Underworld Movies In Order Watch All Movies Chronologically

Underworld Movies In Order: Watch All Movies Chronologically

In which order should underworld movies be played? This article will show you how to watch Underworld movies in sequential order and by their release dates!

The Underworld movie series depicts the never-ending conflict between two dark enemies, werewolves and vampires. There are deadly clashes between them in every underworld movie.

Since the movies are so well-made, it’s fortunate that fans of the franchise are so enamored with the leather-clad vampires. It’s possible to think of it as a contemporary gothic story about the two beasts’ previous rivalry.

Additionally, it depicts the fight between Michael (a Lycan) and Selene, two hybrids (a vampire). Streaming underworld movies is always fun, and if you’re wondering how to watch the underworld movies chronologically, check out our detailed guide.

How to Watch All Underworld Movies in Order?

How should I watch the Underworld films in order? This is a question that many fans may have. There are two ways to watch these movies: chronologically or according to their release dates.

You could discover several references to earlier sequels when enjoying the majority of the Underworld movies. The other movies in the sequel would consequently be of interest to one.

You might not be able to follow the real narrative and storyline if you watch movies in the order they were released. It is best to see the movies in chronological order to follow the progression of events in each new instalment without missing any important details.

Are you wondering what the proper sequence of the Underworld movies is, then? Here is a list of underworld movies in chronological and release date sequence. But before we do that, look at the table below, which lists the underworld movies in chronological order of their release dates.

  • Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009)
  • Underworld: Endless War(Part I)(2011)
  • Underworld: Endless War(Part II)(2011)
  • Underworld(2003) – Underworld: Endless Wars
  • Underworld: Evolution(2006)
  • Underworld: Awakening (2012)
  • Underworld: Endless War (Part III)(2011)
  • Underworld: Blood Wars(2016)
  • Underworld: Awakening(2012)
  • Underworld: Blood Wars(2016)

Underworld Movies in Chronological Order of Events

Only one change must be made to your watching schedule if you decide to watch the movies chronologically. Since Underworld: Rise of the Lycans is a prequel, and Kate Beckinsale doesn’t appear in it, it should be watched before the succeeding movies.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009)

Underworld Rise of the Lycans (2009)
  • Director: Patrick Tatopoulos
  • IMDb Rating: 6.6/10
  • Writer: Danny McBride
  • Cast: Rhona Mitra, Michael Sheen, Bill Nighy, and more.
  • Genre: Thriller, Fantasy, Action
  • Runtime: 1h 32m
  • Language: English
  • Platform: Amazon Prime, Vudu

The Rise of the Lycans, the third instalment of the Underworld series, is devoted to the history of the Lycans. Their origins and who was in charge of parenting Viktor. When the Lycans rose, how did Lucian develop as a character, and how did he meet and fall in love with Victor’s daughter? What happens to her when they learn about Sonja’s relationship with a Lycan? Will she live? Would rage and hatred take over and mark the end of the beginning of the lycans’ rise?

As it provides a much deeper look into Lycans, this Rise of the Lycans movie is interesting and appreciated by fans. Additionally, you’ll see some stirring and captivating performances. This is one of the top Underworld movie series available for streaming.

Underworld: Endless War (2011)

Underworld Endless War (2011)
  • IMDb Rating: 6.3/10
  • Writer: Danny McBride, Kevin Grevioux
  • Director: Juno John Lee
  • Cast: Trevor Devall, Brian Dobson, Laura Harris, and more.
  • Genre: Thriller, Fantasy, Action
  • Runtime: 18m
  • Language: English
  • Platform: Amazon Prime

Yes, you heard it correctly. This endless war in the Underworld is an animated Underworld movie that has run for more than a century. Three different periods, 1980, 1967, and 2012, are seen in this never-ending war film featuring Selena. She may be seen engaging in an eternal battle and planning how to defeat her most able Lycan brothers. It is a set of three brief anime movies that make up the latest Underworld Trilogy.

  • Underworld: Endless War (Part I) 
  • Underworld: Endless War (Part II) 
  • Underworld: Endless War (Part III) – in chronological order, you should watch this film after Underworld: Evolution

Part I

In 1890, three Lycan brothers were reportedly terrorizing Paris as werewolves while claiming possession of a mansion in human form and behaving as lords. Selene is in Paris investigating these rumors. These so-called “Lords of the Crescent Wills” have been ordered to leave, and Selene has been tasked with protecting the estate.

Part II

In the second part of Underworld: Endless War, Selene visited Paris again in 1967 in search of the prey she had missed in the previous instalment. To mask the fragrance of the Lycans, while Selene searches for them, one of the brothers, Krandrill, drives to a store filled with incense.

The powerful Lord Clovis participates in a ceremony in the historic Paris house. The brothers’ attack and kill every vampire present at their ceremony. Vregis is killed when Selene intervenes in their battle and confronts them. Before getting into the woods, Krandrill has his left arm severed.

