Where to Watch The Chosen Online? Is It on Netflix, Hulu, Prime, or HBO Max?

The drama series “The Chosen” was created and co-written by Dallas Jenkins and is focused on the life of Jesus. The program offers knowledge of Jesus Christ’s message of acceptance, love, and compassion while chronicling his miraculous life and astounding achievements. Jenkins draws heavily on the socio-political background of the time and the biblical stories to portray the uplifting tale of the Son of God. Still, he utilizes his creativity to fill in the gaps and murky places.

The first season of The Chosen was the most heavily crowdfunded TV show to date. Season 1’s pilot episode debuted back in 2017. According to the show’s website, both seasons are sponsored by viewers, and seven seasons are planned. This may seem like a lot, but YouTube’s many streams show they will all succeed. There were 1.2 million streams of the Season 2 premiere on YouTube.

The Chosen’s first season they were premiered in April 2019. Although KSL TV has already said that the second season of The Chosen will begin broadcasting on April 4, 2022, we are here to tell fans of alternative possibilities where they may watch this TV series based on the life of Jesus Christ.

The Chosen is a must-watch for everyone who wants to learn more about the life of Jesus Christ and his teaching to the world. It has outstanding performances by Shahar Isaac, Jonathan Roumie, Elizabeth Tabish, and Paras Patel. Here is all the information about the drama series’ idea and streaming information you need to know if you intend to stream it.

What is the storyline of The Chosen about?

The plot revolves around Jesus Christ, who gains a large following after performing miracles to aid people. His followers accompany him on his mission to make the world a more peaceful, caring, and compassionate place. He even establishes a public ministry, quickly getting traction but running into unforeseen roadblocks.

When it appears that there is no hope and that someone’s journey is coming to an end, Jesus, by his miracles, not only demonstrates that there is a greater force watching over them. He also indicates that this power is always available to assist them when needed. The joyful plot presents a particular identity of Jesus Christ, who gave his life to save the world.

Jesus Christ and his first disciples are introduced in season one of The Chosen. The main themes of this TV show’s second season were the public ministry and all that transpired as word of the ministry spread. There have been 16 episodes shown thus far, with a special episode airing on Christmas. Jenkins’ short film The Shepherd served as the inspiration for The Chosen.

Are you interested in watching the series? Everything you need to know is provided here!

Is The Chosen Seasons 1 and 2 Available On Netflix?

For the entertainment of its users, Netflix offers a vast library of television series. Unfortunately, ‘The Chosen’ does not appear in its extensive library. However, those who have a streaming service subscription can view select religious documentaries like “Islands of Faith” or “Voices of Fire.”

Is The Chosen on Hulu?

The show is unavailable on the streamer, so Hulu members will need to hunt for it elsewhere. Alternatively, viewers can view ‘7th Heaven ‘or ‘Black Jesus.’ Because it is an action-comedy, it is important to note that the last movie has a significantly different tone than “The Chosen.”

Is The Chosen on HBO Max?

HBO Max does not provide ‘The Chosen’ for streaming; therefore, we suggest our readers watch ‘God’s Not Dead’ or ‘The Righteous Gemstones.’

Is The Chosen Seasons 1 and 2 Available on Peacock?

The first season of The Chosen is indeed accessible on Peacock. There, audiences can enjoy the show.

Where to Watch The Chosen Online?

On Angel Studios’ official website, the show is available for streaming. The BYUtv website, VidAngel, and The Chosen YouTube channel have access to every episode. You can find the show’s episodes on Google Play, Microsoft Store, Vudu, and iTunes, as well as for rent or buy. Fans can also watch the show on DirecTV, Xfinity, and Peacock.

How to Stream The Chosen for Free?

The BYUtv website, The Chosen YouTube channel, The VidAngel website, and the official Angel Studios website offer free access to “The Chosen.” Additionally, services like DirecTV and Peacock have a seven-day free trial that you might take advantage of. However, we recommend our viewers to only watch their preferred programs after paying for them.

Will there be a third season of The Chosen?

The Chosen’s third season will proceed in the same manner as its first two. There will possibly be eight episodes.

We don’t know when The Chosen Season 3 will be entirely released. However, you can anticipate it to be released by the end of 2022.

The third season’s trailer has still yet to be revealed. Therefore, it may be anticipated to arrive a month before its release.

The Plot of The Chosen Season 3

The influence that Jesus Christ made on people’s lives is demonstrated in The Chosen’s second season. As word of Jesus Christ’s miracles circulated, people started to have faith in his abilities.

People witnessed Jesus Christ’s public ministry in Season 2. The Chosen will thus continue this storyline in its forthcoming season.

How do Fans fund the Chosen?

The Chosen’s two seasons were entirely crowdfunded, as stated on the website. Additionally, seven seasons are required to depict the story of Christ’s life entirely. The creators understood that it needed to be free to reach as many people as possible.

Globally, more than 160 million people have watched both previous seasons. Nobody has to pay the price, sign up for a membership, or give their email address.

The Chosen is the most successful crowdfunded project to date, and according to the official website, the following five seasons will require $100 million. Those interested in supporting the show can do so through The Chosen’s official website. So please do your part to help them tell the world’s most remarkable story. Season 3 has already received its total funding.

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