New World Weapon Tier List

New World Weapon Tier List

New World is a game that is always evolving, and knowing which weaponry is the best can be challenging, given the latest inclusion of new weaponry. This article will go through the various weapon levels and the finest New World weaponry for each category.

The effectiveness, endurance, cooldown time between strikes, and reloading time are all criteria for the New World weapon tier list for PvP and PvE. The list isn’t in any particular order or rating; instead, it’s intended to provide you with an overview of each tier to decide which weapons are ideal for you. 

New World has been available for a while, giving the community ample opportunity to try out all weaponry. We realized it was time to upgrade the New World weapons tier list because there had been some modifications since the last one! This blog post will list all of the weapons in The New World from greatest to worst. 

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Amazon Game Studios published The New World, a multiplayer online battle arena role-playing game (MMORPG), in September 2021. It takes place in the future, and players must struggle to make ends meet in a post-apocalyptic environment. There are two main modes in the game: PvE and PvP.

Players must cooperate to survive against the game’s numerous opponents and dangerous environment at the PvE level. Players can compete in several venues in the PvP phase to become the ultimate winner.

There are no-load windows or cutscenes when you explore new locations in The New World. It also contains a day/night cycle and climatic variables like rain and snowfall, which impact gameplay. The New World’s settings are created via procedural generation, so each time you start a new game, you’ll have a unique experience.

New World Weapon Tier List (2022)

New World Weapon Tier List (2022)

A tier list ranks all weapons in the game based on their overall power level. The tier of a weapon indicates its success in destroying foes and resisting player strikes.

The New World is a renowned game in which players can employ a variety of weaponry. With so many alternatives, deciding which weaponry is the best might be challenging. The New World weapon tier list has several advantages:

  • It can assist you in selecting the most appropriate weapon for your approach to the game.
  • It can assist you in determining which weapons to skip to save time and money.
  • It lets you know how powerful each weapon is, so you can choose one to employ in combat.
  • It is refreshed regularly, so it is constantly up to date.
  • It will show you which guns are good, poor, or average.
  • You can examine how each weapon works in various scenarios and against various opponents.
  • It assists you in determining which weapons are worth upgrading based on their performance compared to similar weapons. 

One-handed weapons, ranging weapons, two-handed weapons, and mystical weapons are the several sorts of weapons found in the New World. The weapon category list in the New World is split into five categories: S, A, B, C, and D, each with its own set of weaponry.

S Tier: The pinnacle of excellence. These weapons are extremely strong and can swiftly dispatch adversaries.

A Tier: The weapons in the A Tier are effective but not as strong as those in the S Tier. They may have certain disadvantages, but they are still worthwhile to use.

B Tier: These weapons are average, with more flaws than merits. They may work well in certain settings but suffer in others.

C Tier: These weapons are poor and should only be used when you’re needy or new to the game’s fighting system (i.e., newbie mode). 

D Tier: The very worst. These weapons are useless and must be strictly avoided. 

One-Handed Weapons Tier List

In the New World, one-handed weapons are the most adaptable sort of weapon. They are available in many forms and sizes and can be used in both close and long warfare. One-handed weapons are also the most convenient to employ, as any class can use them without penalties.

  • S Tier Sword and Shield
  • A Tier Rapier
  • B Tier Hatchet 

Ranged Weapons Tier List

Ranged weapons are weaponry that can assault targets from a distance. They come in various forms and sizes, but they all have one common characteristic: ammo (usually arrows). Ranged weaponry is ideal for gamers who prefer to keep out of risky situations.

  • S Tier Bow
  • A Tier Musket 

Two-Handed Weapons Tier List

Two-handed weapons can assault adversaries from both near and distant ranges. They are among the game’s most effective weapons, capable of dealing massive damage in a short period. They’re also quite flexible, as they can be utilized for close and distant assaults.

  • S Tier Warhammer
  • A Tier Spear
  • B Tier Great Axe 

Magical Weapons Tier List

Magical weapons are among the game’s most powerful weaponry. They have the most direct damage and a range of magical attributes that can be used to expand their influence. Magical weapons are among the most costly weaponry in the game.

  • S Tier Fire Staff
  • A Tier Life Staff
  • B Tier Ice Gauntlet 

Best New World Weapons for PvP

Best New World Weapons for PvP

PvP stands for Player vs. Player, and it refers to a player or group of players battling against each other to defeat them. To perfect the art of PvP, you must employ the greatest weapons designed specifically for this sort of fighting. This section will provide you with a list of the top New World weapons for PvP scenarios.

  • Sword and shield S Tier
  • Life Staff A Tier
  • Ice Gauntlet A Tier
  • Rapier A Tier
  • Fire Staff B Tier
  • Bow B Tier
  • Musket C Tier
  • Great Axe D Tier
  • Hatchet D Tier


  • D Tier
  • Spear D Tier

Best New World Weapons for PvE

Best New World Weapons for PvE

PvE stands for Player vs. Environment, and it refers to combating the environment to beat it. Put another way. You generally combat NPCs (Non-Player Characters) rather than other players. 

This section will provide you with a tier list of the greatest New World weapons for PvE and a list of all weapons worth employing in this circumstance.


  • S Tier
  • Life Staff A Tier


  • A Tier
  • Fire Staff A Tier
  • Sword and shield A Tier


  • B Tier
  • Warhammer B Tier
  • Musket C Tier
  • Ice Gauntlet C Tier
  • Great Axe D Tier


  • D Tier

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