10 Sites Like Monkeytype to Create Unique Blog Ideas

10 Sites Like Monkeytype to Create Unique Blog Ideas

Before you take a final look at your blog and its type of posts, think about the variety of topics you have covered. Is there anything left? Are the topics repetitive or uninteresting to you as an author or a reader? If you feel like your blog is becoming boring, it might be time for that creative juice to get flowing again. In order to prevent your blog from becoming stagnant and stale, it’s important to come up with new ideas on a regular basis. And while some bloggers may be able to churn out ideas on a whim, others need something – or somewhere – else to get their creativity flowing. That’s where sites like Monkeytype come in handy. They can help you find inspiration when you need it most.

What is Monkeytype?

What is Monkeytype

Monkeytype is a website that allows users to find ideas for blog posts. You select a topic, and it returns a collection of potential post ideas. The website pulls its data from a wide variety of sources, including articles, images, and videos. Monkeytype is a great resource for bloggers who need to find inspiration for their next post. Whether you’re in a rut or just need some extra help, this tool has tons of information that can spark some ideas.

Why Finding Inspiration Matters

Coming up with blog post ideas can be difficult, especially if you’re in a rut. The longer you go without generating new content, the fewer people will visit your site. This means less traffic, less engagement, and less opportunity for conversions. It can even lead to your posts being marked as spam by search engines. If you want to keep your blog fresh and interesting, you must find new ways to get inspired. If you’re feeling stuck, try one of these 10 sites like Monkeytype to get your creative juices flowing again.

7 Sites Like Monkeytype to Find Blogging Ideas

7 Sites Like Monkeytype to Find Blogging Ideas

If you’re struggling to find fresh blog post ideas, these sites can help you get the creative juices flowing again: 

1. Lifesum’s Blog Topic Generator 

If you’re looking to write a blog post on health and wellness, this blog topic generator can help! You can select a general topic (like fitness or wellness) and the tool will recommend specific blog ideas based on it. This can help keep your content focused and lead to more traffic and engagement. 

2. Blog Topic Generator 

This blog topic generator is based on research, which means it’s much more accurate than other options. You can select a number of topics based on your interests, and the tool will recommend blog topics along with the potential audience size. Plus, it’s easy to use, making it a great option for beginners. 

3. Buzzsumo’s Blog Topic Generator 

This topic generator is great for bloggers who want to write about trending topics. Select a topic that people are talking about, and the tool will recommend related blog ideas. This is a great option even if you don’t want to write about the trending topic. 

4. Quora’s Blog Post Ideas 

Quora is a great option for bloggers who want to write about trending topics. Select a trending topic that interests you, and the search results will yield blog post ideas as well. This can help you find ideas while also getting inspiration for future posts. 

5. Google Trends

This tool allows you to track the popularity of different topics over time. You can select a topic and timeframe to see which topics are growing in popularity. This is a great way to discover popular topics that you may not have thought of otherwise. 

6. Social Media 

Social media sites can be great sources of blog post ideas. You can find trending topics by searching hashtags or popular posts on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This can help you discover topics that are popular among your audience while also tapping into trends that are relevant to your niche.

7. Strategy 

Many bloggers find that writing about what they know best leads to the best results. If you know you have a lot of knowledge on a certain subject, you can use that as inspiration for your next blog post.

3 Tools to Find Blogging Ideas and Inspiration

3 Tools to Find Blogging Ideas and Inspiration

If you’re looking for more ways to find blog post ideas and inspiration, try these tools: – 

1. Inspiration

This app allows users to create a digital mood board with images, videos, and audio clips. It also offers intuitive tools that allow users to create boards based on theme, emotion, and color. This makes it easy to come up with creative blog post ideas. 

2. Evernote

This free app can help you organize your thoughts and ideas into blog post topics. Simply create a new notebook and jot down any thoughts or ideas that come to mind. You can even create different topics and sub-topics to keep track of everything.

3. Edison

This online notebook helps you come up with blog ideas in two ways: It lets you search for blog post topics, and it doubles as an idea board. The idea board feature allows you to create topics and add images, videos, and audio clips. This is a great way to come up with blog post ideas while also visualizing different topics and themes.

3 Strategies to Find the Right Blogging Idea

Strategies to Find the Right Blogging Idea

After you’ve used one of these tools to find blog post ideas, it’s time to narrow down your choices. The first step is to decide what type of blog posts you want to write. – Are you mostly interested in writing opinion pieces? Or do you prefer to cover breaking news and trending topics? Are you interested in creating longer-form content or shorter, more frequent posts? – Once you know what type of blog posts you want to create, you can use these strategies to find the right idea for your next post: – 

1. Brainstorm 

When you’re feeling uninspired, the best thing you can do is brainstorm. Simply jot down any topics that come to mind and don’t try to judge them too harshly. If you have trouble coming up with ideas, try brainstorming with a friend or colleague. They might help you come up with a few ideas you didn’t think of on your own. 

2. Reviewing old posts 

Reviewing old posts can help you find new blog post ideas. You might notice that certain topics have generated lots of comments or feedback. These are topics you can explore in more detail in future posts. You can also use old posts as inspiration to write new posts. 

3. Writing down daily thoughts 

Another easy way to come up with new blog post ideas is to write down your thoughts every day. You might notice that you have questions or comments from readers that you’d like to explore in more detail. Alternatively, you might have something that happened in your life that you’d like to share with readers.


Blogging is a great way to build an audience and generate traffic to your website or business. However, it’s easy to run into the problem of writer’s block and struggle to come up with new ideas. These 10 sites like Monkeytype can help you find unique blog post ideas and overcome writer’s block. They can even assist you in finding ideas for specific sections or sections of your blog.

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