Idle Angels Tier List 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of mobile gaming, Idle Angels has solidified its position as one of the most engaging and captivating idle RPGs on the market. With its unique blend of strategic gameplay, celestial aesthetics, and a diverse cast of angelic beings, the game has amassed a dedicated player base. As of 2023, the game has undergone several updates, introducing new angels, features, and balance changes. With these changes in mind, let’s delve into the definitive Idle Angels Tier List for 2023.



Divine Epitome Angels in this tier are the crème de la crème, wielding unparalleled power and versatility that can turn the tide of battle with ease.

  • Seraphina – The Celestial Empress: As the embodiment of celestial grace, Seraphina’s abilities transcend her divine lineage. Her healing prowess is second to none, and her protective spells can shield the entire party from devastation.
  • Aurelius – The Radiant Judge: With his fiery sword and unwavering determination, Aurelius brings the flames of justice to the battlefield. His devastating AoE attacks and crowd control abilities make him an indispensable asset in any lineup.
  • Lilith – The Abyssal Temptress: Lilith’s mesmerizing charm belies her immense power. She can manipulate enemy actions, disable key opponents, and deal substantial damage. Her strategic value is immeasurable.
  • Uriel – The Archangel of Retribution: Uriel’s dominion over light and justice is manifested through his devastating attacks. His precise strikes and area denial abilities create opportunities for allies to capitalize on enemy weaknesses.



Celestial Champions Angels in this tier exhibit exceptional skills and prowess, contributing significantly to the success of their teams.

  • Azrael – The Ebon Warden: Azrael’s dominion over death grants him control over the battlefield. His abilities to weaken enemies and debuff their defenses make him a key support angel.
  • Evangeline – The Starcaller: With her ethereal melodies, Evangeline supports her team by enhancing their attributes and bolstering their resilience. Her healing abilities and aura effects make her a crucial ally.
  • Gideon – The Stormbringer: Gideon harnesses the raw power of the elements to wreak havoc upon foes. His mastery of lightning and wind allows him to deal devastating AoE damage and control the flow of battle.
  • Isolde – The Frostbinder: Isolde’s icy demeanor is matched only by her icy powers. She freezes enemies in their tracks, providing crowd control and setting up devastating combo opportunities for her team.



Ascended Guardians Angels in this tier offer solid performance and support but may lack the versatility of higher-tier angels.

  • Raphael – The Divine Healer: While not as potent as Seraphina, Raphael’s healing abilities are invaluable in sustaining a team’s longevity. His supportive spells and cleanses can turn the tide of battle.
  • Gabriel – The Trumpeter: Gabriel’s resonating trumpet calls empower allies with buffs and invigorating effects. His battlefield control and disruption abilities are assets in longer fights.
  • Uriah – The Winged Vanguard: Uriah’s unwavering defense and taunting abilities draw enemy attention away from more vulnerable allies. His ability to endure heavy damage makes him an ideal tank.
  • Lucius – The Lightbearer: Lucius illuminates the battlefield with his radiant powers. His light-based abilities can dispel enemy buffs, providing a strategic advantage to his team.



Guardian Apprentices Angels in this tier possess basic utility and support skills, but may struggle to stand out in more competitive scenarios.

  • Cassiel – The Serene Guardian: Cassiel’s tranquility translates into healing and protective spells. While her abilities are reliable, they lack the impact of higher-tier angels.
  • Malachi – The Redeemed: Malachi’s redemptive powers offer minor healing and buffing effects. While serviceable, he may not be the most impactful choice in tougher encounters.
  • Zephyr – The Whispering Breeze: Zephyr’s windswept abilities provide basic crowd control and debuffs. However, his impact on battles diminishes against stronger opponents.
  • Aria – The Harmonic Muse: Aria’s melodic support abilities contribute minor buffs and effects to her team. Her potential is limited compared to higher-tier angels.



Novice Nurturers Angels in this tier, while still useful, may struggle to keep up with the demands of higher-level gameplay.

  • Thalassa – The Oceanic Grace: Thalassa’s aquatic abilities offer limited healing and minor crowd control. Her potential falls short compared to higher-tier healers.
  • Solomon – The Wise Scholar: Solomon’s cerebral approach translates into minor buffing and debuffing effects. However, his impact becomes marginal in more challenging battles.
  • Phoebe – The Dawnbringer: Phoebe’s light-themed abilities offer basic support but lack the potency of higher-tier angels. She may struggle in demanding situations.
  • Icarus – The Soaring Hope: Icarus provides minor utility with his supportive skills. However, his potential is eclipsed by the power of angels in higher tiers.


The 2023 Idle Angels Tier List serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding the prowess and potential of each angelic entity within the game. As players embark on celestial journeys, this tier list can help them assemble balanced and formidable teams capable of conquering challenges. It’s important to note that while tiers reflect general performance, team synergy, strategy, and personal playstyle also play vital roles in achieving success. With future updates and additions on the horizon, the hierarchy of power in Idle Angels is bound to evolve, ensuring the game’s lasting appeal and keeping players engaged in the divine battle for supremacy.

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