10 Best EliteTorrent Alternatives

In the world of torrenting websites, EliteTorrent has approached the heights of popularity for over a decade. The users from all over the globe who intended to download the entertainment-based content specifically in the Spanish language always opted for the “elite torrent” due to its high-quality torrenting services. It was considered a top-rated torrenting site and was ranked as the second most visited website in Spain.

Insights with Elite torrent:

We have enlisted here the few key aspects of Elite torrent to have better insights into this platform.

Safe user experience

Privacy & security is the primary factor of web-based content. Unlike other torrenting websites, Elite torrent was relatively safe to use; it was free of malicious activities or harmful effects.

Instant downloads

EliteTorrent always offered instant downloading and allowed its users to quickly download their favorite Tv show, web series, or movie with a single click.

Well organised & more comprehensive library

It owned the broadest library encompassing classical to latest released content and presented a well-organised content view to enhance users’ experience.

Ease of access

Being a free torrenting platform, it has always been accessible 24/7 and offered a hassle-free torrenting experience entirely.

What happened to the EliteTorrent website?

As it is a fact that all of the free torrenting websites present copyrighted content, so elite torrent was accused by copyright holders of offering pirated content. Consequently, it was shut down back in 2017, given the immense pressure by the Spanish government.

Though many mirror sites also aroused after its blockage, none of these is officially affiliated with the original one. So, usage of such insecure mirror torrenting websites can also put you at risk of many malicious attacks that can also harm your computer system.

So given this security concern, it is always better to use any other safe torrenting website that can serve as an excellent alternative to the original EliteTorrent website.

Top alternatives of EliteTorrent

An excellent alternative website must ensure the features & key aspects of the original website. We have eradicated the hassles associated with the searching process of alternative websites; here, you can explore the 11 best & safe to use alternative torrenting websites.

1. Zooqle


Quick overview

Salient features:

  • Supports instant downloading 
  • Ad-free streaming & torrenting experience 
  • Highly ranked 
  • Globally accessible 


  • N/A

Zooqle is a rare torrenting website that offers completely ad-free streaming torrenting experience; the users won’t get interrupted by annoying ads. Apart from this, it owns many other unique features. That’s why it has always been considered as one of the top torrenting sites.

The one other worth mentioning aspect is that Zooqle doesn’t encounter any access limitation; users worldwide can access it with ultimate ease. Moreover, Zooqle enables its users to perform instant downloading of content at a breakneck speed.

2. Torlock


Quick overview

Salient features

  • Reliable & safe to use
  • Supports instant downloading 
  • Verified torrents 
  • High downloading speed 


  • Access limitations 

Though Torlock is a newly launched torrenting website, it still presents an excellent and safest user experience due to its high level of reliability. It comes with a vast collection of content genres and supports free instant torrenting at quite optimum speed.

Despite its less domain authority, the users still prefer Torlock because it offers entirely verified content at ease of access. The Torlock is globally accessible except few states such as the United Kingdom, India & Australia.



Quick overview

Salient features

  • Television content mainly 
  • Ease of access 
  • Highest downloading speed


  • Requires registration 
  • Access limitations 

EZTV is one of the oldest torrenting websites, consistently presenting tons of Tv shows & series for free torrenting since 2005. It is to be noted that users would be required to create a registrational account before accessing downloadable content.

The platform enables its users to download the latest episodes of tv shows & series at a very high speed. Though It is a widely accessed platform, the residents of Ireland, Australia & United Kingdom can’t access EZTV due to specific access implemented limitations.

4. Torrent downloads

Torrent downloads

Quick overview

Salient features

  • Supports multiple languages 
  • Spanish subtitles enabled 
  • Largest library 


  • Less intuitive UI
  • The less advanced search function 

Torrent downloads is an excellent platform for finding out the torrenting content similar to the elite torrent website because it owns an extended content library where you can find your favorite tv shows, movies, games, books, or software quire easily.

The websites support Spanish subtitles to make content easily understandable by Spanish people. Like many torrenting sites, Torrent download also has many clone sites available on the web; not all are accessible in Spain, but torrentdownloads.cc is always accessible to Spanish users. However, the user interface of Torrent Downloads is not much intuitive.

5. Estrenosok


Quick overview

Salient features

  • Well categorized content 
  • International dubbed content 
  • Spanish subtitles enabled 


  • N/A

What would be a more suitable EliteTorrent alternative than Estrenosok, as this torrenting site is entirely in the Spanish language. Here you can find a wide range of Spanish content, and it looks more like a catalog or magazine because all the content, either movies or TV shows, is categorized in different sections.

