What is TF

What is TF (TransFlash) Card, and How is it Different from Micro SD?

Micro secure digital memory cards, also known as SD cards, require no introduction at all. At present, micro-SD cards are the need of most portable devices such as tablets, mobile phones, digital cameras, etc

What is SD card?

What is SD card

Though the latest editions of electronic gadgets come with huge internal storage but still SD memory cards are a significant need for many users to extend the storage space of their electronic devices; especially if the internal storage space is running out, micro-SD cards are considering as a great pick to move the apps or other heavy files from internal storage to the external one, to keep your device functioning properly.

What is a TF card?

Not only SD cards but TF memory cards are also a great choice to extend the storage space of various digital devices. But most of the users are not much familiar with the TF memory cards. This brief discussion will demonstrate what a TF card is and how it is different from a generally used micro-SD card.

What does TF mean?

TF or T-Flash stands for TransFlash. It won’t be wrong if we say that TransFlash is the former name of the SD card. Back in 2004, the SanDisk company developed the TF memory card in association with Toshiba. Later on, it got the membership of secure digital products by SD Association and renamed as micro-SD card officially.

Nowadays, you can find various options available in the market pertaining to memory cards. Still, it might be challenging for many individuals to pot for the most appropriate memory card that fits their storage needs.

TF card VS SD card

TF card VS SD card

Though apparently, both micro-SD & TF memory cards seem similar, however, they are slightly different from each other given a few aspects & specs.


TF is a miniature version of a memory card that comes in a 15mm * 11mm * 1mm dimension so that it can fit in any portable device quite easily; you need to insert it in a relevant TF card slot accurately.

In contrast, the micro-SD card being compatible with TF also comes in similar dimensions, and both can be used alternatively, irrespective of the variant dimensions.


As you can analyze, there are so many similarities in both cards so far. You can still differentiate between these by few factors such as the origins or storage capacity, etc.

In the past decades, both cards were available for storage of up to 128 MB. Still, now with few advancements, you can get maximum storage of up to 128 GB in TF memory card, while the micro-SD card offers a larger storage capacity of 2TB maximum. This difference illustrates that a micro-SD card is comparatively more efficient in terms of its maximum storage capacity.

One thing to be noted that, yes, it’s true that both cards can be used in place of each other. Still, if a memory card slot is designed mainly for TF memory cards in any device, then you would be able to insert only a microSD card that is not greater than 128GB in storage capacity.


TF memory cards can be used for various media storing & transferring purposes; you can keep any digital media file in your TF card. Additionally, you can also use your TF card for transferring files from one device to another by using a general memory card reader or adapter.

Contrarily, SD cards also support the SDIO mode in addition to the general file storing & transferring purposes; it can assist in tasks unrelated to memory even such as a Global positioning system (GPS), Near field communication (NFC), or Bluetooth.

Device compatibility

Both TF & micro-SD cards are equally compatible with numerous digital electronic devices such as tablets, mobile phones, music players, electronic keyboards, digital cameras & gaming consoles. But as it is mentioned earlier, that you must ensure first that the slot is designed either for TF or micro-SD card before inserting the memory card into it.

Though genuine TF cards are now hard to find at markets, you can get both online at the SD card Walmart website.


This brief information has been written just to explain the TF card and how we can differentiate it from the general micro-SD card. Basically, TF or TransFlash card is also a memory card, just like a micro-SD card used to extend the storage space of digital devices.

If we look over the variant aspects of the TF card, it’s pretty evident that it is precisely like a micro-SD card, especially in terms of usage, dimension, size, or appearance; the only factor that can make a difference is the maximum storage capacity of both cards. From the above discussion, you can see that a micro-SD card offers a greater maximum storage capacity of up to 2TB than a TF memory card.

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