An efficient torrent website must meet the stated criteria to stand in the torrenting market.

Top 10 Torrenting Sites in 2021

We have eased picking the best torrent site for the users and curated a list of top torrenting sites that are still working fine since inception time.

1. Zooqle


Being a highly accessed and efficient Torrent website, Zooqle mainly hosts the entertainment and software torrent content. It is one of those rarest websites that can be accessed from anywhere globally as it is free from any kind of access limitations or geo-restrictions.

Zooqle’s worldwide accessibility makes it more popular globally; it also holds a considerable rank in Alexa ranking strategy.

It supports the instant downloading of torrents with an average downloading speed of 3.5 MB per second approximately.

Though it was launched last few years back in 2013, since then, it has been listed in top torrent sites frequently. The best thing about Zooqle is that it is free of advertisements; it doesn’t display any annoying ad. or advertising popups.

2. Girl Repacks

Girl Repacks

The online gaming market has also evolved to much extent with the advancements in other torrenting stuff. In gaming Torrent websites, girl repacks is a name well known among the whole gaming community globally. It offers tons of pirated repacked games for downloading in a relatively more minor dimension to provide an efficient User experience. 

The games being hosted on the girl repack torrent website come with high-quality audio and video effects and can be downloaded instantly at a very fast downloading speed. Girl repacks Torrent website works on the strategy of compressing files; unlike other gaming Torrent sites, it hosts highly compressed games instead of cracked ones.

3. Torlock torrent 

Torlock torrent

Torlock was launched in 2020, and it has been serving its users with the safest torrenting experience over the decade. Thought it compasses many Torrent genre but mainly committed to providing anime, ebooks, and software torrents at instant downloading support. 

Torlock is globally accessible, but users from Australia, India, and the United kingdom can not access it due to certain access limitations. All the torrent files available at Torlock torrenting website are verified and can be downloaded directly at a downloading speed of 4.4 MB/s which is a higher speed.

4. Crotorrent 


It is one of the most accessed torrenting websites in the gaming niche due to its worldwide accessibility. It is a highly reliable Torrent website and works superbly in downloading PC games instantly. It enables game enthusiasts to freely download even the latest PC game releases with a good downloading speed. The games available on the Crotorrent website come with the highest quality HD video formats.

5. Torrent downloads 

Torrent downloads

Torrent downloads are a UK-based torrenting website that comes with enhanced accessibility comparatively as it can be accessed from all over the world except the United Kingdom only. It is a highly reliable and authentic website that has been providing numerous free torrent files since its inception in 2007. But its downloading speed as compared to various other torrenting websites is comparatively less as it allows the users to download torrent sites at the rate of 1.8 MB/s. 

Moreover, it doesn’t support instant downloading. LimeTorrents owns a highly organized library of torrenting files, and it would be a perfect choice for the torrent users looking for the rear and oldest software editions.

6. YTS


YTS, being launched in 2010, is one of the best Torrent websites designed specifically for movies, and it also hosts the hottest TV shows from worldwide media. If you are searching for the latest released movies, then no other torrenting site can beat YTS in this regard as it provides the highest streaming quality.

Users from around the world can access the YTS torrenting site instantly, except in Ireland; it can’t be accessed in Ireland due to certain implemented geo-restrictions. It provides instant downloading of movies and TV shows at a fast downloading speed of 3.2 MB/s; that’s whys the streaming at YTS does not encounter any kind of lag or buffering.

7. LimeTorrent


LimeTorrent is quite popular in hosting the content of movies, games, software, and ebooks genres for the past 13 years as it was released back in 2009. It is considered a top-rated & best torrent site, but You may suffer from a speed inconsistency issue associated with variant editions of the LimeTorrent site. For instance, the average downloading speed in one edition is 2.8 MB/s, and in the other, it would be 3.3 MB/sec, and that’s not a desirable thing from users. Though it supports an instant downloading feature, there’s another problem in its accessibility: it can’t be accessed by users residing in Australia, France, and the United Kingdom.


Nayaa is considered one of the best torrenting sites in the market and stands on a Remarkable rank in Alexa ranking due to its efficient performance. Do it isn’t an old torrenting site as it was released in 2017, but still, in this short time, it has gained immense popularity and authority among top torrenting websites.

It acts as a mirror website as its features and working strategies are based on a highly reliable & oldest torrenting website Nayaa. is capable enough to meet the torrent requirements of users from all around the world except India as it Encounters access limitations in India.



EZTV is considered the best torrenting site for hosting the most comprehensive collection of TV shows; it is full of the latest TV stuff. The users can watch and download the latest episodes of their favorite series, TV shows, and movies at a download speed of 3.2 MB per second with the highest ease of access.

It is one of the old torrenting sites as it was launched years back in 2005. it also encounters few access limitations like many other torrenting sites; it can not be accessed in Australia, Ireland, and United Kingdom; though this is the only downside associated with EZTV.

10. Torrent9


Torrent 9 is considered among the highly authentic & best torrenting websites that host exclusively verified torrents only. It is a multilingual torrenting website with the simplest and a well-developed user interface, and it provides the best downloading experience at a downloading speed of 26.7 MB/s.

Torrent9 allows its users to instantly download the verified and updated content related to movies, TV shows, games, software, and music genre. But it is banned in many states due to certain geo-restrictions implemented by internet service providers. The users from Saudi Arabia, India, Portugal, Denmark, United Kingdom, and Morocco would not be able to access it in their regions.


In the present era, torrenting websites are highly in trend for free downloading of the broadest array of content such as movies, software, ebooks, tv shows, games, applications, anemia, etc. The online market is full of numerous torrent downloading sites that make it really hard for the users to opt for the most reliable and top torrenting website.

Torrent download sites depend on many aspects to perform efficiently in such a competitive market; no torrent website can be considered as top-rated based on a single characteristic.

Because of this concern, we have figured out radius crucial aspects of torrent website and defined a collection of top 10 torrenting sites and that are still working smoothly by meeting all users’ criteria. This article provides deep insights into each opted torrenting site for users’ convenience. 

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