Why Gaming is Good for Your Health

7 Reasons Why Gaming is Good for Your Health

Gaming makes you violent, couch potato, dumb, bad for health, so on. We all heard these lines at some point in life, but the scientific study says otherwise.

Imagine after a rough day at work you return home, and you see the love of your life your “ video game“ you lay back on the bean back and start playing. You play, over and over again, and after an hour or two, you feel calm and relaxed, right? Ever wonder why?

According to different scientific studies, a video game can really uplift your mood. It can help you in reducing the stress level by triggering certain parts of the brain that release dopamine thence you feel relaxed and calm.

1. Improves Intelligence

Improves Intelligence

In a study, American Psychological Association (APA) proves that video games and especially FPS games, can actually boost your intelligence and make your instinct extra sharp. It’s like mentally, you’re in the battleground, and you have to act accordingly, make decisions, design strategy, lead from the front, and so on.

2. Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

While playing different types of games, a player faces many problems. Sometimes, they have to make a quick decision, and sometimes they take their time, but one thing is for sure they must study and understand the whole scenario and act according to the situation.

Aftermaths and worsts case scenarios must consider before executing the plan. If the plan results in success, it increases the player’s self-confidence, and if it fails, the player self-checks and understands what went wrong, so this process enhances their self-analytical skills.

3. Determination


“The phoenix must burn to emerge.” – Janet Fitch

Quoted from Forbes.com

Like the spider in king Bruce’s cave, the players get failure repeatedly, but as the legend says, the spider never stopped weaving that web until it successfully weaved the web, so do the players. 

While trying over and over again, they believe in their-selves and eventually get sweet success. It makes their nerves “the nerves of steel,” which helps them in gaming and practical lives. Whether working in some organization or handling personal life, you will find them firm.

4. Effective Communication

Effective Communication

Gamers were usually considered couch potatoes and shy people, but now these words are only used by those who just want to stigmatize gamers. As more multi-player games are taking the limelight, more people are socializing and interacting with each other around the globe.

It usually gets tricky for some extroverts to break the ice with strangers, but when you interact with hundreds of new people daily and convince them of your plan, it becomes no big deal for you to break the ice with anyone. That’s why gamers are usually better socializers than an average person.

This trait of gamers helps them form healthy communication with people, especially when it comes to creating effective communication at the workplace; whether with administration, colleagues, or subordinates, they have an edge.

5. Learning Ability

Learning Ability

Learning is never easy, especially when you learn from stereotypical ways like reading or listening to lectures, but what if you learn from something you love to do, like gaming. 

Gaming helps you learn various things such as history by games which are set in those time like assassin creed and red dead redemption, games like Minecraft help you learn basic survival by gathering food to stay alive, by collecting wood for fire and making house, it helps them develop a better writing skill through the game with a good story, there are various brain games as well which forces your brain to push the boundaries by solving puzzles and riddles. There are many more learning ways for which gaming opens the doors.

6. Cope Depression and Stress

We all feel stress at many points in our lives, and why not? After all, life is all about continuous struggle, but we must find some ways to cope with it. Otherwise, it will eat us alive. 

And it has been proved by various studies that gaming helps keep the serotonin level balanced in our brain. It actually gives you the feeling of happiness, relaxation and pulls you out of negativity and anxiety, which indeed is rare.

7. Physical Activity

Physical Activity

If you are a gamer, there is an 80 to 90 percent chance that you have grown up listening to these words from your parents that gaming will make you lazy, a couch person, and you will adopt a sedentary lifestyle but not anymore.

With recent VR (Virtual Reality) technology’s adaptation in the gaming world, gamers are compelled to do physical activities like walking, crouching, and even running. And it is just a start; who knows what the future holds for VR gaming, but one thing is pretty evident that now gamers will have to do more physical work than ever.


However, excessive gaming has some dire consequences, but isn’t everything harmful at some point? Anything can become as dire as gaming or worse when done excessively? So we can say that anything done or taken more than required can be harmful. Whether it’s gaming, medicines, or food, balance is the key.

With all the benefits mentioned earlier, we can say gaming is healthy for a person mentally and physically and helps cope with daily life trauma if done in a balanced manner. It is like a knife; if you use it to cut fruits, you will enjoy eating it, but if used to cut the hand, the consequences will surely be dire.

It’s not the thing that is harmful to anybody. It’s the very use that makes it dangerous or fruitful.

Now, go on grab the keyboard, mobile, or that joystick and have the joy of your life but be easy on yourself; don’t overdo it, have enough sleep, take sufficient nutrition, and remember to do some physical exercise as well.

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