6 letMeWatchThis Alternatives

In the present Technology-based era, entertainment media has also revolutionized by hosting all kinds of entertainment-based content on the internet. The web is full of such websites presenting free entertainment content in movies and TV shows at the ease of access; letmewatchthis can be considered one of the best examples of such websites with a vast collection of movies.

About letMeWatchThis

Let me watch. This has been the best online entertainment platform for free streaming and downloading of numerous movies, TV shows, and all other kinds of HD content in the past.

It was previously known as Prime wire. Later on, it got split and distributed as PrimeWire, Channel 1, and letMeWatchThis. Recently, many users have reported an access issue against letmewatchthis movie, and we found many queries on exploring letmewatchthis best alternatives.

What happened to letmewatchthis?

ISP has recently downed letmewatchthis to host copyrighted content and declared it an illegal website in this regard.

There is another issue; the letmewatchthis users may encounter that now letmewatchthis content in its latest edition comes with various kinds of Malware.

Note: If you still want to go with letmewatchthis irrespective of all these issues, you can opt for VPN Service. A good VPN will overcome all kinds of access limitations and enable you to use letmewatchthis smoothly.

Best alternatives to Letmewatchthis

Therefore given the issues associated with the letmewatchthis platform, we have researched it and filtered out the 6 best alternatives to letmewatchthis website. The search of online entertainment viewers for the best alternative to letmewatchthis ends here; go through this detailed explanation over these letmewatchthis alternatives to opt for the most appropriate one.

1. Putlocker


Putlocker was originated in the UK, back in 2011, and being an efficient streaming platform, it can serve as an effective alternative to letmewatchthis. Its content collection mainly encompasses movies and television series, and its DB is full of the latest movies collection. Putlocker comes with a very easy-to-use interface for a better User experience.

The users can access a vast array of movies and TV shows without the need for any login or sign-up session. It hosts movies of numerous genres such as horror, anime, fighting, fantasy, action, drama, Sports, English movies, psychological, etc.

Putlocker simply enables its users to stream and download any kind of TV series and English or Bollywood movies online with utmost access feasibility. It is available in both web or Android app versions. Even you can also add the Putlocker extension to your Google Chrome account.

2. Netflix


Netflix is the most popular and online streaming platform. It is known to the maximum of internet users due to its vast popularity. It is an American-based versatile entertainment platform and is used by users worldwide on particularly paid memberships. It is being loved by everyone for its safe, better, and ad-free user experience. However, if Netflix is not working in your country then you can use VPNs For Netflix.

It allows up to 4 users to use Netflix simultaneously on different devices on its premium level subscriptions. You can opt for the most suitable subscription package closer to your Netflix usage needs. It covers various aspects of entertaining content such as drama, TV shows, comedies, documentaries, actions, adventure, movies, etc.

Moreover, it hosts solely legal content. You can find and stream any kind of video on Netflix in HD quality without any lag. Netflix comes with compatibility on cross-platforms as it works superbly on variant devices such as smart TV, streaming media players, gaming consoles, laptops, tablets, etc.

3. 123movies


In the online entertainment world, 123movies hold a special status since 2016. 123movies don’t host the film directly, but it indexes all kinds of entertainment available on the internet. It covers the most comprehensive array of content genres such as documentaries, family, fantasy, drama, game shows, comedy, adventure, action, animation, war, TV movies, thrillers, mystery, horror, etc., and regularly updates its content.

It displays the content from certain specific countries like India, Canada, China, America, Australia, Japan, Germany, UK, and France. If you go for 123movies, you can access it quite quickly as it doesn’t require any login or subscription charges; it is free to use. It is available in the application version, too & can be accessed anytime from any device. However, it shows many pop-up ads, and you may also get tracked by any third-party application.

4. Afdah


It is one of the most organized websites and presents a highly user-friendly interface among online entertainment websites. Afdah doesn’t host any movie on its own as it only indexes & scrapes the movie websites from within the web. Basically, it crawls the net and then indexes a specific movie site due to your particular search.

Afdah enables its users to stream HD movies, TV shows, and series free of cost & without any login requirement. It presents all genres such as horror, thriller, comedy, music, sports, crime, biography, animation, history, film- Noir, Adventure, action, fantasy, news, family, reality-TV, Western, etc. So this website can be considered as the best alternative to letmewatchthis as it also presents subtitled films. Due to its cross-platform compatibility feature, you can access Afdah on any device in either desktop or mobile view.

5. Fmovies


Fmovies is a very famous and most-accessed entertainment website with 4 million traffic per month approximately. It was launched back in 2016 to host entertainment media content online. You can stream all letmewatchthis movies on the Fmovies platform. It can also be accessed from anywhere in the world except Sweden, Australia, and India. You can stream and download millions of free movies (Hollywood & Bollywood), TV shows, and series from Fmovies, as this website costs nothing and even doesn’t require any login session. It is a widely-used entertainment website for its easy to navigate feature and safe User experience and is one of the most secure media streaming websites. You can find out all the movies of the specific genre like action, animation, Romance, horror, fantasy & musical on Fmovies.

6. Los movies

Los movies

Losmovies is one of the best and most efficient entertainment websites in their high speed and simple & easy to use interface. It hosts numerous kinds of movies, TV shows & web series. It updates its media collection regularly to provide the users with the latest movies or episodes of series.

Los movies host movies with English subtitles as users worldwide access them. It hosts a vast collection of Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, and Bengal movies in HD & FHD quality. You can either watch movies online or can download them on your device without any subscription fee. Though it is a free website and comes in a beautiful interface, its users also experience too many pop-up and click-on ads. It is banned in the UK state; if you still want to access it in the United Kingdom, you can go for the VPN Service option.


Many people encounter few issues in letmewatchthis platform. They cannot even access it because ISP has blocked it now for hosting copyrighted content. To end the quest of letmewatchthis users for the best alternative of letmewatchthis, we researched and compiled the 6 most efficient online media streaming platforms, namely Putlocker, Netflix, Fmovies,123 movies, Afdah, and Los movies.

In the above discussion, we clearly explained each of the alternatives in-depth and highlighted the salient features of all these platforms. All of the above-explained online entertainment websites are free to use and require no login, except Netflix.

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