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5 Best VPN for Windows 10 Including Setup Guide

Ever since its release, Windows 10 has continued to prove to be an improvement to its predecessor, regardless of how many privacy concerns it brings. With features such as Cortana, integrated ads, and information synchronization with servers of Microsoft, Windows 10 is meant to enhance your user experience. Take the following quote from Microsoft to better grasp what your privacy means to this company.

“We will access, disclose and preserve personal data, including your content (such as the content of your emails, other private communications, or files in private folders) when we have a good faith belief that doing so is necessary to protect our customers or enforce the terms governing the use of the services,”

Microsoft stated in their recent update new terms of services agreement.

Most of the trackers, along with telemetry in Microsoft, can be disabled. However, they do tend to turn back on without any notice. When you update your device, the last thing on your mind would be to turn these services off again, but you need to protect yourself from data leaks.

5 Best VPN Services for Windows

Ever since people realized just how dangerous it was for a company to have user information, software like VPNs was created to provide protection against data leaks online. Here we have compiled a list of the best windows VPNs.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a Windows VPN that happens to be in the top 5 list of VPNs worldwide simply because of how functional it is for users. For newcomers who don’t know much about how VPNs work and for those who don’t want to fuss around with the manual configuration, this Windows 10 VPN is a perfect choice. It provides the fastest download and upload speed among all VPNs we have reviewed so far.

You can choose between different DNS servers from the advanced settings option as a user. This VPN is located in the British Virgin Islands, which means it’s free from US data retention laws, making it the perfect candidate for use on Windows. It also happens to be one of the handfuls of VPNs that can unblock Netflix for you.

Express Vpn


  • 2000+ Servers in 94 Countries
  • Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux & Routers
  • Kill Switch and Split Tunneling
  • No IP or DNS Leak


  • Based on the British Virgin Islands data retention laws. No activity logs. No connection logs.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and no throttling
  • Torrenting/P2P Allowed
  • Fast Speed Servers


  • Pricey Monthly Plan

2. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access VPN has made a name for itself by not keeping any user logs, a point which it has proven in court. This VPN accepts Bitcoin as a payment mode, making it almost impossible to trace back to the user. When you use this as a VPN software for Windows, you get a kill switch, DNS leak protection, and port forwarding. What more could a user look for security want?

Private internet access


  • 3145+ Servers in 33 Countries
  • Gigabit VPN port speeds
  • Dedicated VPN Service
  • DD-WRT VPN Compatible


  • 5 devices Simultaneously
  • Torrenting/P2P Permitted
  • Multiple VPN Gateways
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Block ads, Trackers, and Malware


  • US Based Company
  • No Live Chat (Ticket Support Available)

3. NordVPN

NordVPN is a Panama-based Windows 10 VPN. It is strict on its zero-logging policy and provides you with the double-hop encryption option. Features such as Tor over VPN and a Kill Switch make it ideal for users looking to avoid DNS leaks at all costs. These settings are easily accessible on the Windows VPN client offered by NordVPN. This VPN service can be used for online streaming, TV streaming, and anything you can think of. What’s more, this VPN will also unblock US Netflix for you, which is uncrackable for most VPNs.



  • 4900+ Servers in 62 Countries
  • Apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android
  • CyberSec and Double VPN
  • Automatic Kill Switch DNS leak protection Onion Over VPN
  • Browser proxy extension


  • 6 Simultaneous Devices
  • No Logs Policy
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Torrenting/P2P Permitted
  • Dedicated IP address


  • Inability to specify server province or city.

4. PureVPN

PureVPN is the only VPN capable of providing you with this considerable server number spanned across the world. With over 1 million satisfied users, PureVPN covers all features. Though its user experience can be improved just a tad, it can be overlooked by the features this Windows VPN provides



  • 2,000+ Servers in 140+ Countries
  • VPN Apps for All Devices and OS
  • Supported Protocols IKEv2, L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN, and SSTP
  • Advanced Port Forwarding
  • Dedicated IP Addresses


  • 31 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Torrenting/P2P Optimized Servers
  • Internet Kill Switch, NAT Firewall, and DDoS Protection
  • 5 Simultaneous Devices


  • Some features didn’t fare well in testing
  • No free trial
  • Unstable Speed

5.   The Quickest Fastest VPN

Fastest VPN is the leading name in the IT industry when catering to the privacy needs of businesses and companies on the web. They provide the opportunity of accessing VPN on every device a user uses. They understand how important it is for people to take care of their personal and private data. Therefore, they have come up with the best technology that can allow a user to use the internet anytime.

