Discord Javascript Error

How To Fix Discord Javascript Error

You might have encountered a slightly common error that states, “A JavaScript error occurred in the main process” on your computer screen, followed by few other technical error statements. This is basically a kind of Discord fatal error that popups on installation attempts of Discord application.

Suppose you have also been struggling in a similar situation that is causing constant annoying & disturbing situations, and you are unable to get over this on your own. In that case, this article is definitely dedicated to assisting you in this regard.

The JavaScript error can leave you stuck in a worthless fixing hassle for even a couple of hours if you aren’t able to figure out the actual cause of the problem. Let’s dive into this scenario to a bit deeper extent.

What causes the Discord fatal JavaScript error?

This fatal JavaScript error can occur anytime, specifically on Discord’s desktop application, due to a couple of critical reasons. Have a look over the below-stated specific reasons behind this error.

Corrupted application or invalid settings

The problem is most likely either in the Discord app itself, or the Discord’s settings may be corrupted/invalid. So, in such cases, you may either need to reset the settings or reinstall the Discord application.

Discord in administrative mode

This is comparatively a more specific cause, but if you are attempting to open the Discord desktop application in administrative mode, this can also cause Discord’s JavaScript error.

Malfunctioning of the Quality windows audio-video experience service

Being crucial to Discord’s proper functionality, the abnormality in the quality windows audio video experience service may lead to this JavaScript error in Discord.

Temporarily stored files

Like many other computer programs, the Discord application also stores few temporary files that may undergo a corrupt form, triggering the Discord java error. Such files must be regenerated to fix the error.

Getting A JavaScript Error on Discord? Here’s the Fix 

Here we have listed the few excellent & sound fixing strategies to resolve this Discord JavaScript error in your Discord application. Leave aside all your frustrations over the encountered situation and tune put your incurred error with the variant technical prescriptions stated below.

Recreate Discord files

Recreate Discord files

The primary fixing way you can go for is the resetting of Discord’s settings. To do so, you would need to remove specific folders containing the corrupted settings data. Such folders basically reside in the root folder of the Discord app. So, precisely follow the below-stated valid steps to delete the Discord subfolder in %AppData% & %LocalAppData%.

  • To locate Discord’s root folder, open the C drive on your computer system.
  • Open the Users folder in C disk & follow this sequence of subfolders users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Discord, to access the “Discord.”
  • In the AppData folder, make an attempt to delete the Discord. (it will show you a message box stating that some files couldn’t have been removed.)
  • In the Windows main menu, search for the “Run” app, or you can use the shortcut key Windows + R to access the Run app directly.
  • In the Run app’s dialog box, type %APPDATA% and click on “enter.”
  • In the newly opened folder “APPDATA,” navigate to the subfolder “Discord.”
  • Delete this Discord folder. Make sure to remove the Discord folder entirely.
  • Relaunch the Run dialog box, and this time type %LOCALAPPDATA%; click on “enter.”
  • In LOCALAPPDATA, locate the Discord folder and delete it.
  • Then for the reinstallation process, recommence the Discord’s setup file and complete the installation wizard.
  • Restart your PC and check if that JavaScript error Discord stills persist there.

Reinstall Discord application

Reinstall Discord

As it is already mentioned that the Discord application itself may cause the error, it is because there may be any critical problem in Discord’s installation process. If the Discord gets corrupted during its installation, then there is no revert option; the only thing you can do now is to reinstall the Discord application entirely as it is known to everyone that a reinstallation process requires a prior uninstallation of the same existing application before installing it again.

For uninstallation of Discord, at first, you would have to log in to your Windows user account in administrative mode. Then:

  • Launch your windows settings first.
  • Select the “apps” settings option.
  • In apps settings, click on “Apps & features.” (A list of all the apps installed on your system will get displayed)
  • Navigate to the Discord app, and click on the “uninstall” button.
  • Proceed on with Discord uninstallation wizard & follow all wizard commands.
  • Make sure to select the option “completely remove Discord on your computer.”
  • To successfully end the wizard process, click on “finish.”

Now, you can download the latest edition of the Discord installer from Discord’s official site, which will automatically get saved in the Downloads folder of your PC.

Kill all Discord’s running processes

This kind of failed installation often occurs due to the parallel running of various other processes. So, to overcome the JavaScript error that arises as a result of the failed installation of Discord, the user may need to close all the running processes of Discord at first from the task manager. The following steps will surely ease your fixing attempt.

