What is ASP.NET Machine Account & Should it be Deleted?

Many computer users have often come across machine accounts or are at least familiar with it somehow. The users tend to research it to better understand or identify its impacts on the computer system’s working. The term itself seems pretty technical and involves many technical aspects also. You may also get confused with the terms .Net framework & machine account. Actually, these two are interlinked in the way of their functionality.

.net is basically a programming framework that comes with Microsoft’s updates; this may also get downloaded & installed automatically each time you update your computer software. machine account is like a user account that gets created automatically with the installation of the .net framework. Many computer users often enquired whether they should delete this machine account or not. This is a second-level discussion, so before this, it is more important to get a deep understanding of what actually an machine account is.

What is the machine account? machine account is interlinked with the .net framework, as we have stated prior. It acts as an additional user account on your computer system. Though it is also a user account but with a lower level of access to specific programs & activities of your system. There is a possibility you might not be aware of its creation as it doesn’t require any login permission, such as passwords, at the time of creation, and it generally gets created automatically.

You must also be familiar with its purpose before taking any action against it. The primary purpose of its occurrence in your system is to improve the system’s efficiency. It is considered essential in launching & running many applications on your particular MS Windows OS.

Should the machine account be deleted?

The answer to this query may involve long arguments. Its deletion mainly depends on the way of its usage. This machine account is necessary for developers only. If you are linked with a software niche somehow, you can go with it, as it is mainly a user account closer to the programming framework. If you are a routine computer user with no programming interaction, you can delete it without hesitation. 

Here the question may arise why you may need to delete it. Its answer may be that it can control your various computer programs leading to a severe computer integrity issue. Your computer system generally considers the machine account as a threat to system functioning. The other reason is that this account may also be created due to certain misconfigurations in your installed .net framework, so that it can lead to many other related problems.

You don’t need to delete the .net framework entirely, as this can badly affect your computer system’s performance. Because the .net framework is a run time program required for the running of various computer programs & apps, if you opt for its removal, you won’t be able to open & interact with certain apps & programs on your computer. That’s why it is suggested to delete merely machine account.

How to delete the machine account?

The deletion process of the machine account is quite simple and straightforward. In this situation, you can have two options either you can delete it, or you can go on simply by reinstalling the .net framework without the need to delete the machine account.

Removal of machine account via the control panel 

You can easily remove the machine account from your system manually by practicing the following steps in the control panel.

  • Click on the windows icon, and search for the control panel.
  • Select the user accounts option available in the control panel interface.
  • Select the “remove user accounts” option.
  • Here click on the machine account option.
  • Then select the delete this account option available.

Reinstallation of .net framework

Reinstallation of the .net framework is another effective crosscut solution to avoid chaos associated with the machine account. As we explained prior, the machine account may get created due to any misconfiguration in the .net framework at its downloading time. So, you can opt for removing the current misconfigured .net framework and reinstall it for relatively smooth working without the asp net machine account. Follow the steps stated below to reinstall the .net framework.

  • Click on the windows icon, and search for “turn windows features on or off.”
  • Here firstly notice, either the options “.NET framework 3.5(includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0)” & “.NET framework 4.8 advanced services” are already checked or not.
  • If the options are already checked, then uncheck both these options.
  • After unchecking the options, checkmark these again to reinstall .net framework services.
  • Restart your computer to proceed with new changes.


If you are searching for “what is asp net machine account and what are the aspects for which it should be deleted?” then this discussion will help you a lot. machine account automatically gets created with the installation of the .net framework in your system. You can delete this account simply by accessing the “user accounts” option in the control panel. If you want an alternate option, then you can opt for the reinstallation of the .net framework. This will definitely work to resolve your issue.

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