What is AppVShNotify and should I Disable it?

“AppVShNotify” resides on each computer with window 7, 8, 10, or Windows XP, but many people may be unfamiliar with it. So, before diving into its further details & usage, we consider it necessary to explain what actually the AppVShNotify is.

What is AppVShNotify?

AppVShNotify.exe, as .exe extension in the name, implies that it is an executable program. Many people consider it a virus or malicious software by its extension because f the fact that malicious software often comes in .exe file format but, don’t worry! It isn’t a harmful file as It is integrated with Microsoft office files and runs basically as a background application in Windows. You can find this application file in your local program files of size 251 kb.

You may have come across a quite basic definition of AppVShNotify on many websites; that it is used by Application Virtualization clients but have you got this concept? No! So, let’s discuss it in simpler terms. We all often experience a window pop up showing update messages as a notification.

Some updates may be necessary for the operating system to work smoothly, but many of these are not important at all. So, here the job of AppVShNotify starts; this .exe program pushes off such unimportant update notifications from popping up. We hope now you have got a better understanding of what is AppVShNotify and what it basically does.

Should I disable it?

Many computer users want to know whether they should delete it or not; it is a very general question. So, firstly, you need to analyze the type AppVShNotify you have in your files & check its origin. You also need to check whether it is harmful to your computer or not.

Sometimes AppVShNotify may be malware also. If it is provided by verified publishers, then it won’t be harmful to your computer, but if its publisher is unknown or unverified, then you should uninstall or delete it instantly. Secondly, scanning all of your files is also a way to identify critical files or computer threats. 

How to check its credibility?

  • Follow the steps stated below to check whether it is harmful or not:
  • Firstly, access the location of this .exe file.
  • Select the “This PC” or “my computer” option from your desktop.
  • Open the local disk C from hard disk partitions.
  • Open the “Program Files” folder from local disk C.
  • Enter the name of this file in the top search bar, AppVShNotify will be displayed in search results.
AppVShNotify will be displayed
  • You can also access the file manually by selecting the subfolder “common files” in the “Program files” main folder.
  • Open “Microsoft shared folder” from the “common files” folder.
  • Select a subfolder of the “Microsoft shared” folder, namely the “ClickToRun” folder.
  • Here you can conveniently locate the AppVShNotify.exe application file.
  • Right-click on this file, select the “Properties” option, and a new window will display its properties. 
  • Click on the “details” from the properties window.
  • Check the file name & copyrights.
  • If its publisher is known as Microsoft, then it is not harmful to your computer in anyway.
publisher is known as Microsoft,

How to identify the critical situation?

It is better to check it earlier, either it is harmful or not. The best way to check its status is to scan all files via any scanner or antivirus. Most Windows have a default build-in scanner in the files so, you can also use that one. Perform the following steps to scan the particular files.

  • Click on the “Windows” icon on your desktop.
  • Select the “Window settings” option.
  • Choose “Updates & security” from the settings menu.
  • Then select the “Windows security” option.
  • In windows security, you will see a Virus & “threat protection” option under the “protection areas” subheading so, proceed by selecting it.
  • Here click on the “quick scan” option.
  • This will scan all the files on your computer and will also identify all the critical sections if there exists any malicious software.
  • This is how you can also identify whether the AppVShNotify on your computer is harmful or not.
AppVShNotify on your computer is harmful or not

How to disable AppVShNotify?

After deep scanning of all the files on your computer, if you found AppVShNotify malware or harmful, then you have the option to disable it or uninstall it permanently. Its deletion would not affect the working of your computer in any way. Follow all the steps mentioned below to delete the AppVShNotify.exe file permanently from your computer.

  • Go to the exact location of AppVShNotify by accessing “program files” from “local disk C,” as explained earlier.
  • Select the file AppVShNotify.exe, right-click on it.
  • On the right-click, you will see many options, select “delete” and confirm its deletion.
  • By following just these steps, you can delete this file permanently from your computer.

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