Fixes for Getting Uplay to Launch

The Uplay is a multiplayer video game developed by Ubisoft back in 2009. Though a decade has elapsed since its inception still it is least prone to problematic events; its users may come across variant issues regarding its functionalities.

Being an unstable application, Uplay client often puts its users in an exasperating situation even in its launching phase. The Uplay client might be stuck at the launching step, given the variant critical aspects inclusive of both system & application-oriented grounds that have been highlighted in the undergoing comprehensive piece of discussions.

What causes the Uplay not launching state?

Suppose we dive deeper to figure out the problem triggering events. In that case, it won’t be much surprising for you that the issue can arise even because of extreme common glitches such as an unstable internet connection, limited system privileges, wrongly entered Uplay credentials, etc.; however, the few of the other most likely problematic grounds are highlighted below.

Missing DDL files 

DDL files being critical executable system files, are stored in the main system directory. Almost all computer programs use these files for effective performance and efficient memory usage. Due to the extreme dependency on these DDL system files, the programs generally don’t run in a state when these files go missing in the system for any reason. So, you can assume a similar situation if the “Uplay not launching” issue persistently infuriating you.

Software incompatibility

In most cases “uplay won’t launch” problem is inevitable by an update in the operating system version. If you have updated the windows version recently, you can consider it the most likely cause of the error. Because the updated windows version often generates compatibility issues with existing apps installed on the computer system.

Background running programs

Background running programs

Your system might be running many other background services or programs simultaneously that can be the cause of a conflicting state in which the Uplay won’t launch successfully. Likewise, if you have installed any OS defending software or antivirus program on your computer system, in few cases, that installed antivirus software may give false-positive results by marking the respective game as a threat for the operating system, and thus the uplay won’t open.

Corrupted game files

Generally, the game gets installed with a package of interrelated files that are essential to run the games. If any of the installation files has gone missing on installation time or got corrupted later on, then the installed uplay won’t launch on the system until the corrupted file gets fixed.

Faulty graphic drivers

Like other video games, the Uplay also utilizes the system’s graphic drivers in order to run smoothly on the computer screen. The computer graphic drivers also require a regular update to generate desired working results. If the default graphic drivers installed on your computer system haven’t been updated for a long time, they can go corrupted or outdated. Subsequently, this situation can trigger the uplay won’t launch problem.

Corrupted cache files 

Like many other applications or programs, the vital configuration or settings of the Uplay game get stored in the local computer storage as cache files with the intent to improve the system performance and files retrieval process. This cache memory may get irresponsive due to any corrupted or infected cache file, and consequently, the Uplay games won’t launch on the systems.

How to fix the “uplay games not launching” issue?

Sometimes, you may come across the uplay not launching state just because you are not attempting to launch it from the accurate location. So, if you have been consistently struggling to launch the game from Uplay client, you should try to launch it directly from its shortcut.

Before getting hands on the below-stated further technical fixes, make sure you have a strong & stable internet connection on your computer system and the correct game credentials have been used.

Clear the Uplay cache 

Though the Uplay fetches the cache files each time you attempt to launch the game on your system, bypassing the exasperating situation of corrupted cache files, you can go for the deletion of these cache files permanently to get over the issue you may encounter in launching the Uplay game. To do so:

  • Launch the file explorer windows by pressing the Windows + E keys.  
  • Access the Ubisoft game launcher folder by navigating to the following path. C:\Program Files(x86) \Ubisoft Game Launcher \cache
  • In the respective folder, right-click on the subfolder cache and select the delete option.
  • Thenceforth, restart your PC and relaunch the Uplay game to check if the uplay not launching problem has been resolved or not.

Note: If you want to recover these cache files, later on, you can opt for the cut & paste option instead of deleting these permanently.

Run game in compatibility mode

The Uplay game always comes with the compatibility to run with former OS versions too. Suppose if the windows update is the reason behind uplay games not launching issue, then this can be fixed just by implementing few changes in the settings. The Windows operating systems offer a handy feature to run certain apps or programs in relatively compatible modes. That’s what you can do to overcome this Uplay game launching problem.

  • Access the root directory on your system where the Uplay game is installed.
  • In the installation directory, navigate to the Uplay application and right-click on it to access its properties.
  • In the Properties window, select the compatibility tab.
  • In the Compatibility menu, checkmark the option Run this program in compatibility mode and then opt for the most compatible windows version from the dropdown list (either windows 7 or 8).
  • Click on the Apply button and proceed on by clicking Ok to save the applied changes.
  • Now relaunch the game to check if the issue still persists there. 