The Quickest Fastest VPN

Its features are ad blocker, anti-malware, DNS leak protection, intelligent tunneling, multiple protocols, smart connect, Wi-Fi security, and NAT firewall. Furthermore, this VPN can be connected to 10 devices simultaneously with strong compatibility with over twenty devices. What else does a user want!

6.  The Exceptional Circuit VPN

Circuit VPN is another big name in the IT industry that has proven its existence with quality of services. They have identified the need for security in this vulnerable digital world and have created a protective shield for people. You can access global content without disclosing your ID to any data hackers through this. You can be anonymous and search for whatever you like.

This is available for all digital devices. They offer services of ad blocker, anti-malware, DNS leak protection, intelligent tunneling, multiple protocols, smart connect, Wi-Fi security, and NAT firewall. This also gives a solid connection to various devices at once.

Why Do I Need a VPN for Windows?

The first question anybody ever asks when presented with the opportunity to use a VPN is this. Why do I possibly need a Windows VPN? Let us tell you why. Every government in the world is currently working towards making it legal to snoop in on the activities of citizens, and this begins with companies such as Microsoft and Facebook, which we are sure you all know of in light of the current affairs. This kind of data retention allows ISPs to enforce punishments upon citizens for illegally downloading content online.

5 Eyes, 9 Eyes, and 14 Eyes

Suppose one government snooping on its citizens wasn’t enough. In that case, an organization called 5 Eyes, 9 Eyes, and 14 Eyes allows different countries to pass their citizens’ data to each other, bypassing all restrictions. Are you angry enough about your security online yet? We are. Here is

5 Eyes, 9 Eyes, and 14 Eyes

How a VPN Keeps You Safe

When you use a VPN on your Windows device, you ensure your privacy is yours only. There are two ways in which a VPN can keep you safe online.

  • By encrypting all the data entering and exiting your Windows device. This stops prying eyes in their tracks, regardless of whether it is an ISP, a hacker, an employer, or the government.
  • By concealing your actual IP address, and your location, a VPN allows you to browse safely as it connects you to a different IP from another country altogether. You could be browsing from the safety of your home in California. Meanwhile, your ISP is going to think the user is in Australia. How cool is that?

Windows 10 Privacy – Is My Data at Risk?

Microsoft pissed off many of its customers with its latest system update. As it turns out, Windows 10 has declared an all-out assault on user privacy by collecting all of their user data, contacts, calendar details, Wi-Fi data, and even their browsing activity! If that weren’t enough, it logs every key that you press and what part of the world you press it in without your knowledge of ever having done it. Cortana is your biggest perpetrator of privacy breaches, mainly because Windows users rely on Cortana the way iPhone users rely on Siri.

So yes, the answer to whether or not your data is at risk while you use Windows 10 would have to be a solid yes. All the more reason for you to invest in a VPN long-term.

How to Test Windows VPN App’s Performance

After purchasing a Windows VPN, the only thing you should be interested in is the VPN’s performance online, as it is the one measure that allows you to see just how well the service delivers on your dime. A few factors can allow you to monitor a VPN’s progress online. The first one would be to check it through speed tests from websites like and to find the upload speed, download speed, and ping rate of a particular VPN that you are using.


Secondly, you need to use websites such as IP leak and net to check if your VPN protects you against DNS leaks. These are the only two metrics that should ever matter regarding a VPN service.

Final Thoughts

In the list of VPNs, we have mentioned for you today are some of the top Windows VPNs in the world. Our recommendation of these VPNs comes from heavy testing based on download/upload speed, privacy policies, and features. It would save you a lot of time to go through lists vetted by professional reviewers to save yourself some time in finding the best VPN for Windows.

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