  • Launch the Task Manager in your Windows operating system. (you can search task manager by typing it in the windows search bar)
  • In task manager, search out all the Discord processes, select them individually & click on the “End Process” option.

If a few Discord processes are still not deleted, you can go for the command prompt option to delete the leftovers.

  • Search the command prompt by entering it in the windows search bar.
  • Don’t launch it directly; right-click on it & select the option “run as administrator.”
  • Then enter the command “taskkill /f /im discord.exe” in the command prompt.

After successfully closing all the running processes, it is necessary to reinstall the Discord application from its official website. Hopefully, the problem will have been resolved.

Run Discord in administrative mode

Administrative privileges play a critical role in supporting so many programs’ running processes; some apps work superbly in administrative mode while others may experience malfunctioning. Similar kinds of situations occur in the case of Discord’s functioning; administrative mode often triggers the Discord JavaScript error. Many users have shared their experience that they have successfully overcome this Discord fatal JavaScript error by running Discord without administrative privileges.

  • So here is the way to disable administrative privileges in your Discord application.
  • Launch the C disk on your system to locate the root folder of Discord.
  • In the Discord folder, navigate to the Discord executable file with the .exe extension.
  • Right-click on the Discord .exe file and open its properties.
  • Select the compatibility tab in properties windows.
  • Unselect the option “Run this program as an administrator.”
  • Click on “apply” and then Ok to save the changes.

Use Windows 10 OS

In Discord, a fatal JavaScript error may also befall due to the incompatibility of the Discord app with a certain version of Windows OS you have already installed on your system. To have an error-free experience with the Discord desktop application, it is recommended to use Windows 10 operating system that is relatively more compatible with Discord.

Retune the startup form of “the Quality windows audio-video experience service.”

Initially, the startup form of “the Quality windows audio-video experience service” is by default set to manual, so you would need to change it to automatic form. This is a proven way to eliminate the Discord java error being tested by many Discord users, and it can be accomplished just by following few basic steps. For this, you will need to:

  • Launch the Run application first on your system.
  • Type a command “services.msc” in the newly opened Run dialog box & click on Ok.
  • Search out for “the Quality windows audio-video experience service” in the shown list.
  • Right-click on it & select the option “assets.”
  • If it is running, firstly stop it by clicking on the stop button, then restart it by clicking on the start button.
  • At first, in the service properties window, make sure to set the startup state option to “automatic” available below the start form option.
  • In the process of altering the startup form, if any dialog box appears, proceed on by confirming it.

Modify the antivirus settings

Random blockage situations may be caused by an antivirus program installed on your computer system. As it is known to most computer users that generally, applications run from within a folder of C drive; the AppData folder is a protected system folder, and the apps often get updated automatically in Appdata. 

But sometimes, in the presence of a third-party antivirus program, Update being restricted by antivirus, the Appdata blocks the update installation processes. To overcome this problem, you may need to modify the antivirus settings. To do so:

  • Check the settings of your antivirus application.
  • Add it to the “allowed” list. (So that it won’t interrupt the Discord installation process next time.)

 In other cases, the antivirus flags a few crucial installation files during the Discord installation process and moves these to a quarantine area where the installation process can’t access such files; hence, it generates a Discord JavaScript error.

In Discord, a JavaScript error can be resolved by moving those quarantined installation files back to the system if the situation is similar. To do so:

  • Launch your antivirus program. For instance, Avast.
  • In Avast, initially click on the protection tab.
  • Navigate to its quarantine areas known as Virus chest by accessing the online tab.
  • In the Quarantine section, locate all the Discord files.
  • Hover over the required file & instantly click on appeared dotted icon.
  • Select the option “restore & add exception.”
  • After restoring the files, restart the installation process of Discord.


Is your Discord app’s installation process has stuck on an error declaring “a JavaScript error occurred in the main process”? There is no need to get frustrated or annoyed over this situation as it is a fatal JavaScript error discord that is quite common to the Discord users community.

Basically, this article has been written given this concern. Though it occurs due to few technical slipups during the installation process, it can also be resolved just by implementing few simple tactics. The common fixes we have considered here are explained step by step to make the fixing process easy for all users.

In Discord, a JavaScript error can be eliminated by resetting the antivirus settings or Discord settings, running the Discord app out of administrator mode, deleting corrupted Discord files, etc.; the soundest fixing tactic is to reinstall the Discord application simply.

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