How to fix Vizio TV remote sensor not working

How to Fix Vizio TV Remote Sensor not Working

A Vizio remote control may cease operating for various reasons, including depleted device batteries, blocked TV sensors, residue on the remote and TV from previous uses, a dirty power supply, trapped remote Memory, and even problems with the TV itself.

The Vizio remote is more essential for using the TV than other remotes since it has ‘Smart TV’ capabilities that let you utilize and access various applications.

What Stops the Vizio Remote from Working?

Our team of specialists identified the following reasons for “Vizio Remote not Working” after carefully examining user reports.

Power Drain Batteries: Utilising the Vizio remote becomes impossible if the remote’s batteries are power exhausted.

  •  Blocked TV Sensor: If there is blocking between the remote and the TV sensor, the IR ray will not be able to reach the TV, and you will get this error.
  •  Electronic Interference: You may experience the current issue if other nearby gadgets release radiation that interferes with the IR beam of the remote.
  •  Dirty Power Source: You may experience the present issue if the TV’s power source supplies the system with dirty power.
  •  TV and remote control power residues: If the TV or remote control has power remnants that could interfere with its capacity to send or translate the IR beam, you could be experiencing the current problem.
  •  Remote Memory Stuck: You could run into problems similar to the one you’re experiencing now if the remote’s Memory is locked on a particular device or location.
  •  Faulty TV: You can be affected if your TV has developed a problem.

We should check to see if the remote produces IR before going on to the fixes (if you use an IR remote). A straightforward camera test might be used to accomplish it. You can use a digital camera or a camera on a smartphone.

  • Turn on the smartphone camera.
  • After turning on the camera, you can see the remote control through the camera’s screen.
  • Rotate the remote control’s end, typically directed at the TV, in the camera’s direction.
  • If you push and hold any button on the remote, you should see the light blinking from the IR LED at the remote’s tip on your camera’s screen.
  • Examine each button on the remote control, paying careful attention to the Power and Volume buttons to ensure they function.

The remote control may be broken if all buttons are inoperative (If the problem persists after trying the last suggested fix, take it to a repair shop or get a new one).

Their contacts could be unclean or burnt out from use if only some buttons don’t function.

You should continue the troubleshooting procedure if all of the buttons are functional.

How Can a Vizio TV Remote Be Fixed?

How Can a Vizio TV Remote Be Fixed?

Power Cycle the Remote

Vizio remote control malfunctions can be brought on by power remains, or more precisely, by the power residues. Even when the remote is not in use, power cycling resets it and consumes all of the remaining power. The standard practice is a power cycle to guarantee that any temporary settings are entirely reset. This could correct any problematic remote setups. 

Additionally, it may help you to unstick a remote control button that you were unaware was stuck.

  • Remove the remote’s batteries.
  • Hold down the power button on the remote control. On the remote control, it is often found at the top.
  • After 5 seconds, click the power button to free. And the remote will be drained of any remaining power.
  • At least once, hit each remote control button. Any stuck buttons will get looser as a result. In this situation, the remote control will not react to further input from the user, so make sure you pull out any buttons stuck in a continually pressed position.
  • Reinstall your remote’s batteries at this point.
  • As of right now, see if the remote is operating correctly.

Power Cycle the TV

Power Cycle the TV

If a Vizio TV is experiencing a problem or some of its settings are malfunctioning, it may become unresponsive to all inputs, including changing the remote control channel. 

  • Disconnect the TV from the outlet.
  • The power button on the TV, which is often on the side, should be pressed and held down for 30 seconds. This will drain the TV’s remaining power and might resolve any strange problems.
  • Take a minute to wait.
  • Put the TV back in its power outlet and turn it on.
  • To ensure the remote control is operating correctly, check it once again.

Reboot the Remote to Erase the Memory (Universal Remotes)

The Memory being trapped on a particular device or point is a frequent fault with Vizio universal remotes. The issue could then be resolved by resetting these remote controls. Non-universal remotes won’t function using this technique. After clearing the Memory on your remote, you will need to repair the connections to your various devices, such as a DVD player.