Prevent background running services 

The computer applications often access & utilize similar system resources. If any other services or programs are running in the background simultaneously, then these can cause a conflict that can result in Uplay not launching state. Thus, you would be required to disable such background running programs or services in an attempt to get over the occurred issue.

  • Open the Run application on your computer system by clicking on the Windows + R keys, or you can search it directly in the windows search bar.
  • Then, type the command MSConfig in the Run application’s dialogue box and press the Enter key.
  • Select the Services tab in the prompted window.
  • In Services, checkmark the option Hide all Microsoft services and proceed on by clicking the button Disable all.
  • Click on the Apply button to save the changes and exit this window.
  • Now, select the Startup tab located next to the Services tab.
  • In the Startup menu, access the task manager directly.
  • In task manager verify the services that will run on startup after rebooting the system, and here you can disable the further startup services.
  • Now perform a clean boot by restarting your computer system and then rerun the Uplay game.
  • Afterward, you can reenable the background services one by one just to figure out the exact problematic service.

Disable antivirus software 


As it is explained in the causes section that any OS defending app or antivirus software can be the reason for the “uplay won’t launch” issue. So, you can try to launch the Uplay client after temporarily disabling the antivirus software installed on your system. 

After this disabling, if the Uplay launches successfully, then this was definitely the exact ground triggering the relative issue. So, to bypass such an issue in the future, you can either install any alternative compatible antivirus software, or you can also put the Uplay game in the neglected programs list of the same antivirus program by accessing its settings.

Run Uplay in administrative mode

Sometimes few instances of the game may require elevated privileges to run the game smoothly on the computer system. So, it is recommended to run the Uplay game in administrative mode. You may need to grant administrative privileges to your Uplay client by accessing its properties.

  • Navigate to the installation directory of the Uplay client on your system.
  • Right-click on the Uplay application file to access its properties.
  • In prompted Properties windows, navigate to the Compatibility tab.
  • In the compatibility menu, checkmark the option “Run this program as an administrator.”
  • Click on the Apply button and save the saves by clicking on the ok.

Update the Runtime libraries 

Generally, the Uplay game installs all the run time libraries automatically at its installation time. Still, if some of the instances of the runtime libraries or DDL files on your system have gone outdated or missing, then you can update these via the following approach. A similar method should be practiced even if your system has deleted the DDL system files.

  • Launch your system browser and access the Microsoft official website.
  • Navigate to this link and update the compatible CRT or Universal C runtime libraries on your windows operating system.
  • After the successful update process, install the updates by running in administrative mode.
  • Then restart your computer system.

Update default graphic drivers 

Update default graphic drivers 

The outdated or corrupted graphic drivers won’t let you launch the Uplay game on your computer. So, to bring the outdated graphic drivers in a working state, you would need to update these first. The default graphic derivers of the computer’s system can easily be updated via the control panel. Here is an illustrative approach to do so.

  • Launch the Run app on your system once again by pressing the Windows + R keys.
  • In the prompted Run dialog box, type the devmgmt.msc command to access the Device Manager program and press the enter key to proceed on.
  • In the Device Manager, right-click on available blank space and select the option scan for hardware changes to check for updates.
  • Now, expand the option “Display adapters.”
  • Right-click on the respective graphic driver and click on the option “update driver.”
  • After the update process, restart your PC.

Reinstall Uplay 

Corrupted game files are also common error causes that can be addressed readily by reinstalling the Uplay client. Though Corrupted file repairing is another fix, very few users go for the repairing process because file repairing may not always work. Contrarily a fresh installation of the game is good to go, and it won’t take much time even.

  • To reinstall the Uplay, you are required to uninstall the existing Uplay client first. To do so:
  • Navigate to the Uplay application by accessing installed programs via the control panel and uninstall it directly.
  • Restart the PC after a successful reinstallation process and then reinstall the Uplay application on your system.

Contact Uplay support team

If none of those mentioned above fixes worked in your case, then there might be any server-side issue. May be your access to Uplay client has been restricted, or your account has been locked, and that’s causing the problem “uplay wont launch.”

Still, it is unsure what’s the actual reason that is consistently preventing the game from launching on your system. So, in such a state, it is better to contact the support team of Uplay application and state your problem to the administrator of the support team to get a better solution to get over the issue more quickly.


Uplay games not launching issue is pretty common in the updated windows version. Many users come across a state in which their Uplay client encounters a severe problem in launching successfully. There might be various reasons that can trigger such a state.

Suppose if the graphic drivers installed on your system are outdated or any game installation file is missing, then the Uplay won’t launch for sure. If you have recently updated the Windows version, then you may need to run the Uplay client in compatibility mode. 

Before going deep into the fixing approaches, make sure your internet connection is strong enough to launch the Uplay application smoothly.

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