Where was Ozark filmed?

Where was Ozark Filmed?

Ozark has spotlighted Missouri’s crown jewel: a lake with a longer coastline than California, where Midwesterners travel in the summer to cool down.

A Chicago financial consultant – portrayed by Jason Bateman – comes to the Lake of the Ozarks to launder money for his Mexican crime boss in Netflix’s popular thriller. The successful show, however, was shot 700 miles away in Georgia.

Season four of Ozark features some of Atlanta’s top pubs and restaurants, with lakeside sequences shot at two of Georgia’s most beautiful lakes. Here’s how to follow in the footsteps of Marty Byrde of Bateman and his wife, Wendy.



It is not inexpensive to eat like a criminal. In season four, Atlanta’s greatest fine-dining Restaurant, Bacchanalia, served as a stand-in for “Oak & Sage,” while Chops Lobster Bar, a high-end steakhouse, functioned as a cigar club (look out for its magnificent tiled ceiling). Northside Tavern, the greatest dive bar in town, has opened a location in Kansas City.

In the third season, Laura Linney’s Wendy eats dinner at JR’s BBQ, also renowned as JR’s Log House, where the Byrdes like to make deals over a slice of roasted meat. It’s 20 miles north of Atlanta near Peachtree Corners. In an earlier scene, Marty meets a stripper at Williamson Bros. Bar-B-Q, a barbeque place in the picturesque southern town of Marietta. The FBI agent on his tail prefers more straightforward fare: In season one, Roy visits the old-school eatery Silver Skillet, where you can have a southern breakfast of country ham with red-eye gravy.

Ozark also has an appearance from Starlight Drive-In, one of Atlanta’s last existing drive-in cinemas. Ruth Langmore, Marty’s business partner, travels there for a money drop-off that doesn’t go as planned. In the fourth season, Atlanta’s largest park, Piedmont Park, served as a stand-in for Chicago, with filming also taking place at Oglethorpe University, known for its enormous neo-Gothic library.

Georgia’s Great Lake

Georgia's Great Lake

The Byrdes’ new house sits on the beaches of Georgia’s biggest lake, Lake Lanier. This turquoise sanctuary, located an hour from Atlanta, attracts over 10 million people yearly. Their beautiful lakeside home is a private mansion in Flowery Branch, a tiny town known for its charming turn-of-the-century architecture. It’s on the outskirts of Van Pugh North Park, a popular swimming, picnicking, and kayaking destination. Those who can’t afford a deluxe home with its pier can pitch a tent at one of the lake’s dozen campsites.

Blue Cat Lodge

Blue Cat Lodge

Lake Allatoona, approximately 45 minutes from Atlanta and boasts more than 200 miles of shoreline, was also used for the waterfront sequences in Ozark. The Blue Cat Lodge, the café where Marty launders money in season one, was erected at Little River Marina by the TV team. JD’s on the Lake is now a genuine restaurant, and fans may recognize a few familiar signs. Filming took place at Victoria Harbour Marina as well. Sunset Grille, the lakefront restaurant, is a favorite place to view the sunset while sipping a sundowner.

Stay on the Estate of a Fictitious Criminal Lord

Marty is invited to a Mexican mobster’s house, a vineyard and hotel in the rolling foothills of North Georgia, in the first season. Chateau Elan is a great day trip from Atlanta and one of the top vineyards on the East Coast. Guests are more likely to be spotted sipping Chardonnay and playing golf than plotting sinister schemes.

The Mexican house of cartel lord Navarro is an exquisite tomb at Atlanta’s Westview Cemetery. Mexico was also represented in the city’s Plaza Fiesta retail center.

Sail to Savannah

Sail to Savannah

In season three, you get a peek of Savannah, Georgia’s arty port city. When the Byrdes build the Missouri Belle, a riverboat casino in Osage Beach, the city’s exquisite riverside emerges. You can follow in their footsteps on Savannah’s River Boat Cruises’ gorgeous red, white, and blue boats. Stone Mountain Park, Georgia’s cheesy and hugely popular amusement park, was also used to film the casino sequences. Visitors used to be ferried over the lake on their riverboats.

Lake of the Ozarks

Lake of the Ozarks

Midwesterners rush to the Ozark Mountains, which straddle Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma when the temperature rises into the 90s. For its serpentine design, the Lake of the Ozarks is called “The Magic Dragon.” It is a massive artificial reservoir standing at this beautiful region’s north-eastern edge. It transforms into a massive waterpark in the summer, where you can paddleboard, wakeboard, jet ski, and parasail.

Even though the majority of Ozark was shot hundreds of miles away, a few cameos are in the picture. The Byrdes observe their new neighbourhood from Lover’s Leap, a stunning vista near Linn Creek, towards the end of the first episode. It’s said to be named after a woman who threw herself over it rather than abandon a lover who came after her.

In another scene, Marty’s son Jonah makes his way down to the imposing Bagnell Dam. The Lake of the Ozarks was the biggest man-made lake in the United States when it was created in 1929. The Bagnell Dam Strip also shows up, which features a delectably garish variety of candy stores, ice cream parlours, gift shops, and arcades. Stewart’s Restaurant, a no-frills restaurant known for its massive cinnamon buns, is worth visiting.

Bill Dubuque, an Ozark writer, worked as a teenager at Alhonna Resort & Marina. This simple hotel inspired the Blue Cat Lodge, but if you store your boat here this summer and drink a beer at the bar, you’re not going to have any run-ins with threatening hillbillies as Marty does. Families can be found swimming at the water’s edge and picnicking on pontoons instead.

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