Call of Duty Dev Error 6065

How to Resolve Call of Duty Dev Error 6065

The gamers community is well familiar with “Call of duty,” a shooter video game. It is pretty prevalent in online gaming platforms for its extended features & compatibility with cross platforms such as PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows Operating system, Xbox one, etc. This article will discuss a pervasive error, known as Dev error 6065, associated with Call of duty. It mainly occurs in Call of duty: modern warfare, the latest edition of the Call of duty game.

Dev error 6065

Call of duty: modern warfare was developed by Infinity ward back in 2019. Recently, it has been awarded for being the best online multiplayer game as it allows users to add up to 150 players. Basically, it supports both single-player and multiplayer modes.

Dev error 6065 

Are you the one having a black screen problem in launching the Call of duty modern warfare game successfully on your system? Or is it crashing on each attempt to start it? Then you are one of those Call oof duty users experiencing dev error 6065.

What causes Dev error 6065?

We have gathered these few expected causes to this issue by going through specific reports over it. Those causes are enlisted here!

  • Third-party applications’ interference
  • Outdated graphic drivers
  • Outdated windows version
  • Corrupted game files
  • DirectX.
  • Administrator Privileges

Solutions to Dev error 6065

You can go through all the listed fixes to find the most appropriate one to resolve dev error 6065 on your device.

Update graphic drivers

The outdated graphic drivers of the device are the most common cause of this dev error 6065. You can update these manually via the device manager in your system. You may need to follow the steps we have stated below to update your device’s graphic drivers.

  • Open the windows device manager from the control panel.
  • Select the “Display adapters” option.
  • Click on the “graphic cards” option in the sub-list of “display adapters.”
  • Select the “driver” tab from the upper menu.
  • Click on the “update driver” option.
  • Click on the first option, “Search automatically for updated driver software,” displayed under the tab “How do you want to search for drivers?”.
  • If this option doesn’t work, choose the second option, “Browse my computer for driver software,” available below the same tab.
  • Select the option “let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer” and click on” next.”
  • Restart your PC in the last step.

Disable firewalls or antivirus applications

Sometimes, third-party applications such as antivirus apps or firewalls installed on your system may resist the Call of duty game to launch smoothly. If this is causing the dev error 6065 in your case also then you can disable these defending apps temporarily to play the game.

Follow the same sequence in your device settings, and in “app & browser control” windows, turn off all the options at the end.

Windows settings> update & security> windows security> firewall & network protection> app & browser control> turn off

Disable Fullscreen optimizations  

The latest Windows version comes with a feature of Fullscreen optimizations to enhance the system performance. But maybe the particular game version doesn’t support this feature Fullscreen optimization feature. You can disable this feature if it is resisting launching the Call of duty.

  • To disable the Fullscreen optimizations, launch Blizzard’s gaming interface.
  • Select the Call of duty icon and click on “options.”
  • Select the “Show in explorer” option from the dropdown menu to access the game’s root folder.
Disable Fullscreen optimizations
  • Select and right-click on the executable file of the game to access the properties.
  • Click on the compatibility tab available on the upper menu of properties.
  • Click on the “disable Fullscreen optimizations” option in compatibility windows.
  • Click on the apply button and then “Okay” to proceed with implemented changes.

Blizzard > call of duty > options > Show in Explorer > .exe file > Properties > Compatibility > Disable Fullscreen optimizations > apply > Ok

Update windows version

An outdated windows version may prevent the apps or programs from running smoothly. If this is the reason behind dev error 6065 modern warfare in your case, then you need to upgrade the windows on your system to the latest edition.

Recover corrupted or deleted game files

Sometimes there may be few corrupted files in the root folder of the game that prevent launching the game, or there may also be a crucial missing file that can cause the game crashing, leading to dev error 6065 modern warfare. You can recover the lost or corrupted files by scanning the game files entirely.

  • Launch the interface in the Blizzard app.
  • Select the “Call of duty” and click on “Options.”
  • Click on the “scan and repair” option available in the dropdown menu of “options.”
  • Click on the “begin scan” option to start the scanning process.

Blizzard > call of duty > options > Scan and Repair  

Reinstall DirectX

DirectX is software developed by Microsoft to support audio, video, or any graphical content tasks. This is also necessarily required to play the Call of duty modern warfare game. SO any error in the version of DirectX software may also lead to the dev error 6065. In an attempt to resolve “modern warfare dev error 6065”, you may need to reinstall the DirectX after its successful uninstallation.


  • Open the root folder of DirectX where its related files reside.
  • Navigate to the uninstallation executable file for DirectX.
  • Click on Unisntall.exe or uninstall000.exe to uninstall the DirectX directly.


For reinstallation of DirectX software, open Microsoft’s official website and access the DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer to download & reinstall it on your system.

Run COD in administration mode

Limitations on accessing specific system resources may cause dev error 6065, and that can be resolved by granting extended privileges to the game by running it in administration mode.

  • Open the Blizzard app and navigate to the “Call of duty” option from the displayed menu.
  • Click on “options” and select the “Show in explorer” option from the dropdown menu to access the folder containing game files.
  • Navigate to the executable file of the game and right-click on it to access its properties.
  • Click on the compatibility tab from the upper menu.
  • Checkmark the “Run this program as an administrator” option available in compatibility windows.
  • Click on Apply and then “Okay” to save the applied changes.
  • Relaunch the game after restarting the PC.

Blizzard > call of duty > options > Show in Explorer > .exe file > Properties > Compatibility > Run this program as an administrator

Reinstall Call of duty

If none of the solutions states above works in your case, then go for the last option of reinstalling the Call of duty: modern warfare. To do that, you need to uninstall the game first by the following procedure.


  • Launch the interface from the Blizzard application.
  • Select the “Call of duty” option from the gaming menu.
  • Click on “options” and navigate to the “Uninstall game” option to proceed with the uninstallation process.
  • This will uninstall the Call of duty.

Blizzard > call of duty > options > Uninstall game


You can install the Call of duty application again from Blizzard’s interface.

blizzard> account login> Call of duty: warzone> install


The Call of duty users sometimes encounters an annoying error in the modern warfare edition of COD, namely dev error 6065. A game crash in attempting to launch it or a black screen also depicts the dev error 6065. In the above discussion, we have explained the best possible solutions to fix this modern warfare dev error 6065 and its expected causes. Granting the administrator privileges, updating the outdated windows and graphic drivers’ version, reinstalling the DirectX software, disabling Fullscreen optimizations & firewalls, or reinstalling the Call of duty game can resolve the dev error 6065 with less complexity.

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