How to Make A Saddle in Minecraft

Minecraft users already know that being a 3D super fantastic video game, Minecraft mainly involves the assembling & disbanding processes of various kinds of blocks for variant purposes. The players often require the haulage to carry out specific operations in the game and use horses for transportation. Minecraft saddle, an essential item of the game, is crucial to equines for this kind of transportation.

It’s a fact that many gaming requirements can be meet by generating certain required things at the furnace or at the crafting table equipped with numerous tools available in the Minecraft gaming interface. So, many users think that they can also make their saddles there, but it’s possible. You can create anything at a furnace or crafting table, but you can’t make a saddle there due to the lack of few saddle essentials.

How to make a saddle in Minecraft

Many requests have been found on the web enquiring about “How to make saddle in Minecraft or how to craft a saddle?” the answer to these queries is the same that the developers yet define no Minecraft saddle recipe, and this is not possible at all to make saddles on your own. But yes, there are few other ways by which you would be able to get the saddle, somehow.  

How to get a saddle in Minecraft

As it’s known to every Minecraft user that the game comes with 2 distinct modes, creative & survival, with their own complexity level. So, the ways to get a saddle Minecraft to vary in both modes. Here we’ll explain the possible ways to find the horse saddle Minecraft concerning both modes.

Creative mode:

The various versions of Minecraft have been launched with particular compatibility features. We will enlist a few of those here to highlight the way of getting saddles in that specific game’s edition.

In pocket edition, follow this sequence Under tools > EquipmentXbox One/ PS4/win10/ to navigate to the saddles.

In the java edition, find out the saddle in the inventory menu available below transportation.

In Nintendo & education version, you get the saddles below Equipment.

Survival mode:

Survival mode involves interactions with moving creatures. The player in survival mode generally has to do everything on his own, either about finding the building supplies or food, so the same strategy applies to getting a saddle. Though it is not confirmed that generated saddles can be found in the following ways, there is always a possibility. The player would have to struggle on his own to discover the produced saddles.

Saddles’ discovery in chests in the dungeon

You can perceive Minecraft’s dungeon as an underground chamber. The dungeon is structured with cobblestones walls & the floor has a monster spawner located at its center point. You can also find out 1 or 2 chests full of treasured items in the dungeon. The most common way to discover a dungeon is by digging the ground, following this step, and reaching out to the chests placed in that dungeon. You can also use the spectator game mode to discover the dungeon more conveniently.

On opening the chest, you can get many other items; if your luck works there and you found any saddle in the chest, you would need to add this saddle to your gaming inventory then manually. 

Saddles’ discovery in chests in the nether fortress

In survival mode, the Nether is the only option with the maximum probability of getting a saddle over there, around 35.3%. If you can take the risk, then navigate to the Nether around you via a nether portal and search a nether fortress. Here, the nether portal will act as a bridge to take you to the ether. You can discover many chests inside a nether fortress; open the chest to get the chest’s treasures. If, luckily, you found any saddle in the chest, then you’d have to add this in inventory manually.

Saddles’ catch during fishing

The chances of getting saddles while fishing is comparatively relatively low, approximately 1%, but you can still try this option. Just throw your enchanting fishing line in the water, and soon you will see the ripples over the water surface, which indicates the fish presence near your line. Suppose any saddle luckily comes over the water surface during the whole process of fishing. In that case, you don’t need then to add it in inventory manually, as this will be added automatically.

Other ways

The above-stated ways are actually luck-oriented, as no one can surely say that you’ll found a saddle in the chests; it totally depends on the luck of the player. If you hunt for any other ways to get the saddle in Minecraft, you can go for the following options apart from the stated ones.

Collect via mob drops

In Minecraft, there happens such a rare situation by which you can collect the saddles quite quickly, and it is more frequent in the Nether. Whenever any animal or mob dies or gets killed somehow, it automatically drops the saddle it was equipped with. For instance, the Pigs, cows, zombies, ravagers, and other mobs drop their saddles when they die, so in such cases, you have the chance to get those saddles by looting. Then you can add these looted saddles to your inventory.

Saddle via trading with villagers

Trading with villagers is another way to get saddles in Minecraft. For this, you need to head to the village and trade with the villagers or leatherworkers to meet your saddle need. You can quickly get the saddle from villagers by exchanging almost 6 Emerald.

The availability of this option also varies with the edition of the game. Let’s suppose, if you are a user of the Minecraft Java version, then this kind of trading option is always in your access. Still, if you use Minecraft’s bedrock edition, you would have a 50% chance to avail yourself of this trade opportunity. This is also a fact that you can not trade with all villagers. However, you would have to found a professional-level leatherworker or blacksmith.

Search in the temple

Desert temple is also known as a desert pyramid, is also a great source of chests to get saddles. The desert temple is structured with sandstone with its base occupied by sand and holds a clay block in its center. You can dig or disband this blue clay block to explore the chests-contained 4 secret chambers of the temple. Upon successful discovery of these chambers, open the associated chest to find a saddle in it. Luckily, if you succeed in getting the saddle there, then add it to your inventory.


The quest for saddle recipe Minecraft never ends. Many Minecraft users have posted many queries about how to make a saddle, like “how do you make a saddle in Minecraft? “or “can you make a saddle in Minecraft?”. It is because the saddle plays a significant role in the transportation processes of the Minecraft game. The truth is, there is no saddle Minecraft recipe, and it is an item that can’t be crafted on a crafting table or furnace. The players need to discover it in many ways.

In survival mode, chests are considered the best source to get saddles. You can simply discover such chests either in the nether fortress or in Minecraft’s dungeons. You can also get the saddles while fishing as a treasure. Apart from these ways, you can also get the saddles via trading with villagers or collect them in dropped items or search them in the temple.

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