  • The SET or SETUP button should be pressed and held. The remote control’s top-left portion is often positioned where this button is.
  • In response to the LED light blinking twice, release SET. The LED light on your Vizio universal remote is often found close to the top of the device.
  • Enter your remote’s reset code; most Vizio universal remotes have a reset code of 981 or 977. The reset code can also be found in the remote’s instruction booklet.
  • Watch for the LED to flash twice. The Vizio universal remote has successfully erased its Memory once it has flashed twice. After performing this, any firmware problems should be fixed. Now use your TV to make the necessary repairs.
  • Now link the TV remote to the device. Now, the perplexing aspect with Vizio remotes is that there are TWO locations on them where you may switch the remote to the item you wish to operate. On the remote, one button is located at the top, while the other is at the bottom. Use the BOTTOM to return to TV mode.

Check to see whether the remote is now operating correctly.

Unblock the TV Sensor

Unblock the TV Sensor

The infrared (IR) sensor on your Vizio smart TV may not receive the IR signal because of a blockage, preventing it from receiving the signal. The TV’s bottom left and bottom right typically houses the IR sensor. The protective plastic wrap that comes with new TVs might even block the infrared signal from your remote because it is transparent.

  • Look for the TV’s IR sensor.
  • Anything in front of the TV should be moved.
  • Inspect the sensor for any apparent streaks as well. Using alcohol to clean the sensor’s front will be a good idea.
  • Press the “Power” button on the remote control while aiming it towards the TV’s IR sensor. The TV must be within 10 feet of you since IR signals can only go a short distance.

If the TV turns on or off, then the IR signal is blocked by anything.

Change the Power Source

“Dirty Power” refers to abnormalities in the power quality delivered to a device. These irregularities are similar to voltage variations, low power factors, frequency variations, and power surges. Your Vizio remote may stop working if your TV is connected to an unclean power source.

  • Remove the Vizio TV plug from the power supply.
  • Move the Vizio TV and plug it into a different power source that provides reliable power.

Now verify that the remote is operating correctly.

Limit Interference from electronics

These days, we live surrounded by electronic devices. This electronic equipment generates various radiations, and if these radiations interfere with the remote’s IR signal, the remote may cease operating.

  • Identify any other electronic devices or even lit (CFL) lights that are directly in the “field of vision” of the window of the remote sensor.
  • Change the placement of those devices or turn them off.
  • The IR sensor on the front of the receiver should be covered with a piece of brown or blue masking tape. The remote signal can pass through the painter’s tape, blocking stray IR from other gadgets.

Now verify that the remote is operating correctly.

Mobile APPS

Mobile APPS

Numerous smartphone applications let you use your cellphone as a remote control. The issue can be fixed by utilizing one of these. Visit the Universal Remote Apps website for more information.


Batteries power the remote’s operation. The Vizio remote may stop functioning if the battery has run out, the contact points have rusted, or Carbon (the white substance that forms over it). Most Vizio remote controls typically require two AA or two AAA batteries.

  • Pull the batteries out. Batteries are often inserted into the slot that is located at the bottom of the remote’s front side or its rear.
  • Now examine the battery terminals and connecting points to see if they have rusted out or if Carbon (the white stuff) has built up there. If so, clean the points with alcohol.
  • Replace the remote’s batteries with a fresh set. Ensure that the positive and negative ends of the batteries are inserted correctly with the correct orientation.

Check to see whether the remote is now operating correctly.

Try using another Vizio remote with the TV if yours is still not functioning, and if that remote is operating correctly, get a new remote. Most VIZIO TVs are compatible with most VIZIO remotes. And it would be a good idea to get your TV examined by a repair shop if the other remote isn’t compatible with the TV.

Replace your Vizio remote if the other remote is working well since it may have internal or external damage preventing it from operating correctly. The remote may be swapped with a different Vizio remote or a universal control.

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