Underworld (2003)

Underworld (2003)
  • Director: Len Wiseman
  • Writer: Kevin Grevioux
  • IMDb Rating: 7/10
  • Cast: Shane Brolly, Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman, and more.
  • Genre: Thriller, Fantasy, Action
  • Runtime: 2h 1m
  • Language: English
  • Platform: Amazon Prime, Vudu

The first movie, “Underworld,” was out in 2003 and introduced the world to the Underworld characters, featuring Selene and the ongoing conflict between the affluent vampire dynasty and the vicious Lycan clan. Selene wants to completely rid the planet of lycans.

She helps Michael, a man, during her fight. However, Selene soon discovers that a Lycan has bitten Michael. Additionally, she learns that Viktor, a vampire rather than a Lycan, was the one who killed her parents. Although it is the first movie, as you are already aware, it should be watched third in the plot sequence.

Underworld: Evolution (2006)

  • Director: Len Wiseman
  • Writer: Danny McBride, Kevin Grevioux
  • IMDb Rating: 6.7/10
  • Cast: Kate Beckinsale, Bill Nighy, Scott Speedman, and more.
  • Genre: Thriller, Fantasy, Action
  • Runtime: 1h 46m
  • Language: English, French, Hungarian
  • Platform: Amazon Prime, Vudu

Selena and Michael are both on a mission in the second movie in the series to explore and learn more about their ancestry.

In the second half of the underworld film, they encounter Alexander, an old vampire, who tells them of the long-standing conflict between the vampire and Lycan clans. Alexander is attacked concurrently, which in past movies had a disastrous outcome.

To become a hybrid, Alexander now invites Selena to taste his blood. Michael and Selena than go on their separate journeys as the new hybrid states.

Underworld: Endless War (Part III)(2011)

Underworld Endless War (Part III)(2011)
  • Director: Juno John Lee
  • Writer: Kevin Grevioux, Danny McBride
  • Cast: Trevor Devall, Brian Dobson, Laura Harris
  • Genre: Thriller, Fantasy, Action
  • IMDb Rating: 6.1/10
  • Runtime: 6min 29s
  • Language: English
  • Platform: Amazon Prime

In the last chapter of Underworld: Endless War, Selene sets out to locate Krandrill, the last surviving brother. The conflict between the Lycans and the Vampires is now known to humans. Committed law enforcement authorities are pursuing immortals with great vigour.

Michael Corvin and Selene Corvin pick up where they left off with their earlier hunt. She’s back in Paris and is utilizing technology and research to find her target. If you want to find out if the ongoing conflict between Lycans and vampires will finish in 2012, watch this Underworld movie about the endless war.

These are the same oppressive individuals seeking total control of the planet through endless war. You get to observe Selena adapt and adjust her objectives as technology and weapons evolve throughout the decades in this never-ending battle. Amazon Prime is the solution if you’re wondering where you can watch the everlasting fight in the Underworld.

Underworld: Awakening (2012)

Underworld Awakening (2012)
  • Director: Mans Marlind, Bjorn Stein
  • Writer: Len Wiseman, John Hlavin, J. Michael Straczynski
  • Cast: Kate Beckinsale, Michael Ealy, India Eisley
  • IMDb Rating: 6.3/10
  • Genre: Thriller, Fantasy, Action
  • Runtime: 1h 28 mins
  • Language: English, Russian
  • Platform: Amazon Prime, Vudu

As humans and the government become aware of the presence of vampires and Lycans, they want to maximize the power of vampires by treating them as objects for research. As a result, they begin to hunt them. Selene is likewise imprisoned in a cryogenic suspension.

Around 2015, she awakens and discovers that her species are no longer existent. To better understand this finest Underworld movie and see how she can get away and save her race, watch the earlier movies in the series as well. From the Underworld movie list, watch this one in order.

Underworld: Blood Wars (2017)

Underworld Blood Wars (2017)
  • Director: Anna Foerster
  • Writer: Corry Goodman
  • Cast: Kate Beckinsale, Theo James, Tobias Menzies.
  • IMDb Rating: 5.7/10
  • Genre: Thriller, Fantasy, Action
  • Runtime: 1h 31 mins
  • Language: English
  • Platform: Amazon Prime, Vudu

As of right now, this is the series’ last movie. In this 2016 Underworld Blood Wars movie, Vampires and Lycans search for Selene despite both species being on the verge of extinction. When Selene and David, a teenage vampire, go to the Eastern coven, Selene discovers that David is his rightful successor.

Ultimately, Lycans found Selene and attacked Coven. Selene and David are elected as the new vampire leaders when the vampires succeed in the blood wars battle. Thus, to enjoy the Underworld series, one must first watch the earlier films.

Can We Expect Another Underworld Movie?

There were rumors of a sixth Underworld movie after the fifth and best movie in the series was released, but Beckinsale said she would not participate in any Underworld movies. There is no longer any question about how many Underworld movies there are.

The Underworld franchise now consists of five cinematic underworld films and one anime feature.

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