Constant Contact Review

Constant Contact Review

As the name suggests, Constant Contact is a successful continuous email marketing solution for all small business owners looking to establish and promote business. Use an easy-user-editor to edit the text and images, and your email is ready. However, importing customized HTML-coded newsletters takes a bit more than a simple editor.

Custom templates     

Editing is as simple as dragging and dropping your content, and it’s ready. The easy-to-use editor makes it easy to customize the email template of your choice to be best suitable for your customers. You can now send the right message promptly.

Personalized Emails for your subscribers

Personalized Emails for your subscribers

The autoresponder capitalizes on the connections you make via the emails through personal welcome, birthday, and anniversary emails for your customers. You will get automatic notifications when the milestone approaches.

Your Social networks and Get email lists

Customize and link your Facebook page to find your email list subscriber list and get on with your business promotion. Easy to track your emails and the new automated and updated lists. It links and posts your emails to all your social networks, with a staggering 98% hit rate of emails to your customers’ inboxes.

Compared to other email marketing systems, Constant Contact offers the best tools to make it simple for you to keep in contact with your subscribers. You can plan messages and bulletins to send to your web readers as they join and afterward after following activities, for example, when a web reader opens your email, or on specific dates, for example, a subscriber’s birthday.

Tracking Campaigns

Tracking Campaigns

You can track how your subscribers take care of your messages through reports detailing whether an email was opened, sent, or skipped. This can enable you to make your following email or pamphlet unexpectedly, if necessary, to motivate more deals or offers. Constant Contact likewise offers online networking measurements, so you know how your promoting endeavors are going on Facebook, Twitter, and other social websites.

We sent a progression of messages to an assortment of email customers in our tests. Constant Contact was one of only a handful of email marketing systems that easily bypassed Gmail’s spam filter. Yes, a small number of the email advertising programming we attempted couldn’t get over Gmail’s strict channels to get to subscribers’ inboxes.

You can review your messages and bulletins as you make them from a layout, so you know what they’ll look like to your beneficiaries. Be that as it may, the completed item may not resize appropriately for Outlook clients, which is an issue for most email advertising administrations.

Constant Contact Email Marketing Features

Constant Contact Email Marketing Features
  • It gives powerful, effective email marketing campaigns
  • It boosts your business with an extended business approach that reaches your contacts
  • Persuasive Marketing Automation Program
  • Convincing and great-looking marketing emails
  • Tracking reports
  • Loaded with bypassing Security Program’s blocking
  • Google analytics integration supported
  • Social Media sites contact list management
  • Automatic notifications for Client’s event celebration
  • User-friendly-editor for content and template generation and editing

ConstantContact vs SendPulse Features

Email MarketingYesYes
Transactional EmailsNoYes
Marketing AutomationYesYes
Responsive Email DesignerYesYes
Email PersonalizationYesYes
Share on Social NetworksYesYes
Email platform logo not included in the footerNoon paid plans
RSS Driven CampaignNoYes
Contact Management
Import FilesYesYes
Advanced SegmentationNoYes
Create Signup FormsYesYes
Management of blacklisted, unsubscribed, and/or duplicate contactsNoYes
Unlimited contactsNoYes
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Constant Contact has powerful features that can bypass any security program when it may filter and block any email you or your contacts send. Just allow permissions for Constant Contact to your security program and put it in Whitelist- or Safe List. This action will enable emails using Constant Contact to be safe and not interfere with your security program.

Pricing starts at $20 per month.

It offers a free trial for the first 60 days. The price ranges from $20 per month to $335 after practice and is split into the Email and Email Plus programs. Also, if you prepay for six months, you get a discount of 15% on your plan.

  • An affordable $20/month Email plan with most features
  • $45/month Email plan till 2,500 subscribers
  • Offers a $70/month Email Plus plan till 2,500 subscribers
  • 10% discount with a 6-month prepaid plan; 15% discount with annual plans.

Price Comparison To Other Online Marketing Platforms

  • Mailchimp is $10 more expensive.
  • Campaign Monitor is $24 to $184 more expensive.
  • SendPulse Starts from 3,000 Emails at $23.2. Here are a few more plans for the extensive email list.
1 – 2,500Free
2,501 – 3,000$ 23.2
3,001 – 4,000$ 25.6
4,001 – 5,000$ 28
5,001 – 6,000$ 32
6,001 – 7,000$ 35.2
7,001 – 8,000$ 37.6
For More Pricing Go to SendPulse Website

Email Creation

You have several formats to look over for your Constant Contact email impact. These email showcasing programs even offer a display of stock pictures you can put into your pamphlets and emails to include intrigue and separate unique content.

The picture-altering devices are the absolute innovation in email marketing. You can alter the immersion of a picture, change the differentiation, or include an edge, which removes the requirement for another program to transform your photos.

If you intend to have a targeted occasion, Constant Contact makes it simple for you to oversee all that you require for that event. The email promoting program can put customers in a different email list so you can get in touch with them when essential and acknowledge PayPal installments for your occasion through Constant Contact.

Listing Management

Listing Management

Constant Contact allows you to import contacts or personal info records separately. You need your contact list to develop so you can make join shapes through Constant Contact, and those new supporters are added to your outline.

Constant Contact observes the customers who unsubscribe or withdraw from the program so they never again get messages. However, they stay on your contacts list. You can find in your reports when some subscribers started. However, you need to remove them from your contacts instead of the product doing it.

Campaign Creation – Have a Constant Contact with your Subscribers

From a typical small business owner’s perspective, constant contact with your contacts is the prime reason you’re searching for an email benefit. In any case, you’ll require some business bait or motivation to remain in contact with your subscribers. That is why Constant Contact comes up with helpful features that’ll enable you to deal with your business ventures and afterward allow you to promote your business through powerful email marketing.

Making new contacts is quite simple with Constant Contact. Its Social Campaigns option will allow you to link your Facebook page. You will create incredible motivation through email to inspire customers and get access to their contact information in return.

Use Constant Contact’s feature to influence and create such content via email to attract new contacts to your website and online business. To make it work, you must do powerful email marketing. This way, you can attract more customers to your business.

If you run a small business, Constant Contact can enable you to achieve your clients through email marketing. So why wait? It’s an excellent opportunity to email them and pitch your business plans before them in the most powerful email campaign.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Constant Contact helps you find the best solution for marketing automation through a detailed campaign, making you learn what your contacts require. Then, it will deliver a compelling, persuasive message, fulfilling your contacts’ requirements and making them believe in the news. This will lead to a chain of sales, as your contacts will become your visitors, to leads- then subscribers/customers, and finally an advocate of your business product. A tough job is quickly done through marketing automation.

Constant Contact Review – Final Thoughts

Constant Contact is a top-of-the-line email advertising solution due to its innovative, creative, and professional tools. Creating your own branded emails and newsletters for your subscribers through a list of templates is easy. Use an easy-user-editor to edit the text and images, and your email is ready. However, importing customized HTML-coded content takes more than a simple editor.

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