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How to Fix “No Route Error On Discord” Error

“How to fix discord RTC connecting no route error?”, you may have searched this query many times on your browser, and probably you have ended up opening many tabs, no? same may be the reason for your presence on this blog. But before knowing the solutions, you must be familiar with the actual cause of the problem wholly.

Here, we have examined a general problem people often face when attempting to connect to voice channels on Discord (software used for private & public communication). As we know that Discord requires a consistent internet connection to work accurately, so here the main problem arises. This “RTC connecting no route” problem mainly occurs due to internet connectivity issues.

Antivirus or third-part firewalls

Sometimes firewall settings may restrict the Discord app from using the internet service. The antivirus apps may cause this reason mostly if the particular software has some security issues or maybe a problem in default settings of antivirus, which can cause internet access issues to apps or software.

Dynamic IP

If your device’s IP (internet protocol) changes over time, this may also cause the Discord app to get stuck, leading to an “RTC connecting no route” issue. This situation mostly happens when your internet network is connected with DHCP protocol, which assigns dynamic Internet protocols to the linked devices on each connectivity request.

Access denied by ISP

ISP (internet service provider) may block certain apps, conversely software, to access the internet due to some violation reasons or for technical error. The same may happen with the no route Discord. Its access to the internet may get denied entirely or limited by ISP. In such a condition you may need to contact the internet service providers.

The local issue with the device

Sometimes the reason for this “Discord no route” issue can be as simple as the device low on RAM. Too many apps working at the same time may lead to RAM issues, which ultimately results in improper functioning or stopping of few apps.

6 proven solutions

No problem exists without a solution. There is no rocket science in its solutions as few simple tactics work really well! We have integrated the few tried and tested ways to overcome the “Discord no route” problem for your convenience. You cannot rely on a single solution if you are not aware of the exact reason behind this “RTC connecting no route” issue. So, at least try at all the stated tactics to find out which one works well in your case. Start with the simple solutions first, hopefully, as this would save your time also. 

Refresh or restart the Discord app

A restart option works most of the time in most matters. The no route problem maybe because of the Discord’s own poor working, so restarting or refreshing is the simplest solution one can try. If the issue would be in the software’s own working, then this will be resolved definitely just by restarting the Discord.

Restart your internet connection and computer

The Discord app may get stuck for several reasons. Sometimes so many apps running in the background can full the RAM, and the devices low on ram may cause the apps to stop working accurately. The problem may also lie either in the internet modem or the cables. So, this would be better to restart your device and all other electronic appliances involved.

Disable VPN

People often use VPN mainly to access the internet privately. So, disabling VPN can resolve the “Discord no route” issue instantly. Sometimes it can also be used as a bypass to use a particular app when it gets banned by ISP in certain regions. In such cases, you may need to configure the protocol of VPN to UDP as Discord only supports VPN with UDP protocol.


If the problem is with IP, then clearing the CASHE memory of your device may also work. As IP may change over time, but there is a possibility that the Discord may still attempt to access the internet with an old IP address that was previously stored in CASHE memory.

Disable antivirus or firewall

Many people suggest just uninstall such firewall software. The uninstallation may work but, it is not a good option. You may go just disabling the antivirus app temporarily as long as you want to use Discord software. Later on, you can enable your antivirus at any time.

Server region setting

RTC (Real-time connections) often require a high signal strength. Connectivity to a distant located server may also be the reason for lost RTC (connecting to the voice channels). You can simply change your server’s location to a nearer region from internet settings if you want to increase the signal strength of your internet connection.

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