Apart from Spanish content, Estrenosok also offers international blockbuster content in the dubbed form. Moreover, it presents English content too that can also be used by Spanish people easily because of enabled Spanish subtitles.

6. Torrents de Peliculas

Torrents de Peliculas

Quick overview

Salient features

  • Optimum speed 
  • Intuitive & simple UI
  • Spanish content mainly 


  • Relatively lesser movies 
  • Confined to the Spanish language 

Torrents de Peliculas is an entirely Spanish-based free torrenting site, precisely like Estrenosok. If you are a Spanish speaker, you will definitely love to use this platform for torrenting your desired Spanish content supported with an intuitive & simple user interface; it works at an optimum speed.

The precisely designed torrenting site is relatively easy to use. Here you can find out the vast collection of old & latest released Tv shows & movies. One thing to be noted is that the Torrent de Peliculas website mainly encompasses TV content rather than movies.

7. CineCalidad


Quick overview

Salient features:

  • Well categorized content 
  • Ad-free streaming 
  • User-friendly interface 
  • HD & 4k content quality 
  • Multilingual 
  • Spanish content mainly


  • Relatively lesser Tv content  

CineCalidad is also a Spanish torrenting website, but it presents other Hollywood blockbuster movies too in high definition & 4k quality. At CineCalidad, you can discover the latest released movies quite feasibly. The users find it easy to use because the platform superbly categorizes the content.

Even if you are a new user, you can still easily navigate through the website due to its highly user-friendly interface. CineCalidad also presents Mexican & Latin movies. The best thing about the platform is that it offers an ad-free streaming & torrenting experience wholly to its users; you won’t encounter interrupts in the form of annoying ads.

8. YTS


Quick overview

Salient features

  • Latest released content
  • Lag-free streaming 
  • Worldwide accessibility 
  • High-quality streaming 
  • Instant downloading


  • Blocked in Ireland
  • Too many popup ads 

The YTS torrenting platform mainly emphasizes high-quality movies; this can work super if you are intended to only download the EliteTorrent movies. The platform offers the best & lag-free streaming experience and presents the latest released content.

YTS supports instant downloading at an outstanding speed, and of course, the site is reliable enough in this regard. The only factor you may get annoyed by is that it displays too many popup ads. Even on each click, that may interrupt the content flow badly. Moreover, it is accessible worldwide except in Ireland; YTS may encounter specifically implemented geo-restriction in Ireland state.

9. Kickass


Quick overview

Salient features:

  • Supports multi[le languages
  • Extensive library 
  • optional registration


  • Experience geo-restriction

The kickass torrent website comes with a simple but efficient search engine and is one of the oldest torrent sites in the world of free torrenting. It holds the largest supportive community and offers the broadest range of content, from TV shows to software programs; everything can be accessed on a single platform.

It can precisely serve as an excellent EliteTorrent alternative as it also presents content in the Spanish language. Basically, it is a multilingual platform that supports more than 30 languages. Kickass may encounter geo-restriction in certain areas, such as it is blocked in India; the Indian users can only access it using a virtual private network.

10. Lime Torrent

Lime Torrent

Quick overview

Salient features:

  • Mobile-friendly content 
  • HD content
  • Updated database 
  • Easy & instant downloading
  • Safe to use


  • Inconsistent torrenting speed 
  • Geo-restriction

Lime torrent is also considered among few classic torrent websites similar to kickass. The platform has been offering its free torrenting services reputably to the users for over a decade as it was established back in 2009. Since then, it is committed to providing a safe user experience; all the content available on Lime torrent is wholly safe to download.

Doubtlessly, the Lime Torrent website supports instant downloading, but yes, you may find speed inconsistency in torrenting process. When it comes to its accessibility, users from around the world can access it except France, United Kingdom & Australia.


Elite torrent has been a popular and the most secure spot for torrenting Spanish movies, web series, & tv shows without paying any penny. Its popularity can be guessed by its higher rank in top torrenting sites in Spain.

Despite all these facts, it got suspended permanently back in 2017 for presenting copyrighted or pirated content. Since then, many other mirror sites with different domains have emerged but are not reliable enough to be used safely.

So, to ensure a safe torrenting experience entirely, we have put up the top

10 safest torrenting websites in this article, such as Lime torrent, torrent downloads, Zooqle, Estrenosok, YTS.mx, Torlock, EZTV, CineCalidad, Torrents de Peliculas, & kickass torrent. Though all stated sites are equally efficient, you can opt for the one that best fits your requirements.

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